Public Speaking Masterclass FROM UNHEARD to UNIGNORABLE

Hack the (secret) code of public speaking – and become a leading voice of inspiration.
Public Speaking Masterclass FROM UNHEARD to UNIGNORABLE
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Niki Skene


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Public Speaking Masterclass FROM UNHEARD to UNIGNORABLE

What you’ll learn

Art of Storytelling
Creating a talk from scratch
Profile your Audience
Presentation software insights & tools

Public Speaking Masterclass FROM UNHEARD to UNIGNORABLE


No prerequisites. You can love public speaking, you can hate public speaking. Either way, this course is has something of value for you.


The opposite of public speaking is thinking. Public speaking is so much more than just giving a talk, at a conference, in front of an audience. If you have an idea, a vision, a dream, a concern, or feedback to share – it will make a massive difference if you have mastered the skills of articulating your thoughts, engaging an audience, and getting people excited for action.This course has been created to gear you up with not only comprehensive instructional videos but also free worksheets for almost every lecture. Theory can only be turned into action if the tools are simple, logical, and applicable to most of the situations.In this course, you will learn the fundamental basics of social intelligence that cover a broad spectrum from body language to assertiveness. Understanding the anatomy of an idea is key to actually getting to the core if you only have 2 minutes of attention in a pitch scenario. Sometimes you only have very little time, sometimes you have months to prepare, either way, you will be grateful for supportive tools that help you shape, draft, and script your talk. If a talk is really important, you might be grateful for some methods of efficient rehearsing. And a lot more.Niki Skene is a former TEDxAmbassador and faculty coach at Singularity University. In his career, he has worked with over 2500 of the most inspiring speakers in the world. This course is the result of a rich experience of what worked (and what did not work so well) for many successful speakers in more than a decade of innovation conferences.


Section 1: Welcome to the Masterclass

Lecture 1 Welcome

Section 2: Part I: MINDSET

Lecture 2 The 7 Skills of Social Intelligence

Lecture 3 The Art of Making Things Important

Lecture 4 The Importance of Experiment

Lecture 5 About Preparation Time

Lecture 6 The Social Agenda

Section 3: Part II: Getting your Talk in Shape

Lecture 7 The Public Speaking Hell…

Lecture 8 Who am I talking to? About Audience Archetypes

Lecture 9 Why should they care?

Lecture 10 The Art of Listening

Lecture 11 Bring the Problem into the Room

Lecture 12 What should they see differently?

Lecture 13 Unintended Consequences of Innovation

Lecture 14 Identify the Pain Factor

Section 4: The secrets of the best speakers in the world

Lecture 15 Talk like the best.


Lecture 16 Presentation Technology

Lecture 17 Stage Hacks

This course is for everyone who is about to speak in front of an audience for the first time and for everyone who frequently gives a talk and wishes to improve the performance (and everyone in between those two)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 45m | 3.53 GB
Created by: Niki Skene

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