Python Logical Programs and Data Structures for beginners

Improve logic and over come the fear of programming
Python Logical Programs and Data Structures for beginners
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Python Logical Programs and Data Structures for beginners

What you’ll learn

Programs using Numbers
Programs using Strings
Programs using Arrays
Programs using Recursion
Programs on Patterns
Concepts of Time Complexity
Programs on Sorting
Programs on Searching
Implement Data Structures
Create LinkedLists
Create Stack
Work with Queues
Implement Trees
Work on problems using Data Structures
And more in easy steps

Python Logical Programs and Data Structures for beginners


Knowledge of Python


—All source code is available for downloadResponsive Instructor – All questions answered within 24 hoursProfessional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)—-Are you a College Student with Python background who is  interested in improving your programming skills or overcome the fear of coding , this course is for you.This course is for experienced developers as well.You will start working on simple programs and move using numeric types Print Digits in a numberSum of Digits in a numberCheck if a number is palindrome or notConvert integer to binary and visa versaCheck if a given number is Special and Perfect Numberand MoreWork with Strings:Reverse a String in different waysCount the words in given textFind words,Remove VowelsFind Duplicates,Replace Next Characterand MoreUnderstand Recursion and write programs using itWrite programs using Arrays and MatricesSum of positive and negative numbers in a arrayFind min and max element in a arrayReverse elements in a arrayCheck if a given matrix is a sparse matrixDo Matrix TransposeSwap Rows and ColumnsWork with patterns:Print Right TrianglePrint Inverted Right TriangleMirrored Right TriangleUnderstand Time and Space ComplexityImplement Bubble Sort and enhance itImplement Selection SortImplement Linear SearchImplement Binary Search using recursive and non recursive waysData Structures:What are Data StructuresDifferent Types of Data StructuresLinked Lists:Create a LinkedListInsert at the endInsert at the beginningInsert in the middleDelete at different positionsTraverseFind Nth NodeCheck if list has a loopReverse a ListWork with Double LinkedListStacks:Create a stack using an arrayCreate a stack using a List Push,Pop,PeekReverse a String using a stackCheck if symbols are balancedQueues:Create a Queue using an ArrayCreate a Queue using a ListenQueue, deQueue


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to make the best of this course

Lecture 3 Download Projects

Section 2: Numbers

Lecture 4 Even or Odd

Lecture 5 Leap Year Checker

Lecture 6 Credit Card Issuer

Lecture 7 Print digits in a number

Lecture 8 Print number using for loop

Lecture 9 Sum of digits in a number

Lecture 10 Sum of prime digits

Lecture 11 Count the digits in a number

Lecture 12 Check for Duck Number

Lecture 13 Duck number in single line

Lecture 14 Reverse a number

Lecture 15 Reverse a number – Single Line

Lecture 16 Palindrome or not

Lecture 17 Covert integer to binary

Lecture 18 Integer to Binary 2nd way

Lecture 19 Fibonacci Series

Lecture 20 Recursion Logic

Lecture 21 Fibonacci Series using recursion

Lecture 22 Niven Number

Lecture 23 Special Number

Lecture 24 Print Prime Numbers

Lecture 25 Perfect Number Check

Section 3: Strings

Lecture 26 Reverse a String

Lecture 27 Remove Vowels

Lecture 28 Add Duplicates

Lecture 29 Count chars and words

Lecture 30 Find and Remove Character

Lecture 31 Print Even Words

Lecture 32 Print Next Character

Lecture 33 Check Order

Section 4: Recursion

Lecture 34 Introduction

Lecture 35 Factorial

Lecture 36 Sum of numbers till N

Lecture 37 Power

Section 5: Arrays and Matrices

Lecture 38 Sum of even numbers

Lecture 39 Sum of Positive and Negative

Lecture 40 Reverse elements in a array

Lecture 41 Mini Peaks

Lecture 42 Min and Max in a array

Lecture 43 Print last M elements

Lecture 44 Number of occurances

Lecture 45 Delete frist occurance

Lecture 46 Create and print matrix

Lecture 47 Matrix Addition

Lecture 48 Print diagonal elements

Lecture 49 Sparse Matrix

Lecture 50 Swap Rows

Lecture 51 Matrix Transpose

Lecture 52 Symmetric or not

Lecture 53 Swap Columns

Section 6: Patterns

Lecture 54 Right Triangle

Lecture 55 Right Triangle – Two Variations

Lecture 56 Inverted Right Triangle

Lecture 57 Inverted Right Triangle Pattern 2

Lecture 58 Mirrored Right Triangle

Lecture 59 Pyramid

Lecture 60 Downward Pyramid

Lecture 61 Right Pyramid

Lecture 62 Sandglass

Section 7: Algorithm Complexity

Lecture 63 Algorithm

Lecture 64 Time Complexity

Lecture 65 Constant Time Complexity

Lecture 66 Logarithmic Time Complexity

Lecture 67 Linear Time Complexity

Lecture 68 Quadratic Time Complexity

Lecture 69 Exponential Time Complexity

Section 8: Sorting

Lecture 70 Bubble Sort Introduction

Lecture 71 Implement Bubble Sort

Lecture 72 Enhancement 1

Lecture 73 Enhancement 1 Implementation

Lecture 74 Enhancement 2

Lecture 75 Enhancement 2 Implementation

Lecture 76 Selection Sort

Lecture 77 Insertion Sort

Lecture 78 Insertion Sort Implementation

Section 9: Searching

Lecture 79 Linear Search

Lecture 80 Linear Search Implementation

Lecture 81 Binary Search

Lecture 82 Binary Search Implementation

Lecture 83 Recursive Binary Search

Section 10: Linked List

Lecture 84 Introduction

Lecture 85 Create LinkedList

Lecture 86 Insert at End

Lecture 87 Inserting Nodes

Lecture 88 Insert at beginning

Lecture 89 Traverse

Lecture 90 Insert in middle

Lecture 91 Remove from beginning

Lecture 92 Remove from end

Lecture 93 Time Complexity

Lecture 94 reverse

Lecture 95 check loop

Lecture 96 Create Double Linked List

Lecture 97 append

Lecture 98 traverse

Lecture 99 delete at beginning

Lecture 100 delete at end

Section 11: Stack

Lecture 101 Introduction

Lecture 102 Create Stack

Lecture 103 size isEmpty and isFull

Lecture 104 push

Lecture 105 pop

Lecture 106 peek

Lecture 107 Time Complexity

Lecture 108 Reverse a String

Lecture 109 Balance Checker

Section 12: Queue

Lecture 110 Introduction

Lecture 111 Implement Queue

Lecture 112 Time Complexity

Section 13: Trees

Lecture 113 Introduction

Lecture 114 Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees

Lecture 115 Trees and Recursion

Lecture 116 Create Tree

Lecture 117 Tree Traversal

Lecture 118 Inorder

Lecture 119 PreOrder

Lecture 120 PostOrder

Lecture 121 size

Lecture 122 depth

Lecture 123 search

Section 14: Wrap Up

Lecture 124 Bonus Lecture

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