Project Planning with Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

Learn JIRA’s project planning and agile road-mapping tool with a real-world project
Project Planning with Advanced Roadmaps for Jira
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Kosh Sarkar


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Project Planning with Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

What you’ll learn

Be able to create a quick plan with existing JIRA data
Be able to create realistic roadmaps with realistic dates
Be able to work with the iron triangle constraints (scope, time, resources) to present the best path forward
Be able to create manual plans or use Advanced Roadmap’s smart auto-scheduling feature

Project Planning with Advanced Roadmaps for Jira


Familiarity with JIRA and agile concepts
If you’re looking to follow along, you would need access to a JIRA Premium Cloud instance (free trial is available )


This course walks through all the core features and functionality of Advanced Roadmaps – JIRA’s project planning and agile road-mapping tool, that is now available with Jira Premium.The tool (previously know as the popular add-on, Portfolio) has proven to be so popular and useful, that it was taken over by Atlassian themselves, and is now included with a Jira Premium subscription on Cloud. Advanced Roadmaps works off the iron triangle of planning which defines scope, time and resources as your primary constraints and parameters of planning. In this course, you will learn how you can find the best combination of the above to set realistic roadmaps, release dates, and overall project plans.    STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE:

Introduction and setup – Set up Jira Premium and understand the different versions of Roadmaps available.     Sample Plan – Set up a project with sample data, create a plan for it and get our first look at the Advanced Roadmaps interface. This section will also take our first high-level look at the functionality   Main Project Plan – We will use a made-up product and create the development plan for it. We will revisit the functionality we already saw in the first section and get more practice with it.


Section 1: Introduction & Setup

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Roadmap Versions

Lecture 3 Course Structure

Section 2: Our First Look with a Sample Plan

Lecture 4 Getting Jira Premium

Lecture 5 Setting up a project with sample data

Lecture 6 Creating a sample plan

Lecture 7 Our first look at a Plan

Lecture 8 Plan View Settings

Lecture 9 Reviewing changes

Lecture 10 Plan Configuration Settings

Lecture 11 UI Changes

Lecture 12 Manual Planning – Part 1

Lecture 13 Manual Planning – Part 2

Lecture 14 Auto-Scheduling – Part 1

Lecture 15 Auto-Scheduling – Part 2

Section 3: Building a bigger Project Plan

Lecture 16 Setting up project data – Part 1

Lecture 17 Setting up project data – Part 2

Lecture 18 Intro to Initiatives

Lecture 19 Configuring Initiatives

Lecture 20 Creating the Project Plan

Lecture 21 Setting up the Plan & Initiatives

Lecture 22 Working with rank and estimates

Lecture 23 Working with velocity and sprint length

Lecture 24 Working around unestimated work

Lecture 25 Working with explicit sprint assignments

Lecture 26 Working with dependencies

Lecture 27 Working with cross-project dependencies

Lecture 28 Dependencies Report

Lecture 29 Working with Releases

Lecture 30 Shared Teams

Lecture 31 Working on the Plan – Part 1

Lecture 32 Working on the Plan – Part 2

Lecture 33 Preconfigured Views

Lecture 34 Thank you and where to get help from here

Product Managers, Project Managers, Development Managers, Team Leads, Executives – anyone looking for a project planning tool for JIRA,Any team member looking to step up, show some initiative and recommend Advanced Roadmaps to their leads,Anyone looking to evaluate Advanced Roadmaps as a project planning tool

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 57m | 2.02 GB
Created by: Kosh Sarkar

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