Python ReportLab from Beginner to Winner 2023

Generate Dynamically PDF files using Python and ReportLab
Python ReportLab from Beginner to Winner 2023
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Hugo Ferro


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Python ReportLab from Beginner to Winner 2023

What you’ll learn

Generate dynamically PDF files with Python
Practical use cases with a hands-on approach
Real Life examples with step by step explanation

Python ReportLab from Beginner to Winner 2023


Eager to learn!
Knowledge about basics of Python 3


This course is a hands on, is very practical, is the result of my previous works for clients of mine and also videos that I made for my youtube channel. I will propose several PDF documents, I will try to make them look professional and I will teach you on how to make them step by step in detail. Every PDF takes me like 2 months to prepare, to structure in a way you can digest and practice what you learned several times, be patient because I will update this course frequently!You will learn:How to change text font size;Change text color;Use True Type Fonts;How to load images; Create tables;Create paragraphs;Make watermarks;Rotate text;Rotate images;Protect your PDF files with passwords;Prevent people from printing your PDF files;Insert radio buttons;Insert check boxes;Insert drop down lists;Insert text fields;Add javascript to your PDF documents;Export PDF files within a Django App;and more!You will not only learn about ReportLab! Also you will learn how to think, how to structure your code, how make your code pretty and easy for everyone to understand your work, because at the end of the day these skills are the ones that make companies want you!Hope you enjoy my work, I will give my best to make you a winner 🙂


Section 1: Generate Palms Hotel PDF

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Build the main structure

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Make the footer

Lecture 4 Part 3 – Make the header

Lecture 5 Part 4 – Build body structure

Lecture 6 Part 5 – Make about section

Lecture 7 Part 6 – Make description section

Lecture 8 Part 7 – Make contacts section

Lecture 9 Part 8 – Make prices list section

Lecture 10 Exercise 1 – Add shadow effect to text!

Lecture 11 Exercise 2 – Add Arabic text!

Lecture 12 Exercise 3 – Register a Font Family

Lecture 13 Exercise 4 – Add Five Stars!

Lecture 14 Exercise 5 – FAQs

Lecture 15 Exercise 6 – Debug ReportLab Code

Lecture 16 Exercise 7 – Django App

Section 2: Videos from my YouTube Channel

Lecture 17 ReportLab Hello World

Lecture 18 Create ReportLab Tables – part 1

Lecture 19 Create ReportLab Tables – part 2

Lecture 20 Create ReportLab Charts

Lecture 21 Crazy Old Reports

People who need to generate PDF files dynamically,Beginner Python developers,Data Scientists,Data Analysts

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 33m | 7.53 GB
Created by: Hugo Ferro

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