Python programming Bible From Beginner to Advanced

Learn core python programming with theory, hands-on, 230+ MCQ python assignments and 5 coding assignments
Python programming Bible From Beginner to Advanced
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Python programming Bible From Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Student will learn fundamental and in-depth concept about Python Programming with practical and hands-on examples.
The fundamental concept, that student will learn, will help applying the concept to advanced python programming.
Students will learn about Python installation, program execution, types and operations, python statement, looping techniques, Function concepts, Class & OOPS concepts, Exception handling and various other concepts of Python.
The fundamental concept that student will learn will make them confident to face any interviews for python programming jobs.
230+ assignment and interview questions with answers will make student confident to face python interviews.
Student will learn data Structures in Python ( Stacks and Linked List )
Student will learn programming by practice with 5 Coding assignments.

Python programming Bible From Beginner to Advanced


Enthusiasm to learn the python programming and willingness to devote time for python learning
A computer with internet connection. Steps are provided for python installation and program execution.
Basic understanding about computer programming language.


Python programming bible course is divided into 8 modules that covers the python programming with theory and practical examples.  This is lectures series of python programming from beginner to advanced topics.  Jupyter files and PPT files used in this lecture have been uploaded. In addition to theory and handson, 230+ assignment and interview question with answers will prepare student for any interview.Following are the module in the course :- Python Introduction & History- Installation & Program Execution- Python Data Types and processing – Python Statement- Python Function- Python Module and Module Package- Class and OOPs concepts- Exception handlingPython Introduction & History The course starts with basic python introduction and history of python. It also answers basic question on why we should learn python when there are so many programming languages available in the market. It also delves into what can be done in python and what are the areas where python does not score very well.Installation and Program ExecutionThis module covers details about the python installation using anaconda package and steps of python program execution. The python programmer will be able to write their first “hello world” program in python using Jupyter editor and Python shell.Python Data Types and processing This covers python built-in object types like Numbers- integer, float, complex number, String etc. It also covers  details on list, tuple, dictionary, set and file operations that can be done in python. Dynamic typing concept is investigated here that is fundamentally different from other programming language.Python StatementThis module covers basic IF, WHILE and FOR loop that is at the heart of python compound statement. We will also go through print, range, zip, enumerate function that is provided by python for looping operations.Iteration and Comprehension is also covered here to traverse the container object in faster and efficient way.Python FunctionPython function is natural progression after the study of python statement. In this module we will go through the details of various function, nested function and various types of variables like global, local and non-local. We will also go through the details about a function that takes one or multiple input and how it returns one and multiple outputs. We will also go through the advance concept like lambda function, map, filter & reduce concepts and generator & extended generator concepts. Python Module and Module PackageThis module explains module coding  and module package. It covers the concept about how and when to use IMPORT, FROM and RELOAD commands.Python Class and OOPsThis module starts with basic introduction of Class and object oriented programming in python. It also includes concept of inheritance, abstract class and operator overloading with theory and  practical examples.Python Exception handlingThis is last module of this course that covers the concepts of exception handling framework in python. We will go through the usage of TRY, EXCEPT, ELSE, FINALLY, RAISE and ASSERT examples. We will also see how to use nested exception handling and how and why to use class hierarchy in exception handling.


Section 1: Python programming Bible – Course Overview

Lecture 1 Course Overview and Course Materials

Section 2: Python Introduction

Lecture 2 Python History & Introduction

Lecture 3 Why to use Python ?

Lecture 4 What can be done in Python ?

Section 3: Python Installation & Program Execution

Lecture 5 Python Installation

Lecture 6 Python Installation Summary

Lecture 7 Installation Component & Python Interpreter

Lecture 8 Python Program Execution

Section 4: Python Data Types & Processing ( Introduction)

Lecture 9 Introduction to Python data types

Lecture 10 HandsOn to Python DataTypes

Section 5: Python Data Types & Processing (Numbers)

Lecture 11 Introduction to integer, float & complex numbers, built-in function, expressions

Lecture 12 Demo (variable create & assign, division, expression, normal & chain comparison)

Lecture 13 Demo (Complex,Hex,octal,bin no, bitwise operation, builtin function(pow,abs,min)

Lecture 14 Introduction and Demo to Built-in Module ( Math & Random )

Lecture 15 Introduction and demo to Decimal, Fraction and Boolean.

Lecture 16 Introduction and demo of SETs

Section 6: Python Data Types & Processing (Dynamic Typing)

Lecture 17 Intro and Demo to Dynamic Typing. Garbage Collection, Cache & Reference Count

Section 7: Python Data Types & Processing (Python String)

Lecture 18 Introduction to Python String

Lecture 19 Demo for String Creation, Escape Sequence & Raw String

Lecture 20 Writing comment in python

Lecture 21 Demo ( Concatenation, Repeat, length, Membership operator-IN)

Lecture 22 Demo (Indexing, Slicing and Extended slicing )

Lecture 23 Demo ( Immutability, find, replace, split )

Lecture 24 Demo ( strip, case, start & end character or string )

Lecture 25 Demo ( string conversion, alignment, integer and float formatting)

Lecture 26 Demo (Relative, Position, Keyword, dataype based, dictionary based Formatting )

Section 8: Python Data Types & Processing (Python List)

Lecture 27 Introduction to Python List

Lecture 28 Demo (length, index, slice operator, repeat, update or in-place changes in list)

Lecture 29 Demo (index, slice, extended slice, sort, reverse, append, pop, basic matrix )

Lecture 30 Demo ( Extend, reverse, index, remove, count, delete )

Section 9: Python Data Types & Processing (Python dictionary and Tuple)

Lecture 31 Introduction to dictionary

Lecture 32 Demo of dictionary

Lecture 33 Introduction to Tuple

Lecture 34 Hands on for Tuple

Lecture 35 Introduction and Demo of namedtuple

Section 10: Python Data Types & Processing (File Operation in Python)

Lecture 36 Introduction to File operation in python

Lecture 37 HandsOn to file operation in python

Lecture 38 EVAL function – convert a string to python object

Lecture 39 Demo (EVAL function read and write python object in file )

Lecture 40 Demo (PICKLE function read and write python object in file )

Lecture 41 Demo (JSON function read and write python object in file )

Section 11: Python Statement introduction and Assignment

Lecture 42 Introduction to Python Statement

Lecture 43 Introduction to assignment statement in python

Lecture 44 Demo to Python assignment statement

Lecture 45 Consideration during extended assignment

Lecture 46 Introduction and demo for Augment assignment

Section 12: Python Statement (print statement in python)

Lecture 47 Introduction and demo for print statement in python

Lecture 48 Introduction and demo for ‘file’ parameter in print statement

Section 13: Python Statement – Looping statement (IF, While and For Loop)

Lecture 49 Introduction to IF statement in Python

Lecture 50 Demo of IF statement

Lecture 51 Nested IF statement in python

Lecture 52 Shorter IF syntax in python

Lecture 53 Introduction to WHILE loop in python

Lecture 54 Demo of WHILE loop in python

Lecture 55 Introduction and Demo of FOR loop in python

Lecture 56 Demo of FOR loop with List, Tuple, Dictionary and String

Lecture 57 Demo of FOR loop with multiple and extended assignment

Lecture 58 Demo of FOR loop with RANGE function

Section 14: Python Statement (Range, ZIP and Enumerate function in python)

Lecture 59 Introduction to range, zip and enumerate function

Lecture 60 Demo of range and enumerate function in python

Lecture 61 Demo of zip function in python

Section 15: Python Statement (Iteration and Comprehension in python)

Lecture 62 Introduction to Iteration in python

Lecture 63 Demo of iteration with FILE object

Lecture 64 Demo of iteration with List and dictionary object

Lecture 65 Introduction to List Comprehension in python

Lecture 66 Demo of List comprehension in python

Section 16: Python Function

Lecture 67 Introduction to Python Function

Lecture 68 Demo of Python function

Lecture 69 Introduction and demo of Polymorphic behavior in Python function.

Lecture 70 Introduction to Function Scope (Global, local, non-local variable )

Lecture 71 Demo to Global and local variable in function

Lecture 72 Demo to nonlocal variable in function

Lecture 73 Introduction and demo of how to update nonlocal variable.

Lecture 74 Introduction to nested function and how to make factory function

Lecture 75 Demo of Nested Function

Lecture 76 Introduction and demo of nested function with context information.

Lecture 77 Introduction and demo of function attribute

Lecture 78 Introduction and demo of Function argument ( mutable and immutable argument )

Lecture 79 Introduction to multiple return value in function

Lecture 80 Function argument advance concept(position, keyword, default, variable argument)

Lecture 81 Demo of position, keyword and default argument in python function

Lecture 82 Demo of variable/arbitrary argument in python function

Section 17: Python Function Advanced Concepts

Lecture 83 Introduction and demo of lambda function

Lecture 84 Introduction and demo of map, filter and reduce use with python function

Lecture 85 Introduction and demo of generator function

Lecture 86 Introduction and demo of extended generator function

Section 18: Python Module

Lecture 87 Introduction and demo of Python Module

Lecture 88 Introduction and demo of module search path

Lecture 89 Introduction to Module Coding & Demo

Lecture 90 Introduction of module as assignment ( mutable and immutable assignment )

Lecture 91 Introduction & demo of difference between IMPORT & FROM syntax for module import

Lecture 92 Introduction and demo of RELOAD module.

Section 19: Python Module Package

Lecture 93 Introduction to Python Package

Lecture 94 Summary of module package & RELOAD module in module package.

Lecture 95 Introduction and demo of relative import

Section 20: Class and OOPs ( Object Oriented Programming) in Python

Lecture 96 Introduction to OOPs

Lecture 97 Demo of Class and OOPs

Lecture 98 Introduction of OOPs and Operator Overloading

Lecture 99 Demo of inheritance ( create new functionality + update existing functionality )

Lecture 100 Introduction and demo of class coding in python.

Lecture 101 Introduction and demo of interfacing techniques in python

Lecture 102 Introduction and demo of abstract Class in python

Section 21: Operator Overloading in Python

Lecture 103 Introduction to Operator Overloading in Python

Lecture 104 Introduction and demo of constructor, subtract/add & print function in class.

Lecture 105 Introduction of operator overloading for indexing & slicing operation in python

Lecture 106 Demo of operator overloading for indexing and slicing operation n python

Lecture 107 Introduction of overloading iterable object in python

Lecture 108 Demo of overloading iterable object in python

Lecture 109 Demo of overloading iterable object with creator class in python

Lecture 110 Introduction to overload function for GET/SET attribute in python class

Lecture 111 Demo of overload function of GET/SET attribute in python class

Lecture 112 Other overload function (contains, add, radd, iadd, call, lt, gt, bool, len)

Lecture 113 Demo of overload of addition function ( add, radd, iadd )

Lecture 114 Demo of operator overloading ( lt, gt, call and del )

Section 22: Exception Handling in Python

Lecture 115 Introduction to Exception Handling in Python

Lecture 116 Demo of Exception Handling in Python

Lecture 117 Introduction and demo of ‘EXCEPT X as Y’ syntax.

Lecture 118 Introduction and demo of RAISE syntax with python & user defined exception

Lecture 119 Introduction and demo of re-raising exception in python

Lecture 120 Introduction and demo of ASSERT in python exception handling

Lecture 121 Introduction of Exception Object and usage of client hierarchy

Lecture 122 Introduction and demo of exception object and class hierarchy

Lecture 123 Introduction and demo of nested exception handling scenarios

Section 23: Data Structures in Python

Lecture 124 Stack Implementation in Python

Lecture 125 Linked List implementation – Part1

Lecture 126 Linked List implementation – Part2

Section 24: Python Coding Exercises

Lecture 127 Create Right Angles Triangle with user defined digits

Lecture 128 Create triangle with user defined digits

Lecture 129 Left and Right aligned table from 1 to 10

Lecture 130 Random Password Creation

Lecture 131 WordCloud Creation

Anyone who wants to learn python from scratch,Anyone who wants to take their python programming knowledge to next level with theory and hands-on practice examples.,Anyone who would like to learn by practice with 230+ assignment question.

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