Python Programming Made Easy

Master python programming in easy to understand lessons
Python Programming Made Easy
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Python Programming Made Easy

What you’ll learn

Set up python on your computer
Set up vscode editor
Understand python variable
Understand python data type

Python Programming Made Easy


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Python programming skills is in high demand in today’s work space. More IT companies are looking for programmers who are highly skilled in python.You can start your journey today, and build your career as a python programer. Hence, the need for this course.This course will help you understand the basics of python programming in very easy to understand lessons.I will take you by the hand and show you how python works.We’ll start by installing python on our computer. Then, we write our first python program and run it.I’ll also help you understand how to work with numbers, strings, lists, tuple, dictionary and sets.We would then get to understand what a python variable is all about and the various types of data used in python programming.Conditional Statements in python programming is a section that would help you understand how a python program make decisions. The lessons are going to be easy to understand.Then we’ll start creating our own functions by learning the fundamentals of python functions. We would be able to create simple functions that would perform simple tasks.Then, I’ll guide you into developing at least 10 projects with python programming. This course will definitely give you a good starting point for your journey in python programming.The course is still being recorded


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Setting up python and writing your first python code

Lecture 2 Python Variables

Lecture 3 Arithmetic Operations on Variables

Lecture 4 Operations on python strings

Section 2: Python Data Types

Lecture 5 Introduction to data types


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Created by: Career Mentor

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