Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias

Understand Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination and How to Reduce Their Influence at Work and Your Community
Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias
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Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.


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Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias

What you’ll learn

Understand the difference between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.
Identify acts of stereotyping.
Develop the ideal mentality for engaging with an increasingly diverse society.
Implement tested strategies for undermining unconscious biases.

Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias


Openness to confronting prejudice and discrimination in yourself and others.


Many people understand that diversity and unconscious bias are important issues to grapple with, but it’s difficult to get a strong handle on them. For years, social scientists have turned their attention to stereotyping and discrimination in order to use data and scientific methods to know more about why it happens and how to stop it.
What You’ll Learn

In this course we consider big ideas in diversity science with a focus on understanding concrete strategies to halt bias in its tracks. To know how to solve a problem, though, it’s necessary to understand the root of the problem. This course thus considers several major issues in diversity and unconscious bias, including:

The difference between stereotypes, prejudice, and discriminationHow stereotypes affect judgments of others and our own performanceHow prejudice stems from simple group mentalitiesHow to best approach diversityHow to reduce the effects of conscious and unconscious bias
Through comprehensive videos, slide presentations, exercises, and quizzes, you will learn about the fascinating science of prejudice and discrimination. This course is modeled on university curricula and workplace training that you could spend thousands of dollars on.

Why Learn From Me?

As an award-winning psychology instructor, I have experience translating research in the field and presenting it in an engaging, understandable way. My students routinely evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have for social psychology. I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and learn something new about yourself and psychology.

So take this course now and understand the science of diversity and unconscious bias…and how to address this common social issue!


Section 1: Introduction to Diversity Issues

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 A Scientific Approach to Prejudice

Section 2: The Core Issues

Lecture 3 What are Stereotypes?

Lecture 4 What is Prejudice?

Lecture 5 What is Discrimination?

Lecture 6 Exercise: Keeping the 3 Separate

Section 3: The Problems with Stereotypes

Lecture 7 Introduction to Stereotypes and Their Effects

Lecture 8 Stereotype Effects on Perception

Lecture 9 Stereotype Effects on Evaluation

Lecture 10 Stereotype Effects on Our Memories

Section 4: Stereotype Threat

Lecture 11 Introduction to Stereotype Threat

Lecture 12 What is Stereotype Threat?

Lecture 13 When Stereotype Threat Happens Most

Lecture 14 Solutions to Reduce Stereotype Threat

Section 5: “Us” vs. “Them”

Lecture 15 The Psychology of “Social Identity”

Lecture 16 Prejudice and Inherently Meaningless Groups

Lecture 17 Bonus: More on Social Identity Theory

Section 6: Living in a Diverse World

Lecture 18 An Increasingly Diverse Society

Lecture 19 The Benefits of Diversity

Lecture 20 Challenges of Changing Social Demographics

Lecture 21 Approaching Diversity: Colorblindness vs. Multiculturalism

Section 7: Best Practices for Reducing Prejudice

Lecture 22 How to Think About Prejudice Reduction

Lecture 23 There’s Hope!

Lecture 24 Contact Theory

Lecture 25 More on the Contact Hypothesis

Lecture 26 Common Ingroup Identity

Lecture 27 Stereotype Replacement

Lecture 28 Perspective Taking

Lecture 29 Exceptions to the “Rule”

Lecture 30 Exercise: Using the Strategies in Your Life

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 31 Thank You and Farewell!

Lecture 32 Bonus: More Social Psychology from Andy Luttrell

Lecture 33 Course Completion Certificate

Employees looking to document training in diversity and inclusion.,Educators who want to promote equal treatment in the classroom.,Anyone concerned about bias and hoping to make social change.

Course Information:

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Created by: Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.

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