Proofreading Business Writing Many Proofreading Exercises

Proofreading professional writing like email and reports. Many proofreading examples and proofreading exercises
Proofreading Business Writing Many Proofreading Exercises
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Proofreading Business Writing Many Proofreading Exercises

What you’ll learn

Immediately produce higher-quality writing with improved proofreading
Improve business communication
Learn common proofreading techniques
Create better first impressions with your writing by simply proofreading and catching errors
Avoid costly mistakes with proofreading
Catch more errors in your writing before someone else does

Proofreading Business Writing Many Proofreading Exercises


A desire to learn proofreading, and an understanding that it will make the rest of your work more effective


Proofreading isn’t fun. But it is necessary. Learn the best proofreading techniques to help you have fewer errors in your writing and have your writing appear more professional.PROOFREADING TECHNIQUESI’ll walk you through what to do on each proofreading pass through the text. LEARN ENGLISH GRAMMAR TO HELP YOUR PROOFREADINGAfter you’ll learn proofreading techniques, you will learn the basics of English grammar. We’ll start with basics like the building blocks of a sentence and once you feel comfortable with that, we’ll move on to writing sentences together so they read well.HOW IMPROVED PROOFREADING WILL HELP YOUR CAREERAt any job, you must write. You will write everything ranging from texts and instant messages to email to fill-length documents. This course will help you master grammar so you can impress with your writing no matter what you are writing or with whom you are communicating.Your co-workers, managers, or potential clients will often get their first impression of you from your writing. Whether it’s a potential client visiting your website or a manager or a potential employer, sometimes they see your work like a resume or a report or an email pitch before they have a chance to meet you. If you make a bad first impression with your writing, you may not get a chance to talk to your client on go on a job interview. But if you make a great first impression with your writing, it may open doors and give you a chance to prove yourself further.MY OWN EXPERIENCE WITH WRITING AS A CAREER TOOLI was a Computer Science major in college. But because I was interested in writing, my ability to write better always helped me stand out above my peers. I always had a better than average resume, and got better jobs than my peers. When I went into online business, writing helped me write my books, blog posts, and other website content. In online marketing, writing helps me write better titles and descriptions of my products. Writing also helps me have more efficient online communication. I use it every day and it is in nearly everything I do. This is why I highly recommend it for you too.RESPONSIVE AND CARING INSTRUCTOR: WORLD-CLASS STUDENT SUPPORTIf you have questions about improving your proofreading skills, I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because 1) I care about my students.2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.Invest in your future. Enroll today.


Section 1: Welcome and introduction to this proofreading course

Lecture 1 Welcome and introduction to this proofreading course

Section 2: Proofreading your writing

Lecture 2 Proofreading your writing

Lecture 3 Checklist for proofreading

Lecture 4 Not re-reading what we expect and using different perspectives

Lecture 5 Word document features and services you can ask for or hire

Lecture 6 Proofreading longer texts by printing it out

Lecture 7 Proofreading exercise

Lecture 8 Proofreading exercise – answer

Section 3: English grammar to help you with your proofreading

Lecture 9 Introducing basic building blocks of English grammar

Lecture 10 8 parts of speech in English grammar

Lecture 11 Sentence clauses and sentence fragments

Lecture 12 Conjunctions

Lecture 13 Fixing run-on sentences and dealing with complex grammar issues

Lecture 14 Example of fixing run-on sentences with simple and clear sentences

Lecture 15 Four types of sentence structures

Lecture 16 10 comma rules that will immediately make you a better writer

Lecture 17 Example of fixing many mistakes per sentence in a sales text

Lecture 18 Example 2 of fixing many mistakes per sentence in a sales text

Lecture 19 Semicolon rules

Lecture 20 Semicolon exercises

Lecture 21 Colon rules

Lecture 22 Colon exercise

Lecture 23 Colon exercise – answers

Lecture 24 Question marks

Lecture 25 Use of quotes – otherwise known as quotation marks

Lecture 26 Quotation mark exercise

Lecture 27 Commonly misspelled words that involve a hyphen

Lecture 28 How to use the hyphen

Lecture 29 Another rule for using the hyphen

Lecture 30 Common terms with hyphen to memorize

Lecture 31 Exercises to practice the hyphen rules

Lecture 32 NEW! Many more examples added to the course

Lecture 33 English grammar and punctuation exercise

Lecture 34 English grammar and punctuation exercise – answers

Section 4: Word choices errors to help you find mistakes like these during proofreading

Lecture 35 Common word choice errors: Its vs. it’s, Fewer vs. less, than vs. then & more

Lecture 36 Use of lets vs. let’s

Lecture 37 Who and whom

Lecture 38 Ten commonly misspelled words

Lecture 39 Common word-choice error exercise

Lecture 40 Common word-choice error exercise answer

Section 5: Regular and irregular verbs

Lecture 41 Regular and irregular verbs

Section 6: Tool to aid your proofreading

Lecture 42 Grammarly

Section 7: Proofreading course conclusion

Lecture 43 Course certificate – how to get it

Lecture 44 Bonus lecture

You must learn proofreading to make all your work-related writing better!

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Created by: Alex Genadinik

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