Python GUI Development with PyQt6 Qt Designer

Learn how to build Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications with Python, PyQt6 and Qt Designer
Python GUI Development with PyQt6 Qt Designer
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Python GUI Development with PyQt6 Qt Designer

What you’ll learn

Introduction to PyQt6 and Installation Process
Working with Qt Designer and building Apps using Qt Designer
Converting Qt Designer UI file to PY file
Learn how to use different widgets and UI component with PyQt6 and Qt Designer
Learn how to create simple notepad application with PyQt6
Learn how to connect your PyQt6 application with MySQL Database
Learn how to draw different shapes like rectangle, circle and ellipses with PyQt6
Working with QtQuick and QML (Qt Markup Language)
Learn building different charts like PieChart, LineChart, BarChart and DonutChart in PyQt6
Creating library management system in PyQt6, Qt Designer and MySQL database.
Learn how to convert PyQt PY file to EXE file
Learn how to make stand alone installer for your PyQt application

Python GUI Development with PyQt6 Qt Designer


Should be familiar with Python Programming Language


This is a course on building Graphical User Interface (GUI) Applications with Python and PyQt6, this course is divided in to different parts and sections, in the first part we are going to have a simple introduction to PyQt , after that we go through installation process and what IDE we want to use, in the second part we focus on using different widgets and UI components in PyQt6, in the third part we create a simple notepad application, fourth part is about database handling in PyQt6, basically we are using MySQL database, in the fifth part we work on 2D graphics and drawing, the sixth part is about QtQuick and QML (Qt Markup Language), in the seventh part we focus on working with different charts using PyQtChart, the charts will be created using PyQt and also the eight part we create a simple library management system with PyQt6 and Qt designer, in the ninth part we talk about QtMultiMedia and PyQtWebEngine, we will create a simple media player also a simple web browser in PyQt, also we convert our PyQt PY file to EXE file and at the end we create installer for our application. there are different versions of PyQt, in this course we want to use the latest version of PyQt and that is called PyQt6.


Section 1: PyQt6 Introduction & Installation

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Section Introduction

Lecture 3 PyQt Introduction

Lecture 4 PyQt6 Installation & First GUI Window

Lecture 5 PyQt6 Window Type Classes

Lecture 6 Adding Icon & Title to PyQt6 GUI Window

Lecture 7 Introduction to Qt Designer

Lecture 8 Convert Qt Designer UI File to PY File

Lecture 9 Loading Qt Designer UI File

Section 2: PyQt6 Widgets Introduction

Lecture 10 Section Introduction

Lecture 11 Creating QLabel in PyQt6

Lecture 12 Working with QPushButton

Lecture 13 Creating QLineEdit in PyQt6

Lecture 14 Layout Management QHBoxLayout

Lecture 15 Layout Management QVBoxLayout

Lecture 16 Layout Management QGridLayout

Lecture 17 PyQt6 Event Handling (Signal and Slots)

Lecture 18 Event Handling with Qt Designer

Lecture 19 Simple Calculator with Qt Designer

Lecture 20 QRadioButton in PyQt6

Lecture 21 QRadioButton with Qt Designer in PyQt6

Lecture 22 Grouping QRadioButton with Qt Designer

Lecture 23 Working with QCheckBox in PyQt6

Lecture 24 QCheckBox with Qt Designer in PyQt6

Lecture 25 Creating QSpinBox in PyQt6

Lecture 26 QDoubleSpinBox with Qt Designer

Lecture 27 QSpinBox EditingFinished Signal

Lecture 28 Showing System Clock with QLCDNumber

Lecture 29 Random Generator App with QLCDNumber

Lecture 30 Working with QComboBox Class

Lecture 31 QComboBox with Qt Designer

Lecture 32 Signal and Slots with Qt Designer

Lecture 33 Creating QSlider in PyQt6

Lecture 34 QSlider with Qt Designer

Lecture 35 Creating QListWidget in PyQt6

Lecture 36 QListWidget with Qt Designer

Lecture 37 Adding Items to QListWidget in Qt Designer

Lecture 38 QListWidget CRUD with Qt Designer

Lecture 39 QFontComboBox in PyQt6

Lecture 40 QTableWidget in PyQt6

Lecture 41 QTableWidget with Qt Designer

Lecture 42 QCalendarWidget with PyQt6

Lecture 43 QCalendarWidget with Qt Designer

Lecture 44 QInputDialog in PyQt6

Lecture 45 QColorDialog in PyQt6

Lecture 46 QFontDialog in PyQt6

Lecture 47 QMessageBox in PyQt6

Section 3: Simple Notepad Application in PyQt6

Lecture 48 Section Introduction

Lecture 49 Menubar and Menu Items for Notepad Application

Lecture 50 Adding Icons to Menu Items

Lecture 51 Separating GUI File

Lecture 52 Saving the File

Lecture 53 Working on New Functionality

Lecture 54 Working on Open Menu Item

Lecture 55 Creating Print Functionality

Lecture 56 Creating Print Preview Functionality

Lecture 57 Exporting File as PDF

Lecture 58 Working on Quite

Lecture 59 Working on Edit Menu

Lecture 60 Italic, Bold and Underline Functionality

Lecture 61 Left, Right and Center Functionality

Lecture 62 Font and Color Dialog

Section 4: Database Handling in PyQt6

Lecture 63 Section Introduction

Lecture 64 MySQL Database Connection in PyQt6

Lecture 65 Inserting Data to MySQL Database

Lecture 66 Selecting Data in QTableWidget

Lecture 67 Searching Data From MySQL Database

Lecture 68 Simple Login with MySQL & PyQt6

Section 5: 2D Graphics And Drawing

Lecture 69 Section Introduction

Lecture 70 Drawing Rectangle with QPainter

Lecture 71 Drawing Ellipse with QPainter Class

Lecture 72 Drawing Text with QPainter

Lecture 73 QLinearGradient in PyQt6

Lecture 74 QRadialGradient in PyQt6

Lecture 75 QConicalGRadient in PyQt6

Lecture 76 Mouse Events in QPainter Class

Lecture 77 mousePress and mouseRelease Events

Lecture 78 Drawing Point with Click

Lecture 79 Drawing Line By Click

Lecture 80 Drawing Circle By Click

Lecture 81 Drawing Rectangle with Click

Lecture 82 Drawing Text By Clicking

Lecture 83 QGraphicsView & QGraphicsScene

Lecture 84 QGraphicsRectItem in PyQt6

Lecture 85 Handling Key Press Event

Section 6: QtQuick & QML in PyQt6

Lecture 86 Section Introduction

Lecture 87 Creating GUI Window in QtQuick

Lecture 88 Creating Button & Handling Event

Lecture 89 Row and Column in QtQuick

Lecture 90 Creating Label & Handling Events

Lecture 91 Creating CheckBox

Lecture 92 Creating ComboBox in QtQuick

Lecture 93 Creating MenuBar

Lecture 94 Creating SpinBox

Lecture 95 Creating Slider

Lecture 96 Creating ScrollView

Lecture 97 Switch Button in QtQuick

Section 7: Charts in PyQt6

Lecture 98 Section Introduction

Lecture 99 Creating LineChart or QLineSeries

Lecture 100 Creating PieChart or QPieSeries

Lecture 101 Creating BarChart or QBarSeries

Lecture 102 Creating QStackedBarSeries

Lecture 103 LineChart and BarChart

Lecture 104 Creating DonutChart

Lecture 105 LineChart with QtQuick

Lecture 106 BarChart with QtQuick

Lecture 107 StackedBarChart in QtQuick

Lecture 108 PieSeries with QtQuick

Lecture 109 ScatterChart with QtQuick

Section 8: Library Management System in PyQt6

Lecture 110 Section Introduction

Lecture 111 Main Design with Qt Designer

Lecture 112 Issue Book Design

Lecture 113 Renew or Submission Book Design

Lecture 114 Convert UI Design to PY File

Lecture 115 Add Book Design with Qt Designer

Lecture 116 Inserting Books to MySQL Database

Lecture 117 Add Member Design with Qt Designer

Lecture 118 Inserting Members in MySQL Database

Lecture 119 View Books Design with Qt Designer

Lecture 120 Getting Books from MySQL Database

Lecture 121 View Members Design with Qt Designer

Lecture 122 Getting Members from MySQL Database

Lecture 123 Issue Book Part One

Lecture 124 Issue Book Part Two

Lecture 125 Issue Book Part Three

Lecture 126 Loading Issued Books from Database

Lecture 127 Working on Submit Book

Lecture 128 Working on Renew Book

Section 9: QtMultiMedia, QtWebEngine & Packaging PyQt Application

Lecture 129 Section Introduction

Lecture 130 Creating MediaPlayer with QtMultiMedia

Lecture 131 Required Codec for QtMultiMedia

Lecture 132 Convert PY File to EXE File

Lecture 133 Packaging & Creating Installer for Media Player

Lecture 134 Creating Web Browser with PyQtWebEngine

Section 10: PyQt6.2 Released with QtMultMedia & QtWebEngine Modules

Lecture 135 Creating Simple Media Player in PyQt6

Lecture 136 Creating Simple Web Browser in PyQt6

Section 11: Working with PyQtGraph and PyQt6

Lecture 137 Introduction and Installation

Lecture 138 Creating Line Graph

Lecture 139 Creating Bar Graph

Lecture 140 Creating Dynamic Line Graph

Lecture 141 Creating Scatter Plot

Lecture 142 Add Legend to Graph

Lecture 143 Updating Graph

Section 12: PyQt6 with Amazon RDS MySQL Instance

Lecture 144 Section Introduction

Lecture 145 AWS Introduction & Creating Account

Lecture 146 Introduction to Amazon RDS

Lecture 147 Creating MySQL Database Instance in Amazon RDS

Lecture 148 Amazon RDS Charges

Lecture 149 CRUD Operation with MySQL DB Instance

Lecture 150 Create AWS RDS MySQL

Lecture 151 Insert Data

Section 13: More on QtQuick

Lecture 152 QtQuick Introduction

Lecture 153 Rectangle Element

Lecture 154 Text Element

Lecture 155 Image Element

Lecture 156 MouseArea Example

Lecture 157 MouseArea Second Example

Lecture 158 TextInput Element

Lecture 159 Element Positioning

Lecture 160 Anchors

Lecture 161 Input Elements

Lecture 162 Key Elements

Lecture 163 QtQuick Components

Lecture 164 QtQuick Transformation

Section 14: More on QtQuick Controls

Lecture 165 QtQuick Controls Introduction

Lecture 166 QtQuick Controls Button

Lecture 167 Buttons Signals

Lecture 168 QtQuick Controls CheckBox

Lecture 169 QtQuick Control Slider

Lecture 170 Popup In QtQuick Controls

Lecture 171 ProgressBar in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 172 Overlay in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 173 BusyIndicator in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 174 DialogButton in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 175 TextField in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 176 TabButton in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 177 TabBar in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 178 Drawer Example in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 179 SwipeView in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 180 StackView in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 181 Frame Example

Lecture 182 ContextMenu in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 183 PopupMenu in QtQuick Controls

Lecture 184 Tooltip in QtQuick Controls

Section 15: QtQuick Multimedia

Lecture 185 Play Audio in QtQuick MultiMedia

Lecture 186 Play Video in QtQuick MultiMedia

Lecture 187 QtQuick MediaPlayer – Adding Volume Slider

Lecture 188 QtQuick MediaPlayer – Adding Seekable Slider

Lecture 189 QtQuick MediaPlayer – Play & Pause Buttons

Section 16: QtQuick3D

Lecture 190 Creating 3D Scene

Lecture 191 Add Model to Scene

Section 17: QtQuick Animation

Lecture 192 Color SequentialAnimation in QtQuick

Lecture 193 Opacity SequentialAnimation in QtQuick

Lecture 194 QtQuick State Animation

Lecture 195 GUI Animation with QtQuick

Section 18: PyQt6.4 Release with QtTextToSpeech Feature

Lecture 196 Update to PyQt6.4

Lecture 197 Design for Text to Speech

Lecture 198 QTextToSpeech in PyQt6

Those who are interested in building GUI applications using Python, PyQt6 and Qt Designer,Beginner and advanced developers in python who wants to learn PyQt6 GUI Development,Students who want to learn a new skill in Python and wants to create desktop GUI applications

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 19h 11m | 8.08 GB
Created by: Parwiz Forogh

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