Psychology of Successful People

Learn the ten essential attitudes and behaviours we can adopt to makes ourselves happier and more successful
Psychology of Successful People
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Psychology of Successful People

What you’ll learn

The ten principles that separate successful people from unsuccessful people
The attitudes and behaviours that we can replicate

Psychology of Successful People


No prior knowledge is required to take this course
Students should allocate sufficient time to work through the self-development exercises
Examining our values and facing our fears can be emotionally challenging


What makes successful people successful and how we can replicate it? In this course, we will explore the ten principles that research suggests will make us happier and more successful. We will concentrate on attitudes and behaviours so each principle can be put into action. These principles are:Understand thyself (self-understanding), how increasing our awareness of our desires, needs and ideal self guides our behaviourSet a vision (vision), why the traditional view of goals requires more flexibilityTake more risks (risk taking), why humans are typically too risk-averse and how we can manage anxiety to change thisAccept what is (acceptance), how we can stop wasting energy wishing things were different and start doing moreBe humble (humility), why ego is destructiveNever stop learning (education) and the importance of lifelong educationBuild a core skill base (common skills), the nine common skills that will help you in all walks of lifeMake time for yourself (self-care), why working all the time is a false economyManage your time effectively (time management), reducing procrastination and increasing assertiveness to get important things done firstConnect with your tribute (environment) and building an environment you can thrive inFor each principle, I will explain what the principle is and how it works, be explicit about the benefits of following it, give practical suggestions as to how to implement it in your life, and explain how it connects to the other principles.In addition to the video lessons and reading, you will get practical exercises and a workbook to complete to build your personal success plan.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Course structure

Lecture 3 Ten principles of success

Lecture 4 How to use this course

Lecture 5 Course downloads

Lecture 6 Meet your instructor

Section 2: Understand thyself (self-understanding)

Lecture 7 Principle

Lecture 8 Self-concept

Lecture 9 Self-concept exercise

Lecture 10 Where do our values come from?

Lecture 11 Conditions of worth

Lecture 12 Benefits

Lecture 13 Practical

Lecture 14 Self-talk for self-acceptance

Lecture 15 Mirror exercise

Lecture 16 Connecting with emotions

Lecture 17 Mirror exercise practical

Lecture 18 Connections

Section 3: Set a vision (Vision)

Lecture 19 Principle

Lecture 20 Vision, values and goals

Lecture 21 Vision or visions?

Lecture 22 Flexibility

Lecture 23 Benefits

Lecture 24 Vision exercise

Lecture 25 Practical

Lecture 26 Setting goals

Lecture 27 INSPIRED framework

Lecture 28 Goals exercise

Lecture 29 Problem solving

Lecture 30 Connections

Section 4: Take more risks (Risk taking)

Lecture 31 Principle

Lecture 32 Benefits

Lecture 33 Practical

Lecture 34 Increasing risk tolerance

Lecture 35 Towards moves and away moves

Lecture 36 Evaluating risk exercise

Lecture 37 Managing anxiety

Lecture 38 Connections

Section 5: Accept what is (Acceptance)

Lecture 39 Principle

Lecture 40 Benefits

Lecture 41 Practical

Lecture 42 Fault vs responsibility

Lecture 43 Mindfulness

Lecture 44 Mindfulness exercise

Lecture 45 Mindfulness exercise practical

Lecture 46 Gratitude

Lecture 47 Gratitude exercise

Lecture 48 Connections

Section 6: Be humble (Humility)

Lecture 49 Principle

Lecture 50 Why is ego destructive?

Lecture 51 Benefits

Lecture 52 Practical

Lecture 53 Self-belief

Lecture 54 Connections

Section 7: Never stop learning (Education)

Lecture 55 Principle

Lecture 56 Benefits

Lecture 57 Improving IQ

Lecture 58 Creativity

Lecture 59 Practical

Lecture 60 Education pathways

Lecture 61 Education pathways exercise

Lecture 62 Adult learning theories

Lecture 63 Connections

Section 8: Build a core skill base (Common skills)

Lecture 64 Principle

Lecture 65 List of common skills

Lecture 66 Benefits

Lecture 67 Practical

Lecture 68 Skill evaluation exercise

Lecture 69 Connections

Section 9: Make time for yourself (Self-care)

Lecture 70 Principle

Lecture 71 Benefits

Lecture 72 Practical

Lecture 73 Wheel of life

Lecture 74 Health and fitness

Lecture 75 Wheel of life exercise

Lecture 76 Connections

Section 10: Manage your time effectively (Time management)

Lecture 77 Principle

Lecture 78 Indicators of poor time management

Lecture 79 Benefits

Lecture 80 Practical

Lecture 81 Time log

Lecture 82 Troubleshooting time management

Lecture 83 Assertiveness

Lecture 84 Barriers to assertiveness

Lecture 85 Connections

Section 11: Connect with your tribe (Environment)

Lecture 86 Principle

Lecture 87 Benefits

Lecture 88 Practical

Lecture 89 Connections

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 90 Conclusion

Lecture 91 References

Lecture 92 Bonus lecture

This course is for anyone looking to increase their personal success,The course does not define what success is: you must develop your own vision

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Created by: Chris Worfolk

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