Project on Data Warehouse ETL Testing

Data Warehouse/ ETL Testing
Project on Data Warehouse ETL Testing
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Project on Data Warehouse ETL Testing

What you’ll learn

In this course you will able to work on Real Time Project
You can learn how to do ETL Testing on the Banking database
You will be able to do End-End ETL Testing using RDBMS
You will learn Meta Data Test, Constraint Test, Validations etc

Project on Data Warehouse ETL Testing


You need to have knowledge in SQL Server and MySQL


In this course you will learn about the Real – Time Project scenario on Data Warehouse/ETL Testing. As a part of Data Warehouse/ETL Testing Course, you will be exposed to real-life industry scenarios which give you in-depth understanding of Data warehousing/ETL Testing and its concepts. Project on Data Warehouse/ETL testing course will help you to become a successful ETL Testing expert.This course includes the ETL Testing in both SQL Server and MySQL so that you can understand how both RDBMS works and its differencesThis course includes:☞ 2+hours of on demand videos☞ Right blend of concepts and hands-on☞ Certificate of completion☞ Interview Questions to peek upProject on SQL ServerIntroduction to ProjectPre Requisties of ProjectWhat is SQL Server?SQLServer Branch Table Preparation Source and TargetSSQLServer Branch Table with User InterfaceSQL Server Loading all the Tables PreparationSQL Server Branch Table Testing ApproachSQL Server Meta Data Check Branch TableSql server Branch Table Count Null Duplicate Hands-OnSQL Server Branch Table Transformation Validation Hands-onSQL Server Hands-on Branch Table Columns with Asis MappingSQL Server Customer Table Metadata Check Hands-OnSQL Server Customer table Count NUll and Duplicate Check Hands-OnSQL Server Customer Table Transformation1 Hands-OnSQL Server Customer Table Transformation2 Hands-OnSQL Server Transformation Validation for Customer tableSQL Server Customer Table Validation for columns without transformationSQL Server Accounts Table Meta Data CheckSQL Server Count Null Duplicate Check Hands-OnSQL Server Accounts Table Transformation1SQL Server Accounts Table Transformation2SQL Server Accounts Table Transformation3SQL Server Accounts Validation for the Non transformed columnsSQL Server Payments Table Transfromation Validation for both the columnsSQL Server Payments table validation for non transformed columnsProject on MySQLIntroduction to ProjectPre Requisties of ProjectBranch Table Preparation Source and TargetsHands-On PreparationsBranch Table Testing ApproachBranch Table Meta Data Check Hands-OnBranch Table Count Null Duplicate Hands-OnBranch Table Transformation Validation Hands-OnBranch Table Validating columns without Transformation Hands-OnCustomer Table MetaData count duplicate Hands-OnCustomer table Handson Count NUll and Duplicate CheckCustomer table Transformation validation Hands-On1CustomerTable Transformation Hands-On FinalTransformation Validation for Customer table Trans3Accounts Table MetaData Check Hands-On1Accounts Table Count Null Duplicate Check Hands-On2Accounts Table Transformation Validation Hands-On3Accounts Table Transformation Validation Left pad Hands-on4Payments Table Hands-On ValidationPayment table count Null duplicate check Hands-OnPayments Table Transformation validation Hands-On Final


Section 1: Installation Videos

Lecture 1 SQL Server Installation

Lecture 2 MySQL Installation

Section 2: ETL Testing Project – SQL Server

Lecture 3 Introduction to Project

Lecture 4 Pre Requisites Project

Lecture 5 What is SQL Server ?

Lecture 6 Branch Table Preparation Source and Target

Lecture 7 Branch Table with User Interface

Lecture 8 Loading all the Tables Preparation

Lecture 9 Branch Table Testing Approach

Lecture 10 Branch Table – Meta Data Check

Lecture 11 Branch Table – Count Null Duplicate Hands-On

Lecture 12 Branch Table – Transformation Validation Hands-On

Lecture 13 Branch Table – Columns with Asis Mapping Hand-On

Lecture 14 Customer Table – Metadata Check Hands-On

Lecture 15 Customer Table – Count Null and Duplicate Check Hands-On

Lecture 16 Customer Table Transformation1 Hands-on

Lecture 17 Customer Table Transformation2 Hands-on

Lecture 18 Customer Table Transformation3 Hands-on

Lecture 19 Customer Table Validation for Columns without Transformation

Lecture 20 Accounts Table – Meta Data Check

Lecture 21 Count Null Duplicate Check Hands-On

Lecture 22 Accounts Table Transformation1

Lecture 23 Accounts Table Transformation2

Lecture 24 Accounts Table Transformation3

Lecture 25 Accounts Validation for the Non transformed columns

Lecture 26 Payments Table Transformation Validation for both the columns

Lecture 27 Payments Table Validation for Non Transformed Columns

Section 3: ETL Testing Project – MySQL

Lecture 28 Introduction to Project

Lecture 29 Pre Requisites Project

Lecture 30 Hands-On Preparation

Lecture 31 Branch Table Testing Approach

Lecture 32 Branch Table MetaData Check Hands-on

Lecture 33 Branch Table Count Null Duplicate Check

Lecture 34 Branch Table Transformation Validation 1 hands on

Lecture 35 Branch Table Validating columns without Transformation Hands-on

Lecture 36 Customer Table MetaData count duplicate handson

Lecture 37 Customer table Transformation validation hands on1

Lecture 38 Customer Table Transformation Hands-on Final

Lecture 39 Accounts Table MetaData Check Hands on1

Lecture 40 Accounts Table Count Null Duplicate Check Hands-on2

Lecture 41 Accounts Table Transformation Validation Hands on 3

Lecture 42 Accounts Table Transformation Validation Left pad Hands-on4

Lecture 43 Payment Table Hands on Validation Hands on 1

Lecture 44 Payment table count null duplicate check Hands-on

Lecture 45 Payment Table Transformation validation Hands-on Final

For ETL testers,Professionals,Anyone who needs to learn ETL Testing real time projects

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 42m | 2.52 GB
Created by: Blismos Academy

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