Python for Beginners with Examples

A Python course for the busy ones to learn Python programming. Learn and practice Python by building two complete apps.
Python for Beginners with Examples
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Python for Beginners with Examples

What you’ll learn

Learn Python from scratch
Learn all Python basics such as variables, functions, conditionals, loops, text processing, file processing and more.
Learn the basics by using real-world examples
Create a command-line-based program
Create a desktop app that converts between different units
Create a standalone version of the desktop app that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers
Learn the wxPython GUI library to develop desktop graphical user interfaces
Create a web application that runs on the browser
Deploy a web application to a live server so everyone who has a browser can use it
Learn the Flask web framework to do web development with Python

Python for Beginners with Examples


A working computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
No prior knowledge of Python is required


This Python course has everything you need to know to start coding in Python and not even that, by the end of the course, you will know how to build complete programs and also build graphical user interfaces for your programs so you can impress your employer or your friends. I will guide you step by step, starting from the basics and always assuming you don’t have previous programming experience or a computer science degree. In fact, most people who learn Python come from a wide variety of careers.This course is designed to teach you Python and give you a real feel of how to use Python in a real environment. You will get this real-world Python experience by gaining free access to a remote server where Python is already installed. You will write and run Python programs directly on that remote computer in an easy fashion by simply using your internet browser. This will also allow you to run Python programs 24/7 on that server and let the apps do interesting tasks while you sleep. That will make you understand Python’s real power in a real server environment, and I will guide you through the entire process.The course is ideal for those who haven’t programmed before. It also works for experienced programmers who don’t know Python because the course offers you a training package so dense with information and practical activities you will not need to look further. Besides videos, you will also find a lot of Python exercises in the course. These are interactive exercises that you can solve directly on the Udemy exercise interface. The course also contains quizzes that will help you constantly check the knowledge you get during the videos. This variety of learning material will help you solidify your Python skills and give you a fun learning experience.This course has all you need to get you started. After you take it, you will be ready to go to the next level of specializing in one of the Python fields, such as data science or web development. Python is one of the most needed skills nowadays. Sign up today!


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Your First Python Program

Lecture 3 Getting Help

Lecture 4 The Command Line

Lecture 5 The Python Shell

Lecture 6 Your Second Python Program

Section 2: Python Basics

Lecture 7 Variables

Lecture 8 Strings

Lecture 9 Numbers

Lecture 10 Programming Tip ✏️

Lecture 11 Math Operators

Lecture 12 Builtin Functions

Lecture 13 Lists

Lecture 14 List Indexing and Slicing

Lecture 15 List Slicing Examples

Lecture 16 Ranges

Lecture 17 Tuples

Lecture 18 Dictionaries

Lecture 19 More Operations with Dictionaries

Lecture 20 User Input

Lecture 21 Conditionals

Lecture 22 Conditionals with Multiple Conditions

Lecture 23 Custom Functions

Lecture 24 Custom Function Example

Lecture 25 Custom Functions: Return Vs. Print

Lecture 26 Custom Functions with Conditionals

Lecture 27 Calculate Length (E)

Lecture 28 Solution (E)

Lecture 29 Custom Functions with Multiple Parameters

Lecture 30 Custom Functions with Default Parameters

Lecture 31 Weather Function (E)

Lecture 32 Solution (E)

Lecture 33 Functions and if-else (E)

Lecture 34 Solution (E)

Lecture 35 Functions and if-elif-else (E)

Lecture 36 Solution (E)

Lecture 37 Opening Files in Python

Lecture 38 Working with File Paths

Lecture 39 Processing File Content

Lecture 40 Reading Files (E)

Lecture 41 Solution (E)

Lecture 42 For Loops

Lecture 43 For Loops (E)

Lecture 44 Solution (E)

Lecture 45 For Loop with Conditional Block (E)

Lecture 46 Solution (E)

Lecture 47 File Content Length (E)

Lecture 48 Solution (E)

Lecture 49 Functions, Conditionals, and Loops (E)

Lecture 50 Solution (E)

Lecture 51 Writing to a Text File

Lecture 52 Appending to a Text File

Lecture 53 Reading and Appending to a Text File

Lecture 54 Writing Multiple Lines in a Text File (E)

Lecture 55 Tip: Writing Multiple Lines in a Text File (E)

Lecture 56 Solution (E)

Section 3: Beyond the Basics

Lecture 57 Section Introduction

Lecture 58 Setting Up

Lecture 59 While Loop

Lecture 60 While Loop with Password Checker

Lecture 61 String Formatting

Lecture 62 Modules, Libraries, and Packages

Lecture 63 Installing Python Libraries

Lecture 64 Dates and Times

Lecture 65 Datetime Formatting Codes

Lecture 66 Looping Over Multiple Sequences

Lecture 67 The “with” Context Manager

Lecture 68 Files, Loops, Functions, and Conditionals (E)

Lecture 69 Solution (E)

Lecture 70 Merging Text Files (E)

Lecture 71 Tip: Merging Text Files (E)

Lecture 72 Solution (E)

Lecture 73 What are Objects in Python?

Section 4: A Real World Desktop App

Lecture 74 From Command Line to Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Lecture 75 Making a “Bare Bone” GUI

Lecture 76 Creating the Widgets

Lecture 77 Making the GUI Interactive

Lecture 78 Distributing the Program: Making a Standalone Executable

Section 5: A Real World Web App

Lecture 79 Preview of the Web App

Lecture 80 Creating a Bare-Bone App

Lecture 81 Creating an App with User Widgets

Lecture 82 Finishing the App

Lecture 83 Distributing the Program: Deploying the App to a Live Server

Section 6: Offers for my Other Python Courses

Lecture 84 Bonus lecture ⭐️✔️

Those who don’t know where to start with learning Python.,Those who want to use Python regardless of the technology field they want to apply the language to.,Those who need a complete guide on how to start and continue their career with Python.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 16m | 361.03 MB
Created by: Ardit Sulce

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