Proposal Writing Management APMP Foundation Exam Prep

Everything you need to win big!
Proposal Writing Management APMP Foundation Exam Prep
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Proposal Writing Management APMP Foundation Exam Prep

What you’ll learn

How to be an industry-leading Proposal Writer, Proposal Manager, or Federal Grant Writer
Everything you need to pass the APMP Foundation Level Exam

Proposal Writing Management APMP Foundation Exam Prep




Do you want to win big for your company or business? This course has everything you need. There are over 40 videos in this course covering all of the most important principles of proposal management and writing. Learn how to apply these principles in response to complex solicitations and increase your percentage win-rate! Additionally, this course prepares you for the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Foundation Level Exam so that you can prove your abilities as a Proposal Writer or Manager. The material is based on the APMP body of knowledge and provides tips and tricks for passing the APMP exam.Topics including market and opportunity analysis, proposal lifecycle management, and writing with the art of influence.- Proposal Writing as Part of the Business Development Lifecycle- Establishing a Customer-Focused Approach- Creating Proposal Documents & Deliverables- Proposal Management Lifecycle Phases- Plans & Tools for Proposal ManagementLearn how to go beyond compliance and deliver compelling proposals that highlight your company’s strengths. Submit strategic and persuasive proposals to access funding in either the federal or private sectors. Thought Progress LLC’s industry experience provides our students with an inside look into the proposal development process and offers our insights from developing complex federal agency solicitations. We are open to questions from students and support our student’s beyond the course. Just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer your proposal-related questions


Section 1: Course Introduction & Overview

Lecture 1 Welcome to Class!

Lecture 2 Instructor Introduction

Lecture 3 Benefits of APMP Certification

Lecture 4 Proposal Writing & Management Course Outline

Lecture 5 APMP Official Resources

Lecture 6 Foundation Level Certification Exam Overview

Section 2: Proposal Management: Part of the Business Development Lifecycle

Lecture 7 Section 2 Overview

Lecture 8 Business Development Lifecycle

Lecture 9 Identifying Markets & Opportunities

Lecture 10 Account Strategizing

Lecture 11 Proposal Development & Follow-Through

Lecture 12 Section 2 Review

Section 3: Establishing a Customer-Focused Approach

Lecture 13 Section 3 Overview

Lecture 14 Establish Compliance

Lecture 15 Responsiveness: Go Beyond Compliance

Lecture 16 Analyzing the Customer

Lecture 17 Analyzing the Competition

Lecture 18 Writing the Executive Summary

Lecture 19 Leveraging Strategic Win Themes

Lecture 20 Crafting a Value Proposition Statement

Lecture 21 Highlighting Benefits & Features

Lecture 22 Proof Points

Lecture 23 The Art of Influence

Lecture 24 Price-to-Win Strategies

Lecture 25 Teaming Agreements

Lecture 26 Section 3 Review

Section 4: Creating Proposal Documents & Deliverables

Lecture 27 Section 4 Overview

Lecture 28 Creating A Compliance Matrix

Lecture 29 Organizing the Proposal

Lecture 30 Ethical Persuasion In Writing

Lecture 31 Writing With Clarity

Lecture 32 Strategic Headings & Subheadings

Lecture 33 Graphics & Action Captions

Lecture 34 Page Layout

Lecture 35 Communicating Cost & Pricing

Lecture 36 Unsolicited Proposals

Lecture 37 Section 4 Review

Section 5: Proposal Management Lifecycle

Lecture 38 Section 5 Overview

Lecture 39 The Proposal Lifecycle Process

Lecture 40 Facilitating Gate Decisions

Lecture 41 Leading the Kickoff Meeting

Lecture 42 Organizing Daily Standup Meetings

Lecture 43 Color Reviews

Lecture 44 Performing A Lessons-Learned Review

Lecture 45 Section 5 Review

Section 6: Plans & Tools for Proposal Management

Lecture 46 Section 6 Overview

Lecture 47 Creating an Opportunity Plan

Lecture 48 Using a Proposal Management Plan

Lecture 49 Providing Content Plans for Writers

Lecture 50 Managing a Knowledge Repository

Lecture 51 Tools for Proposal Scheduling

Section 7: Test Preparation & Final Words

Lecture 52 Registering for Your Exam

Lecture 53 Preparing for an Open-Book Test

Lecture 54 Final Preparation Advice & Closing Words

Proposal Writers and Managers,Business Owners,Federal Contractors,Business Development Teams

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Created by: Thought Progress LLC

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