Prompt Engineering ChatGPT AI Prompts For Work Success

Better Prompts = Better Results with ChatGPT and AI. Learn Pattern Prompts, Template Prompts, Advanced Prompts, and More
Prompt Engineering ChatGPT AI Prompts For Work Success
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Prompt Engineering ChatGPT AI Prompts For Work Success

What you’ll learn

Foundational Understanding: Develop a solid comprehension of AI LLM’s, including ChatGPT, their capabilities, limitations, & how prompt engineering is the key.
Effective Prompt Crafting: Master the skill of creating prompts that provide clear & concise instructions, context, and cues to guide AI-generated responses.
Prompt Patterns & Templates: Follow these step x step examples and adapt the prompts to your unique prompting and ChatGPT needs.
Advanced Prompts: Like Chain of thought, Zero shot, Few shot, ReAct prompting, Self-Consistency prompts, Multi-Model prompts, Randomization prompts, and more!
Challenges, Limitations And Ethics of Prompt Engineering: How to make better prompts for ChatGPT and other AI tools.
Text-To-Text & Text-Image Prompting: Examples and best practices to adapt prompts to different AI platforms and AI tools.
Fostering Creativity: Explore techniques to encourage AI LLM like ChatGPT to produce creative & innovative outputs by structuring prompts effectively.
Prompt Refinement: Learn the process of iteratively improving prompts through experimentation and feedback, leading to consistent enhancement of AI responses.

Prompt Engineering ChatGPT AI Prompts For Work Success


No prerequisites other than the desire to interact even better with ChatGPT and other AI models like Google Bard, Bing AI Chat, Midjourney, Dalle and more.


The Ultimate Prompt Engineering Course for Unleashing ChatGPT’s Full Potential!Are you ready to take your interactions with ChatGPT to the next level? Do you want to harness the true power of AI-generated conversations? This course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to create your own highly effective prompts that yield accurate, insightful, and contextually relevant responses from ChatGPT and other LLM AI models.What student are saying about Steve’s ChatGPT courses”I love that the sessions are in bits. These make the sessions easy to follow and understand.” -Owalabi O”I enjoyed the instructors positive attitude and personality. Kept me engaged.”-Bridgett”I consider myself an intermediate user of ChatGPT, but it was the tie-in to business that was really helpful. I have recommended this course to professional friends who are interested in ChatGPT.” -Neil C”Really liked all of the different examples that were shown on how to actually use the program” -Gregory S”This video is so simple and easy to understand. I was worried I would struggle to understand the content. I love that I can see what you are doing, this is a great way to learn.” -Shirley YUnlocking the Potential of ChatGPT with Prompt EngineeringPrompt engineering involves crafting precise instructions, questions, or input prompts that guide ChatGPT’s responses in the desired direction. It’s the key to ensuring that the AI understands your intentions and produces relevant outputs, making your interactions more efficient and impactful.Some Of What You’ll LearnWhat exactly is Prompt Engineering.Persona PromptsQuestion Refinement Pattern​Cognitive Verifier PatternAudience Persona PatternFlipped Interaction PatternTask-Action-Object (TAO)​ TemplateDescription-Attribute-Object​ TemplateQuestion Answer Template​Design TemplateWriter TemplateTranslation PromptsHow To TemplateStep X Step PromptsSummarize TemplateChain Of Thought PromptsReAct MethodZero Shot PromptingFew Shot PromptingMulti-Model Prompting.Prompts for Text-To-Image like Midjourney and Dall-EPrompt Engineering For Everyday Workers UsePrompt Engineer As A CareerAction Steps To TakePlus, Much More.Elevate Your ChatGPT And Other AI Models Like Google Bard Interactions Today!Whether you’re a novice or an experienced AI enthusiast, the course will empower you to create more meaningful and impactful conversations with AI than ever before. Enroll now and be at the forefront of AI innovation!Just click the button to enroll and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson!-Steve BallingerUdemy InstructorI asked ChatGPT: Prompt: “Explain in a friendly manner to a business professional why learning how to write good prompts is the key to getting the most out of ChatGPT.” Here is the result.Imagine ChatGPT as your super-smart, AI-powered genie – it’s ready to grant your wishes, but it needs clear instructions. And that’s where your skill in crafting prompts comes in! Writing good prompts is like giving your genie a crystal-clear map to find the treasure of precise, helpful, and spot-on responses.See, ChatGPT is this genius AI that’s been trained on tons of text. It’s got knowledge on tap, but it’s not a mind-reader (yet!). When you give it a prompt, your words guide it on what to focus on. So, if your prompt is vague or unclear, you might end up with responses that leave you scratching your head.But fear not! Learning to write stellar prompts is like being a master communicator. You want to be specific, give context, and maybe even throw in a few hints. Imagine you’re explaining your idea to a friend who’s really interested but doesn’t know all the background info. That’s the kind of clarity ChatGPT craves!Here’s the golden nugget: Good prompts lead to goldmine responses. Want accurate answers? Nail that prompt. Craving creative ideas? Craft a prompt that tickles ChatGPT’s imagination. Dreaming of coherent conversations? Yep, you guessed it – an awesome prompt is your ticket!Think of it as a dance between you and your AI partner. You take the lead with a well-crafted prompt, and ChatGPT waltzes in with a response that wows. It’s like teamwork to create magic!So, if you’re looking to make the most of ChatGPT’s wizardry, honing your prompt-writing skills is your secret sauce. It’s like giving your genie the best map to navigate the vast universe of information. Get ready to see ChatGPT conjure up brilliance based on your prompts – your AI adventure awaits!I asked ChatGPT:Prompt: “What is ChatGPT. Explain in a friendly manner to a business professional.” Here is the answer.Hey there, business pro! Let’s dive into ChatGPT in a way that makes sense for your world. Imagine having a super-smart virtual assistant for all your language-related tasks – that’s where ChatGPT comes in!ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model developed by some really brainy folks. It’s like having an AI team member who’s excellent at understanding and generating human-like text. You can use it for a bunch of things, from drafting emails and writing reports to brainstorming ideas and even helping with customer interactions.Think of it as your AI language sidekick. You can provide it with prompts – that’s the stuff you want to talk about or ask – and it responds with text that sounds natural and professional. It’s like having a skilled writer on call whenever you need it.Here’s the scoop on how ChatGPT works: It has learned from loads of text from the internet, books, and other sources. This means it’s soaked up a massive amount of language patterns and knowledge. When you give it a prompt, it uses this knowledge to generate responses that are relevant and coherent.Keep in mind, though, that ChatGPT isn’t flawless. Sometimes its responses might need a bit of tweaking to match your specific tone or context. But hey, it’s a real time-saver! Imagine having a tool that can draft ideas, answer questions, and help you communicate effectively, all without needing a coffee break.In the business world, ChatGPT can be a handy assistant for crafting emails, generating content, or even fine-tuning your company’s chatbot responses. It’s like a language wizard that can help you work smarter and faster.So, whether you’re crunching numbers, closing deals, or building strategies, having ChatGPT in your toolbox can make your language tasks a breeze. Just type in your prompts, and watch the words flow!


Section 1: Prompt Engineering: The Key To ChatGPT And Other AI Models!

Lecture 1 Welcome & What Is Prompt Engineering?

Section 2: Prompt Patterns For ChatGPT And Other LLM Models.

Lecture 2 Persona Prompt Patterns

Lecture 3 Flipped Interaction Prompt Pattern

Lecture 4 Cognitive Verifier Prompt Pattern

Lecture 5 Question Refinement Prompt Pattern

Lecture 6 Audience Persona Prompt Pattern​

Section 3: Prompt Templates For ChatGPT And Other LLM Models Like Google Bard & Bing Chat.

Lecture 7 Task-Action-Object (TAO) Prompt Template For ChatGPT

Lecture 8 Attribute-Object-Action (AOA) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 9 Description-Attribute-Object​ (DAO) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 10 Question Answer (QA) & List-Item (LI) Prompt Template​s For ChatGPT

Lecture 11 Design (DS) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 12 Write (WR) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 13 Translate (TR) & Translate Creatively (TC) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 14 Create a Storyline (CS) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 15 How To (HT) or [Step X Step]​ Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 16 Summarize (SM) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 17 Create (CR) Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Lecture 18 Generate and Debug Code​ Prompt Template​ For ChatGPT

Section 4: Advanced Yet Easy To Learn Prompts Methods For ChatGPT And Other LLM Models.

Lecture 19 Chain Of Thought Prompt

Lecture 20 ReAct Prompting

Lecture 21 Zero-Shot Prompting

Lecture 22 Few Shot Prompting. Also Known As 1-Shot Prompts, 2-Shot Prompts, etc.

Lecture 23 Difference Between Zero And Few Shot Prompting​. Quick Overview

Lecture 24 Self-Consistency Prompting

Lecture 25 Multi-Modal Prompts

Section 5: Text-Image Prompting. Create Art In Midjourney, Dall-E, Firefly, Imagen, etc.

Lecture 26 AI Text-To-Image Creation Introduction

Lecture 27 Prompting Best Practices For Text-To-Image To Use In Midjourney, Dall-E, & More

Lecture 28 Demo Image Creation. Make Great Images From AI Prompts. No Art Skill Required

Section 6: Challenges, Limitations And Ethics of Prompt Engineering And AI Like ChatGPT

Lecture 29 Key Challenges, Limitations And Ethics of AI And Prompt Engineering

Lecture 30 The Big Challenge Of AI Hallucinations.

Section 7: Prompt Engineering Is For Everyone & Prompt Engineer As A Career!

Lecture 31 What Is A Prompt Engineer? (Everyone Now Is a Prompt Engineer + Career Paths)

Lecture 32 Top 4 Action Steps To Take Now + Extra Step!

Lecture 33 Let’s Keep The Learning Going

Perfect for those who want to get the most of out ChatGPT and other AI tools.,Excellent for people who feel ChatGPT just does not seem to be working well for them,Great for those who want to go even deeper with ChatGPT and other AI models,Wonderful for those who want to get further in their career. Either as using ChatGPT and AI to assist them in their jobs or those who may consider becoming a full-time Prompt Engineer, a rapidly growing field.

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Created by: Steve Ballinger, MBA

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