PTE Full Course in 3 Hours All Modules Score 90

All you need to score PTE 90: an in-depth explanation, templates, scoring, and practice questions.
PTE Full Course in 3 Hours All Modules Score 90
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PTE Full Course in 3 Hours All Modules Score 90

What you’ll learn

Proven techniques for each question type.
How to find the correct answer within the given time frame.
How to beat the PTE algorithm.
Laarn the modules of the Academic PTE exam – Reading Module | Speaking Module | Writing Module | Listening Module
The easiest template ever
The most common mistakes that every student makes in the PTE exam.
All tips & strategies of PTE.

PTE Full Course in 3 Hours All Modules Score 90


Just a basic level of English.
No prior knowledge of the PTE Preparation is needed as this course will take you through each question type step-by-step.


What this course includes:Video recordings explain each question type, scoring, tips, time management, and strategy thoroughly.All the tips and hints you need to pass the PTE test.This course includes all the study materials and templates you need.Each question type comes with a practice question to give you a better understanding of how it all works. In this course, we have come across the most common and repeated errors that every student makes.Question Types, Scores, Formulated Answers, Templates, winning strategies, and more are explained with over 20 examples.The exact way to crack each PTE module.What you will learn:All of the criteria for each part of the Academic PTE Exam, how they apply to each question type, and impact your overall score.How to achieve fluency and strong pronunciation in English.How to structurally brainstorm ideas and put them into practice.How to quickly respond to the answers.How to manage your time to answer all questions in the given period.Who this course is for:Candidates who wish to study, work or immigrate to any English-speaking countryStudents who are about to take the PTE exam.We can’t wait to help you achieve 90 points in The PTE Academic exam.Thank you very much for coming along. Don’t forget to use the Q&A/Discussion function to ask questions.We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.


Section 1: Speaking Module

Lecture 1 The Unscored Section

Lecture 2 Read Aloud

Lecture 3 Repeat Sentence

Lecture 4 Describe Image

Lecture 5 Re-tell Lecture

Lecture 6 Answer Short Questions

Section 2: Writing Module

Lecture 7 Summarize Written Text (Part 1)

Lecture 8 Summarize Written Text (Part 2)

Lecture 9 Download SWT real exam Q&A

Lecture 10 Write Essay (Part 1)

Lecture 11 Write Essay (Part 2)

Lecture 12 Essay Template

Lecture 13 Keywords and academic vocabulary

Section 3: Reading Module

Lecture 14 R&W fill in the blank: Part 1

Lecture 15 R&W fill in the blank: Part 2

Lecture 16 PTE Academic Collocation List

Lecture 17 R: Fill in the blank

Lecture 18 Reorder Paragraph

Lecture 19 R: MCQ multiple answer

Lecture 20 R: MCQ single answer

Section 4: Listening Module

Lecture 21 Brief Introduction

Lecture 22 Summarize spoken text

Lecture 23 L: MCQ Multiple answer

Lecture 24 L: MCQ single answer

Lecture 25 L: Fill in the blank

Lecture 26 Highlight correct Summary

Lecture 27 Highlight incorrect words

Lecture 28 Select Missing Word

Lecture 29 Write From Dictation (part 1)

Lecture 30 Write From Dictation (part 2)

Students who are about to take the PTE exam.,Candidates who want to migrate to Australia or Canada.,Candidates who wish to pass the PTE test for studying abroad.,University Students.

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Udemy | English | 2h 52m | 1.04 GB
Created by: PTE LAND

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