Public Speaking Crash Course Fast Paced

Instant Practical Steps to Jump Into Public Speaking, Communicating & Presenting Anything
Public Speaking Crash Course Fast Paced
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Desmond Byram


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Public Speaking Crash Course Fast Paced

What you’ll learn

Be More Creative in how you Talk, Speak & Grab Everyone’s Attention Right Away, Own the Room!

Public Speaking Crash Course Fast Paced


Must Understand English


One of the world’s most successful billionaires (an introvert), Warren Buffet let us in on one of his greatest secret weapons: He said that a public speaking course became his most important degree.Notice his advice here: “You’ve got to be able to communicate in life, and it’s enormously important. Schools, to some extent, under emphasize that. If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”With this course, you will learn creative presentation & speaking skills in a short time. Find out what really matters & what you can leave out. Challenge your mind the right way & take your audience on a journey they’ll never forget!This course is not the typical learning style. I use an unconventional teaching style that is anything but boring (most lectures on speaking can be boring) But strap on your seatbelts to keep up with this fast-paced & practical course.We are going to let you practice by example & methodology. You’ll understand not just how to structure your speeches & presentation but also how to breathe life into every word so that they all count. You’re going to learn simple methods that skyrocket your performance & speed up your learning curve!I’ll see you inside for a journey that you’ll never forget!


Section 1: Complete Public Speaking Crash Course for High-Impact Results

Lecture 1 The Secret Weapon

Lecture 2 How To Interact One-On-One, Find Out Here

Lecture 3 How To Push The Limits

Lecture 4 Never Start Writing On Paper, Talk It Out-Loud

Lecture 5 Science’s Little Killer Secret For Creating An Unforgettable Speech

Lecture 6 I’ve Got A Powerful Secret To Tell You

Lecture 7 1 Harness The Power Of Persuasion By Using This Simple Concept

Lecture 8 2 Quickly Create Every Speech & Outline Using This One Method

Lecture 9 3 Follow This Step To Never Forget Your Speech (& Boost Everyone’s Recall)

Lecture 10 4 Craft A Perfect Story To Paint The Best Picture

Lecture 11 5 Learn How To Tell A Story The Right Way (It’s All About You)

Lecture 12 6 Applying What You Talk About Is A Game Changer (Always Follow This Step)

Lecture 13 7 Exactly What To Look For In Your Speech (Quality Over Quantity)

Lecture 14 Custom Resources (Use This To Speak Right Away)

Lecture 15 How to Create Great Speeches, Lectures & Presentations Like TED Speakers Do

Lecture 16 A VERY Unconventional Approach (Your Gonna Love It) Part 1

Lecture 17 A VERY Unconventional Approach (Your Gonna Love It) Part 2

Lecture 18 The Right Way To Do REAL Research That Will Get You The BEST Results Quickly!

Lecture 19 NEVER Forget This, Its A TRUE Gem That Gets Over-Looked OFTEN

Lecture 20 NEVER Forget This Part 2

Lecture 21 3 Gems To Public Speaking Know-How

Lecture 22 Learn To Deliver An Awesome Pitch. Pitch Anything & Everything

Lecture 23 Iron Creativity (Stop Using Words That Don’t Work. Pursue Idea Making)

Lecture 24 Challenge Yourself And Your Mind Often

Lecture 25 Change Their Perspective And They’ll Never Forget You

Lecture 26 Build Your Confidence

Lecture 27 Change Your Listeners Heart

Lecture 28 Enhance How You View Things

Lecture 29 Breath Life & Passion Into EVERYTHING That You Do

Lecture 30 Extreme Limiting Produces EXTREME Creativity!!! Last & NOT LEAST

Lecture 31 Find Your Inner Courage Defined

Lecture 32 Find Others Motivation

Lecture 33 Don’t Ever Waste What This Moment Has To Offer

Lecture 34 A short Video Example Demonstrating A Creative Speech-

Section 2: Short Refresher Videos (Watch These to Stay Sharp) Part 1

Lecture 35 Stop Overing Thinking It

Lecture 36 Fear Is A Glimpse Of Your Own Daring!

Lecture 37 Less Is So Much More

Lecture 38 Changing Speaking Habits

Lecture 39 Aim Your Message Properly

Lecture 40 A Training Method From An Unusual Source

Lecture 41 Stop Procrastinating & Start Speaking!

Lecture 42 Don’t Speak At Us, Become What Your Saying

Lecture 43 Achievers Are Producers. Prove To Us What You Can Do & Say

Lecture 44 Time Is Running Out, But Only If You Let It. So, DON’T Let It! Calm Down & Relax

Section 3: Short Refresher Videos (Watch These to Stay Sharp) Part 2

Lecture 45 The Pro Speech Writers SECRET

Lecture 46 Say A LOT Without Saying A Lot (The Power Of Brevity)

Lecture 47 Speak With Us NOT At Us (Being Conversational)

Lecture 48 Create It All At Once, Blitz It For Clarity

Lecture 49 Immediately Use It & Test It OFTEN

Lecture 50 Write EVERY Thought Down ALWAYS


Lecture 52 PATIENCE Wins For The Best Speakers & Speechwriters

Lecture 53 Look In The Right Direction & Forget The REST, The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself

Lecture 54 One STEP At A TIME

Anyone Interested In Pushing Beyond The Everyday Speech & Presentation, Fast!

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Udemy | English | 4h 3m | 4.86 GB
Created by: Desmond Byram

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