Python Django Dev To Deployment

Learn Python and build & deploy a real estate application using the Django framework & PostgreSQL
Python Django Dev To Deployment
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Python Django Dev To Deployment

What you’ll learn

Learn Python and it’s core fundamental syntax
Build a real estate application using the Django framework & Postgres
Learn about apps, templates, models & migrations, admin customization & more
Build virtual environments and deploy using Gunicorn and Nginx

Python Django Dev To Deployment


Basic web development (HTML, Basic Programming fundamentals)


This is a very practical course where we take a list of requirements from a fictional company to build a real estate application using Django. We will take a basic html/css Bootstrap 4 theme and turn it into a real working application with an admin area to manage resources including property listings, realtors and contact inquiries. We also have a section on learning basic Python syntaxWhat You Will Learn:Basic Python (lists, dictionaries, functions, conditionals, etc)Setup Virtual EnvironmentsInstall & configure DjangoCreate Django “apps”Postgres Setup (local and remote)Schema planning, models & migrationAdmin customizationBootstrap integrationFull search functionalityUser AuthenticationDeploy to Digital Ocean with Gunicorn & Nginx


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome To The Course

Lecture 2 A Look At The Project

Lecture 3 What Is Django

Lecture 4 Resource Links

Section 2: Getting Setup

Lecture 5 Python 3 Mac Install

Lecture 6 Python 3 Windows Install

Lecture 7 VSCode & Python Sandbox Setup

Section 3: Python Language Fundamentals (Optional)

Lecture 8 Variables & Data Types

Lecture 9 Strings & Formatting

Lecture 10 Lists

Lecture 11 Tuples & Sets

Lecture 12 Dictionaries

Lecture 13 Functions

Lecture 14 Conditionals

Lecture 15 Loops

Lecture 16 Modules

Lecture 17 Classes

Lecture 18 Files

Lecture 19 Working With JSON

Section 4: Project Specs & Getting Started

Lecture 20 Project Resources & Requirements

Lecture 21 A Look At The Bootstrap Theme

Lecture 22 Virtual Environment Setup

Lecture 23 Django Install & Project Setup

Lecture 24 Exploring The Initial Files & Running The Server

Section 5: Apps, URLs & Templates

Lecture 25 Creating The Pages App

Lecture 26 Pages Templates & Base Layout

Lecture 27 Static Files & Paths

Lecture 28 Bootstrap Layout Markup

Lecture 29 Index, About & Linking

Lecture 30 Listings URLs & Template

Section 6: Models, Migrations & Admin

Lecture 31 Install Postgres & PgAdmin

Lecture 32 Django Postgres Setup & Migrate

Lecture 33 Planning Our Schemas

Lecture 34 Create Listing Model

Lecture 35 Realtor Model & Run MIgrations

Lecture 36 Create Superuser & Register Models With Admin

Lecture 37 Media Folder & Adding Data

Lecture 38 Admin Logo & CSS

Lecture 39 Customize Admin Display Data

Section 7: View Methods, Display & Search

Lecture 40 Pull Data From Listings Model

Lecture 41 Display Listings In Template

Lecture 42 Pagination, Order & Filter

Lecture 43 Home & About Page Dynamic Content

Lecture 44 Single Listing Page

Lecture 45 Search Form Choices

Lecture 46 Search Form Filtering

Lecture 47 Preserving Form Input

Section 8: Accounts & Authentication

Lecture 48 Accounts App & URLs

Lecture 49 Register & Login Templates

Lecture 50 Message Alerts

Lecture 51 User Registration

Lecture 52 User Login

Lecture 53 Logout & Navbar Auth Links

Lecture 54 Dynamic Page Titles

Section 9: Contact Inquiries

Lecture 55 Contacts App & Model

Lecture 56 Contacts Admin Customization

Lecture 57 Contact Form Prep

Lecture 58 Contact Form Submission

Lecture 59 Inquiry Check & Send Email

Lecture 60 Dashboard Functionality

Section 10: Django Deployment

Lecture 61 Pushing To Github

Lecture 62 Droplet Setup & SSH Keys

Lecture 63 Server Security

Lecture 64 Software & Database Setup

Lecture 65 Virtual Env & File Pull

Lecture 66 Local Settings File

Lecture 67 Server Migrations & Data

Lecture 68 Gunicorn Setup & Config

Lecture 69 Nginx Setup

Lecture 70 Adding A Domain

Beginner Python developers that want to build a practical, real world project using the Django framework

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 6m | 5.84 GB
Created by: Brad Traversy

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