Public Speaking Communicating Skip Theory Master the Art

Public Speaking,Presenting,Communicating. After years in the Making: The SparkWords method has been proven by Thousands
Public Speaking Communicating Skip Theory Master the Art
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Public Speaking Communicating Skip Theory Master the Art

What you’ll learn

Deliver unforgettable stories with these 10 essential ingredients
Organize your presentation with an easy, memory recall strategy
Use words that are worth a thousand pictures
Create a simple, no-brainer strategy to cope with your fear of public speaking
Manage & Lead With Your Own Voice of Authority
Develop your presentation skills so that you persuade and motivate your audience
Find Just What to Say & How to Say it
Give your audience real value
Adapt your presentation on the fly
Stop feeling sleazy about selling with this one presentation secret
Begin your presentation with a win & close with a bang
Punch Fear in The FACE!

Public Speaking Communicating Skip Theory Master the Art


The Sparkwords method was designed for all age groups, educational backgrounds & walks of life. English is required.
You will be required to work at applying the sparkwords method in order to get something out of it, this IS NOT one of those courses that promises everything without asking for some practice in return to be able to master it.


What’s a lightning fast way to make instant connections, grow your social capital, and network like a boss? Simply put: public speaking. It’s the foundation for social skills, emotional intelligence, and people skills, and it’s not as difficult to learn as it’s made out to be. Steve Jobs owned every single conversation, presentation, and product-launch that he was a part of. As an amazing speaker, Steve Jobs conducted the audience like an orchestra through captivating speeches and conversations around the world. Now, with the aid of this course, you can too.

Learn essential public speaking skillsAlways know just what to say & how to say it
Gain key research skillsCreate a simple, no-brainer strategy to cope w/ fear of public speakingManage & lead w/ your authoritative voice
Become a better listenerVoice your ideas & take advantage of the influence you haveImprove your job interviewing skillsDevelop strong presentation skills

Look how these students compared this course to many others, plus a university-

Christine Tripp says:
“I’ve taken several courses on speaking and none of them were like this course! This course is what they are missing.”

Eugene Berman says :
“Local universities here in Massachusetts charge $1,200 to $2,500 or more for speaking courses & most aren’t half as good as yours! Many are a disappointment. Your speaking course really is wonderful.”

The one & only SPARKWORDS Speaking method: Skip Theory, Master Art, Speak-Up & PUNCH FEAR in the FACE!Here is Why My Sparkwords Public Speaking Course Works So WellA LOT of Public Speaking Courses, Books or Classes are so boring that the student dreads the learning process and drops out or takes the course but learns nothing because it was so hard paying attention.
The way I teach is to excite and get their heart involved along with their mind. Sometimes you can’t just feed the mind but must feed the heart in order to access both heart & mind, as well as get the desired success from the student.
I teach in scattered order, adding pieces at a time from different directions. This way they can build small pieces of the puzzle and absorb it over time. It also challenges them by keeping them in constant mental stimulation with interesting stories & constant moving around so that they are working to keep up. Japanese fishermen put sharks in the live wells with the fish to keep them lively and fresh by running constantly away from the shark. Interestingly enough, a lot of the fish would die before they get back to shore if it wasn’t for the running from the shark that keeps them alive.I’ll see you inside 🙂


Section 1: – A Solid & High-Speed Foundation

Lecture 1 Change This One Thing & Everyone Wants In

Lecture 2 How To Interact One-On-One, Find Out Here

Lecture 3 How To Push The Limits

Lecture 4 – Need Some Help? Lets Chat

Lecture 5 Learn This List Quickly & We’ll Follow Your Every Word

Section 2: The Ultimate 7: Storytelling Game-Changers

Lecture 6 Science’s Little Killer Secret For Creating An Unforgettable Speech


Lecture 8 1 Quickly Create Every Speech & Outline Using This One Method

Lecture 9 2 Harness The Power Of Persuasion By Using This Simple Concept

Lecture 10 3 Follow This Step To Never Forget Your Speech (& Boost Everyone’s Recall)

Lecture 11 4 Craft A Perfect Story To Paint The Best Picture

Lecture 12 5 Learn How To Tell A Story The Right Way (It’s All About You)

Lecture 13 6 Applying What You Talk About Is A Game Changer (Always Follow This Step)

Lecture 14 Exactly What To Look For In Your Speech (Quality Over Quantity)

Section 3: – High-Impact, Actionable Steps To Use RIGHT-AWAY

Lecture 15 Over 100 High-Impact Resources

Lecture 16 This Method Is NEVER Valued Enough. Don’t Make The Same Mistake Part 1

Lecture 17 This Method Is NEVER Valued Enough. Don’t Make The Same Mistake Part 2

Lecture 18 Follow These Guidelines For Solid Structure

Lecture 19 The Simple Shortcut To Making An Instant Outline (Like A PRO)

Lecture 20 How To Sound More Confident Than You Actually Feel

Lecture 21 Refresh -To- Retain

Lecture 22 Do This To Own Everyone’s Attention

Lecture 23 (O-Overwhelm) The Most Valuable Resource For Finding Awesome Stories (Part 1)

Lecture 24 (O-Overwhelm) The Most Valuable Resource For Finding Awesome Stories (Part 2)

Lecture 25 Do This So Nobody Forgets, Be Unforgettable

Lecture 26 How To Give Any Idea A Pair Of Legs

Lecture 27 This Alone Will Double Your Ability To Communicate

Lecture 28 Urgent Reminder- Do This To Never Forget Your Training

Lecture 29 Assistance Going Forward

Lecture 30 Desmond’s Contact Info

Lecture 31 A VERY Unconventional Approach (Your Gonna Love It) Part 1

Lecture 32 A VERY Unconventional Approach (Your Gonna Love It) Part 2

Section 4: Mimic The Best TED Speakers & Learn How To Deliver The Ultimate Pitch

Lecture 33 How To Create Great Speeches, Lectures & Presentations Like TED Speakers Do

Lecture 34 Learn To deliver An Awesome Pitch. Pitch Anything & Everything

Section 5: Gaining The Right Perspective (BONUS MATERIAL)

Lecture 35 Helpful Q & A’s

Lecture 36 Don’t Zoom In Too Much, Let’s Zoom Out A Little

Lecture 37 This Is The Most Ready You’ll Ever Be

Lecture 38 6 Quick Physical Tips To Help Nerves & Boost Confidence

Lecture 39 Warning To Slide Show Presentation Fanatics

Lecture 40 A Powerful Side-Note

Lecture 41 Shock Everyone With ‘Context’

Lecture 42 Leadership Through Speaking

Lecture 43 Sample Speech Example

Lecture 44 Sample Pitch

The sparkwords method is not restricted to beginners or advanced speakers. This course changes how speaking in public is even perceived by both the speaker & the audience. Therefore, this course is for all levels & all levels will grow quickly from this course.,Young & Successful Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Course Creators, Instructors, Teachers, eCourse Designers, Startups, CEO’s & Non-profits, Attorneys, Marketers, SmallBusiness owners & College Grads or Students. Anyone on this planet who needs or wants to Speak, Present & Communicate with confidence.,Introverts, Extroverted Introverts & Ambiverts

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Udemy | English | 5h 6m | 3.42 GB
Created by: Desmond Byram

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