PTC Creo ParametricA Complete Bootcamp 2022

Become a Pro in the Computer Aided Designing Process
PTC Creo ParametricA Complete Bootcamp 2022
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Mohammed Khan


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PTC Creo ParametricA Complete Bootcamp 2022

What you’ll learn

Learn to create CAD model in faster and productive manner
Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Modelling
Solid and Surface Modelling
Learn Numerical Simulations with CAD Model
Creating CAD models for Automotive, Ship building, Aerospace, Mechanical and many other technical industries

PTC Creo ParametricA Complete Bootcamp 2022


Knowledge of computers (basic level)
Any version of Creo Parametric installed in the Computer
No previous knowledge of Computer Aided Designing


Do you want to create your own design models?From the comfort of your home, at your own pace, without attending classes, or push your way through endless textbooks/online guides… Then boom! you are at the right place :)Even if you have NO knowledge about Designing… this course will make you learn to understand and get trained with all the tools to build your Imagination into a 3D-Model.With knowledge of Creo Parametric, you can generate the broadest range of powerful yet flexible 3D CAD models.The course includes hours and hours of HD video tutorials which will be regularly updated.You will learn to create SAMPLE MODELS ranging from simple to complex levels…What’s after you design the model?Probably Numerical Simulation! you will apparently learn to perform Numerical Simulation to investigate the functionality of the design/model.Additionally, from this course, you’ll learn and get acquainted with ANSYS software for Numerical Simulation, ORIGIN software for data analysis, Tecplot 360 for results, and visualization.You will find videos in the course specially created for making you understand these!SO, CREATE A CAD MODEL, IMPORT IT INTO THE ANSYS SOFTWARE AND ANALYZE THE FINDINGS…By the end of this course, you will be confident in creating your own CAD model.The complete package will give you an opportunity to understand the methodology followed by the research organizations in developing novel designs.MAKING YOU AN EXPERT AND A PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERSign up today, and here’s what you’ll get:· Over 25+ hours of HD 1080p video content· All the knowledge you need to start building any DESIGN you can dream of· 500 dollars’ worth of design assets· Assistance for your research· The world’s best course on CREO PARAMETRIC that you can buy.You do not need to have any prerequisites for completing this course, we will teach you everything from the scratchRookie to Pro in CAD ModelingBy the end of this course you will be familiar with these concepts:· Creo Parametric Basic Modelling Process· Understanding Solid Modelling concepts· Understanding Feature-Based Concepts· Understanding Parametric Concepts· Understanding Creo Parametric Interface· Selecting & Editing of Geometry, Features, Models· Creating Sketcher Geometry & using Sketcher Tools· Using Sketches & Datum Features· Creating Extrudes, Revolves, and Ribs· Creating Holes, Shells, Draft & Patters· Creating Rounds, Chamfer· Advanced Selection, Creating Sweeps and Blends· Sweeps with Variable Sections· Helical Sweeps & Swept Blends· Groups Copy Mirrors· Measuring, Inspecting Models· Creating Surface Models, · Creating Boundary Blends· And Many significant toolsDon’t waste another minute of your precious life on poor quality videos on YouTube. Or instructors with accents you can’t understand. Or teachers who have no real-world in-person teaching experience. Your learning and your time’s worth more than that.As you sit there contemplating the sea of different courses, you’ll realize that there’s no reason to deliberate. The best course is right in front of your eyes.I am looking forward to Teaching you all About the PTC CREO PARAMETRIC


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Installation of the Software

Lecture 3 Open, Save and Close the software

Lecture 4 Create a Working Directory

Lecture 5 Join the community

Section 2: Creo – Sketching

Lecture 6 Line

Lecture 7 Rectangle

Lecture 8 Circle

Lecture 9 Ellipse

Lecture 10 Spline – How to draw an Airfoil using Spline

Lecture 11 Datum

Lecture 12 Fillet

Lecture 13 Chamfer

Lecture 14 Text and Offset

Lecture 15 Palette

Section 3: Creo-Editing, Constraint

Lecture 16 Editing

Lecture 17 Constrain – Vertical, Horizontal. Perpendicular and Tangent

Lecture 18 Constrain – Midpoint and Coincident

Lecture 19 Constrain – Symmetric, Equal and Parallel

Lecture 20 Inspect and Grid Setting

Lecture 21 Construction Mode

Section 4: Practice Excercises

Lecture 22 Sample Exercise-1

Lecture 23 Sample excercise-2

Lecture 24 Sample exercise-3

Lecture 25 Sample exercise-4 (A)

Lecture 26 Sample exercise-4 (B)

Lecture 27 Sample exercise-5 (A)

Lecture 28 Sample exercise-5 (B)

Lecture 29 Sample exercise-5 (C)

Section 5: Application – Creo Sketch for Numerical Simulation

Lecture 30 Applications of Creo Sketch

Lecture 31 Case Study ( Creating Creo Sketch for Numerical Simulation)

Section 6: Creo – Part Modelling – Intro and Understanding of Concepts

Lecture 32 Open and Name the Part Model

Lecture 33 Creo – Part Model – Layout

Lecture 34 Understanding Solid Modelling

Lecture 35 Understanding Feature-Based Modelling

Lecture 36 Understanding Parametric Modelling

Section 7: Part-Modelling-Extrude

Lecture 37 Extrude – Basic extrusion process

Lecture 38 Extrude – On different Different Plane

Lecture 39 Extrude – Feature – Create Extrude on opposite sides

Lecture 40 Extrude – Edit Definition & Create extrude on surface

Lecture 41 Extrude – Feature – Adding Taper

Lecture 42 Extrude – Feature – Remove Material

Lecture 43 Extrude – Feature – Remove Material – Types

Lecture 44 3d-Sample Exercise – 1 -A

Lecture 45 3d-Sample exercise-1 – B

Lecture 46 3d-Sample Exercise – 2

Lecture 47 3d-Sample Exercise – 3

Lecture 48 Part-Modelling-Datum

Lecture 49 Part-Modelling-Profile Rib

Lecture 50 3d-Sample Exercise – 4

Lecture 51 3d-Sample Exercise – 5

Lecture 52 3d-Sample Exercise – Rectangular Wing-1

Lecture 53 3d-Sample Exercise -Onera Aerofoil Rectangular Wing-2

Section 8: Part-Modelling-Revolve

Lecture 54 Revolve-1

Lecture 55 Revolve-2

Lecture 56 Revolve-3

Lecture 57 Revolve-4

Lecture 58 Revolve-5

Lecture 59 Revolve-6

Lecture 60 Revolve-Sample Exercise-1- RD-106 Rocket Engine

Lecture 61 Revolve-Application-Numerical Simulation – RD-106 Engine

Lecture 62 Revolve-Sample Exercise-2-Scaled Re-Entry Vehicle

Lecture 63 Revolve-Sample Exercise-3

Lecture 64 Revolve-Sample Exercise-4

Lecture 65 Revolve-Sample Exercise-5-Friction Wheel-A

Lecture 66 Revolve-Sample Exercise-5-Friction Wheel-B

Lecture 67 Axis Pattern in Revolve-Sample Exercise-5

Lecture 68 Revolve-Sample Exercise-6-Space X Falcon Heavy

Lecture 69 How to add Image as a reference: Revolve-Sample Exercise-6-Space X Falcon Heavy-

Lecture 70 Revolve-Sample Exercise-6-Space X Falcon Heavy-C

Lecture 71 Join the community

Section 9: Engineering Features

Lecture 72 Round-1

Lecture 73 Round-2

Lecture 74 Round-3

Lecture 75 Round-4

Lecture 76 Round-5

Lecture 77 Chamfer-1

Lecture 78 Chamfer-2

Lecture 79 Chamfer-3

Lecture 80 Chamfer-4

Lecture 81 Chamfer-5

Lecture 82 Chamfer-6

Lecture 83 Chamfer-7

Lecture 84 Hole-1-Introduction

Lecture 85 Hole-1-Linear and Coaxial Hole

Lecture 86 Hole-1-Radial Hole

Lecture 87 Hole-1-Diameter Hole

Lecture 88 Hole-1-point Hole

Lecture 89 Hole-2

Lecture 90 Hole-3

Lecture 91 Hole-4

Lecture 92 Hole-5

Lecture 93 Draft-1-Introduction to Draft

Lecture 94 Draft-2

Lecture 95 Draft-3

Lecture 96 Draft-4

Lecture 97 Draft-5

Lecture 98 Draft-6

Lecture 99 Draft-7

Lecture 100 Draft-8

Lecture 101 Draft-9

Lecture 102 Draft-10

Lecture 103 Draft-11

Lecture 104 Draft-12

Lecture 105 Draft-13 : Variable Pull Direction Draft

Lecture 106 Draft-14

Lecture 107 Draft-15

Lecture 108 Draft-16

Lecture 109 Draft-17

Lecture 110 Shell-1

Lecture 111 Shell-2

Lecture 112 Shell-3

Lecture 113 Shell-4

Lecture 114 Trajectory Rib-1

Lecture 115 Trajectory Rib-2

Lecture 116 Trajectory Rib-3

Lecture 117 Trajectory Rib-4

Lecture 118 Trajectory Rib-5

Lecture 119 Trajectory Rib-6

Lecture 120 Sample Exercise-EF-1-1

Lecture 121 Sample Exercise-EF-1-2

Lecture 122 Sample Exercise-EF-1-3

Lecture 123 Sample Exercise-EF-1-4

Lecture 124 Sample Exercise-EF-2-1

Lecture 125 Sample Exercise-EF-2-2

Lecture 126 Sample Exercise-EF-2-3

Lecture 127 Sample Exercise-EF-2-4

Lecture 128 Sample Exercise-EF-2-5

Lecture 129 Sample Exercise-EF-3-1

Lecture 130 Sample Exercise-EF-3-2

Lecture 131 Sample Exercise-EF-3-3

Section 10: Editing – Pattern

Lecture 132 Pattern-1

Lecture 133 Pattern-2

Lecture 134 Pattern-3

Lecture 135 Pattern-4

Lecture 136 Pattern-5

Lecture 137 Pattern-6

Lecture 138 Pattern-7

Lecture 139 Pattern-8

Lecture 140 Exercise-1-A

Lecture 141 Exercise-1-B

Lecture 142 Exercise-1-C

Lecture 143 Exercise-1-D

Lecture 144 Pattern-9

Lecture 145 Pattern-10

Lecture 146 Pattern-11

Section 11: Creo – Advanced Part Modelling

Lecture 147 Sweep-1

Lecture 148 Sweep-2

Lecture 149 Sweep-3

Lecture 150 Sweep-4

Lecture 151 Sweep-5

Lecture 152 Sweep-6

Lecture 153 Sweep-7

Lecture 154 Sweep-8

Lecture 155 Sweep-9

Lecture 156 Variable Sweep-1

Lecture 157 Variable Sweep-2

Lecture 158 Variable Sweep – 3

Lecture 159 Application of Sweep – Semi-Monocoque Structure – Fuselage

Lecture 160 Application of Sweep – Creating a Semi – Monocoque Structure

Lecture 161 Helical Sweep – 1

Lecture 162 Helical Sweep – 2

Lecture 163 Helical Sweep – 3 – Variable Trajectory Sweep

Lecture 164 Volume Helical Sweep

Lecture 165 Blend – Creating Basic Blend Feature

Lecture 166 ” Starting Point ” in Blend

Lecture 167 Remove Material using Blend

Lecture 168 Create Blend using “Selected Sections”

Lecture 169 Blend Vertex

Lecture 170 Options in Blend

Lecture 171 Tangencies in Blend

Lecture 172 Application of Blend : Modeling Waverider Aircraft

Lecture 173 Application of Blend : M Wing Aircraft

Lecture 174 Swept-Blend – Introduction

Lecture 175 Swept Blend – Different Cross Section

Lecture 176 Swept Blend – Multiple Points

Lecture 177 Swept Blend – Selected Sections

Lecture 178 Swept Blend – Section Plant Control

Lecture 179 Swept Blend – Material Removal

Lecture 180 Swept Blend – Blend Vertex

Lecture 181 Swept Blend – Thin Feature

Lecture 182 Rotational Blend – 1

Lecture 183 Rotational Blend – 2

Section 12: Surfacing in Creo

Lecture 184 Introduction to Surfacing

Lecture 185 Features / Options in Surfacing

Lecture 186 Engineering Features on a Surface model

Lecture 187 Thicken surface Geometry

Lecture 188 Quilt and Merge

Lecture 189 Remove Material on Surface

Lecture 190 Splitting the Quilt

Lecture 191 Merge – Additional explanation

Lecture 192 Trimming a Surface

Lecture 193 Solidfying a Surface

Lecture 194 Replace a Surface in Solidify

Lecture 195 Impeller Housing – Intro

Lecture 196 Excercise – Impeller Housing- Understanding the Geometry

Lecture 197 Impeller Hosuing – Creating the base

Lecture 198 Impeller Housing – Blend a Surface

Lecture 199 Impeller housing – Sweep and Merge a Surface

Lecture 200 Impeller Housing – Thicken the surface and add ribs

Lecture 201 Impeller Housing – Extra Components

Lecture 202 Impeller Housing – Final Touches

Section 13: Additional Advanced Features in Creo

Lecture 203 Create an external Cosmetic Thread

Lecture 204 Create an Internal Cosmetic Thread

Lecture 205 How to represent Cosmetic Thread in Creo Drawing

Lecture 206 Renaming a Dimension

Lecture 207 Create a Family Table and Import the instances in Assembly

Lecture 208 Project Feature

Lecture 209 Variable Pull Draft on the Projected Curve

Lecture 210 Flexible Modelling – Remove Feature

Lecture 211 Model Intent – Program

Section 14: Free – Downloadable Three dimensional Models

Lecture 212 Free – Downloadable Three dimensional Models – link



Students who wants to add a technical skill in their Curriculum Vitae,Graduates willing to start a career in design engineering,Professional engineers who wish to enhance their product designing skills in Creo Parametric,Individuals who wish to showcase their imagination into a CAD model

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 25h 52m | 17.82 GB
Created by: Mohammed Khan

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