Python Practical QuickStart You Need 2023

Project Based Learning Python For Beginners | Python for complete beginners and anyone willing to broaden their skillset
Python Practical QuickStart You Need 2023
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Ali Muhamud Hassan


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Python Practical QuickStart You Need 2023

What you’ll learn

Mater The Basics Of Python Programming Language
Learn Implementing Python Basic Concepts By Building Python Programs
Learn How Input(), Print(), Variables & Data Types etc In Python
Build Different Projects That Combines The Concepts Covered In The Course.
Learn How The Range Function Works

Python Practical QuickStart You Need 2023


No Prior Experience Needed.
Learn Everything From Scratch.
The Willingness to learn and persist till the end of the course
A Laptop and Internet connection
Undivided attention to learn and finish the course much faster


This Course Is A Project Based Learning With Python For Both Complete Beginners or Anybody With Some Basic Python Experience. If you have never written any python code, don’t worry you will learn everything from scratch. I will hold your hand and walk you through from bottom to the tip or to a place where you can feel comfortable enough that & you can build your own projects from scratch. I am an experienced teacher who taught python in one on one sessions that knows the struggles of complete beginners. Many students waste a lot of time watching tutorials when starting out thinking they have learnt most of the concepts they have watched, little do they know learning how to code needs a lot of practice and implementation of the concept they learned by building projects and applying it in different ways. Coding is not easy and requires a constant practice that will broaden your skillset on a certain programming language and that is why I created this course to help any new python learner master the basics, know how to apply it and move to the next thing in a very short amount of time.This course is designed to make you a programmer faster and getting ahead of 80% of those who are learning how to code.You will build different projects and programs that help you instill the skills and knowledge you gained throughout the course.     I also have challenges for you that can help in testing how much you understood a previous topic/concept covered.


Section 1: Introduction To Python Basics

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Print Function In Python

Lecture 3 Variables In Python

Lecture 4 Naming Variables In Python

Lecture 5 Input Function In Python

Lecture 6 Data Types – Numbers In Python – Part 1

Lecture 7 Data Types -Numbers In Python – Part 2

Lecture 8 String Data Type in Python

Lecture 9 String Formatting In Python

Lecture 10 String Methods In Python

Lecture 11 List In Python

Lecture 12 If Else Statement In Python

Lecture 13 Loops In Python

Lecture 14 Logical Operators In Python

Lecture 15 Modules In Python


Lecture 16 PROJECT 1: Number Guesser

Lecture 17 PROJECT 2: Area Of A Rectangle

Lecture 18 PROJECT 3: Apollo11 Year On Moon

Lecture 19 PROJECT 4: Grades Program

Lecture 20 PROJECT 5: Color Mixer Program

Lecture 21 PROJECT 6: Volume Of A Rectangle

Complete Python Beginners To Those Who Know The Basic Python Syntax,Python developers who wants to broaden their skillset,Any developer switching from another programming language,Anyone who wants to get into software development path

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 9m | 839.70 MB
Created by: Ali Muhamud Hassan

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