PSPO II Scrum Product Owner Certification Preparation 2023

Prepare for and ace the PSPO II certification from Scrum and become an advanced Product Owner boosting for your CV.
PSPO II Scrum Product Owner Certification Preparation 2023
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PSPO II Scrum Product Owner Certification Preparation 2023

What you’ll learn

Preparation and advice for taking the Professional Product Owner (PSPO II) certification
Advance your Product Owner knowledge to the next level with a detailed look at the more difficult concepts
A close look at many challenging senarios and how to deal with them correctly as an advanced Product Owner
A deep dive on the types of questions and topics you may get asked in the PSPO II assessmentPreferable to have passed PSPO I but not essential if you have PSM I
Questions, answers and detailed explanations of the answers
How to apply value metrics to ensure your releases are meeting stakeholder needs
How to create goals for the Product and the Business
How to manage the vacuum between the Scrum Team and higher-level business goals
The stages of the Product Owner journey, from rookie to entrepreneur
The roles a great Product Owner plays and what to avoid

PSPO II Scrum Product Owner Certification Preparation 2023


Preferable to have passed PSPO I but not essential if you have PSM I or a really good knowledge of Scrum
A background in project management or software development is useful


Boost your CV with an advanced Product Owner qualification, the Professional Product Owner II (PSPO II).Many people take PSPO I, but you can become one of the few with the more advanced PSPO II on your CV.My unofficial course will prepare you for this assessment. Learn how Product Owners actually maximize value with a much deeper knowledge of what it is to be a Professional Product Owner. Do you want to take your Scrum Product Owner knowledge to the next level?Great, then this course is for you.This course will cover all the topics you need to know about for the PSPO II certification. Firstly I explain many advanced concepts such as the project management vacuum, the product mindset and the experimentation loop. We look at the Key Value Areas and the Key Value metrics in depth, explaining what they are and how to calculate them. We cover:Business StrategyHow to budget in AgileThe Product Vision/GoalHow to ensure Product ValueProduct Backlog ManagementForecasting and Release PlanningStakeholder management and CustomersProduct Backlog Management And more.I also provide you with many exam-style questions reflecting the topics and questions you will likely get in the actual PSPO II assessment. I go over these questions in depth explaining the answers so you can fully grasp the knowledge and be fully prepared to take the PSPO II certification from Scrum. I even provide you with 2 practice tests and links to many other free PSPO II tests to give you lots of practice before taking the real thing.I  cover the 5 different levels of being a Product Owner. With this knowledge, you will identify where you currently are and what you need to do to become an even better Product Owner and progress to the next stage. We look at the Product Owner stances meaning, what things good Product Owners do. I also cover some of the bad but common stances that you should avoid. I’ll also take you through organizational design and building an Agile culture, portfolio planning and business strategy.If you are an entrepreneur with an idea, or currently a Product Owner or just aspiring to be one, this course will teach you how to manage risk ensuring you produce a Product your customers really want. We will look at the concept of a Minimal Viable Product, experimenting, and paper prototyping so you don’t waste time and money.I even cover the tricky situation of budgeting in Scrum and which contract types can work with iterative agile development. Have you ever finished a project and the item developed was over budget, delayed and once launched it didn’t get as many users as you hoped? If this sounds familiar, then this course will help.My course will teach you how to keep your focus on the Product and deliver value via regular releases. Who is your instructor?Michael James is a UK Business and Leadership Instructor who has over a decade of experience in management and leadership in the corporate environment and has been working in product development for over 10 years as both a private consultant and for one of the largest organizations in the UK. Michael James has also managed and built many private entrepreneurial mobile app and website products with 1000s of downloads and users.Michael James has taught tens of thousands of students worldwide to pass Scrum exams, most getting an almost perfect score first time.What students are saying:   “I have been a product owner in a scrum team for almost two years now, without certification, and he is really showing me how to be better at it. I am enjoying this course and I think I will be in a great position to write my exams when I am done.”  “Very good course thus far. It is honestly exceeding expectations and is super easy to follow. Great Job!”  “Very help, easy to understand, and appreciate the examples to work through and apply information taught”  “I took the test and PASSED thanks for this wonderful course”This course recaps the entire Scrum theory essentials to ensure you ace the easy questions, before moving on to the more advanced PSPO 2 concepts. Agile and Scrum recap The PSPO II certification exam preparationPractice questions with detailed explanationsQuestions inspired by the PSPO II certification examCertification assessment tipsExample problem scenarios and how to handle themThe Product MindsetThe Project Management VacuumThe 3 Vs (Vision, Value, Validation)The Stances of a Product OwnerThe Stages of a Product OwnerHow to budget and types of contractsRelease management and RoadmapsThe Experiment LoopMinimal Viable ProductsSPRINT – quick prototypingBusiness Model CanvasCrafting a Product VisionThe Cone of uncertaintyKey Value areas (CV, UV, A2I, T2M)Key Value Metrics in depthThe Product Life CycleStakeholder managementEmpiricismEvidence-based managementProfessional vs mechanical ScrumThe Product Owner Organization Design and CultureBusiness Strategyand much moreAnyone who is looking to build a career in Scrum, Agile and management must understand the above. If you don’t, then this course is perfect for you.So go ahead and click the enroll button, and we’ll see you in lesson 1Cheers,MikeThis course and practice exams are neither endorsed by, nor in partnership, nor affiliated with Scrum .org or any other organizations.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction for PSPO II

Lecture 2 Join the Student Group

Lecture 3 Legal

Lecture 4 Speed up Tip

Lecture 5 Scrum Summary Booklet

Section 2: Recap – Scrum Team

Lecture 6 My Scrum Summary Booklet

Lecture 7 Scrum Team Part 1

Lecture 8 Scrum Team Part 2

Lecture 9 The questions in this course

Lecture 10 Question – Cross-functional

Lecture 11 Question – How many Product Owners?

Lecture 12 Question – Who tells Developers how to work?

Lecture 13 Question – Product Owner During a Sprint

Section 3: Recap – Scrum Artifacts

Lecture 14 Scrum Artifacts Part 1

Lecture 15 Question – Sprint Backlog Definition

Lecture 16 Scrum Artifacts Part 2

Lecture 17 Question – When the Definition of Done is not met

Lecture 18 Scrum Artifacts Part 3

Section 4: Recap – Events

Lecture 19 Events

Lecture 20 Question – Sprint Review Facts

Section 5: Recap – Scrum Values

Lecture 21 Scrum Value Part 1

Lecture 22 Question – Task Switching

Lecture 23 Question – Employee Retention

Lecture 24 Scrum Values Part 3

Section 6: Organizational Design and Culture

Lecture 25 Org Design and Culture Part 1

Lecture 26 Org Design and Culture Part 2

Lecture 27 Question – Who determines how Developers do their work?

Lecture 28 Question – What are the advantages of Agile?

Lecture 29 Mechanical vs Professional Scrum

Section 7: Recap – Empiricism

Lecture 30 Empiricism

Lecture 31 Question – Difficult Stakeholder Knowledge share

Lecture 32 Question – Difficult Stakeholder Measure

Lecture 33 Empiricism Experimentation Loop

Lecture 34 Question – Sprint Review Facts

Section 8: Product Vision

Lecture 35 Product Vision and Product Goal Recap

Lecture 36 Creating a Product Vision

Lecture 37 Product Vision Board

Lecture 38 Product Vision – Vision Statement

Lecture 39 Product Vision Keeping up with Technology

Lecture 40 Product Goals and Product Roadmap

Lecture 41 Question – Product Goal

Lecture 42 Question – Delegation

Lecture 43 Question – Clear Vision Benefits

Lecture 44 Question – Just get started

Lecture 45 Question – Attributes of a good Product Vision

Section 9: Business Strategy

Lecture 46 Business Strategy – Introduction for PSPO II

Lecture 47 Business Model Canvas Demonstration

Lecture 48 Business Strategy – Project Mindset vs Product Mindset

Lecture 49 Business Strategy – The Product Management Vaccum

Section 10: Budgeting and Contracts

Lecture 50 Budgets and a Minimal Viable Product

Lecture 51 Budgets Contract types

Lecture 52 Question – Decrease Investment

Lecture 53 Question – Cone of Uncertainty

Lecture 54 Question – Budgeting for a new feature

Section 11: Product Backlog Management

Lecture 55 Product Backlog Management

Lecture 56 Question – Product Backlog Truths

Lecture 57 Question – When to do product backlog refinement

Lecture 58 Question – Product Owner delegation

Lecture 59 Question – Accountable for the backlog being clear

Lecture 60 Question – Managing backlog items

Lecture 61 Question – Product Backlog management

Lecture 62 Question – Backlog Refinement

Section 12: Forecasting

Lecture 63 Forecasting Part 1

Lecture 64 Forecasting Part 2

Lecture 65 Question – What is a Sprint forecast?

Lecture 66 Question – Sprint Problems at Sprint Planning

Lecture 67 Question – Sprint Problems during the Sprint

Lecture 68 Question – Unclear Backlog Items

Lecture 69 Question – Developer Forecasting

Lecture 70 Question – Burndown trendline

Lecture 71 Question – Are Burndown charts required in Scrum?

Lecture 72 Question – The cone of uncertainty

Lecture 73 Question – How of Sprint Backlog needed to start

Section 13: The Product Owner

Lecture 74 The Product Owner Stages

Lecture 75 The Product Owner Stances

Lecture 76 Question – What the Product Owner should not do

Lecture 77 Question – A new Product Owner

Section 14: Product Value

Lecture 78 Product Value Part 1

Lecture 79 The EBM Guide KVM with my explanations

Lecture 80 Unrealized Value

Lecture 81 Time to Market introduction for PSPO II

Lecture 82 Time to Market

Lecture 83 Current Value

Lecture 84 Ability to Innovate introduction for PSPO II

Lecture 85 Ability to Innovate

Lecture 86 Product Value end

Lecture 87 Question – Product Value for an investor

Lecture 88 Question – Price increase

Lecture 89 Question – Product A and B for target markets

Lecture 90 Question – Should you reduce the price?

Lecture 91 Question – New features are not being used

Lecture 92 Question – KVA Value of Scrum

Lecture 93 Question – Improving time to market

Lecture 94 Question – Improving time to market 2

Lecture 95 Question – What is the User Satisfaction Gap

Lecture 96 Question – Task Switching KVM

Lecture 97 Question – Employee retention

Section 15: Release Planning

Lecture 98 Release Planning

Lecture 99 Question – Conflict management, release frequency

Lecture 100 Question – Value to the customer

Lecture 101 Question – Minimum increment

Lecture 102 Question – Release frequency

Lecture 103 Question – Own release plans

Lecture 104 Question – Uncertain about customer needs

Lecture 105 Question – Difficult Stakeholder, Experiment

Section 16: Stakeholders and Customers

Lecture 106 Stakeholders and Customers

Lecture 107 Question – Different user groups

Lecture 108 Question – New features not being used

Lecture 109 Question – Difficult stakeholder – keep measuring

Lecture 110 Question – User Satisfaction

Section 17: Exams

Lecture 111 Exam Tips for PSPO II

Lecture 112 Exam tips

Lecture 113 Free exam question links

Section 18: Thanks and bye

Lecture 114 Congratulations on getting to the end

Lecture 115 Bonus – more from me

People wanting to take the Professional Scrum Master PSPO II certification,Anyone wanting to stand out on their CV with a more advanced Scrum qualification,Product Owners that want to progress their skills and knowledge,People wanting to progress their career in management and product development,Project Managers looking to reskill with the Scrum Framework,Entrepreneurs looking to get the most value out of their Developers and developed products,Anyone interested in Agile or Scrum,Developers looking for a sideways move into Product Ownership,Anyone looking to obtain a certification in Scrum as a Product Owner

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Created by: Michael James

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