Qi Gong Healing for Back Pain

Learn how to alleviate the symptoms of back pain through Qi Gong.
Qi Gong Healing for Back Pain
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Qi Gong Healing for Back Pain

What you’ll learn

Students will be able to self-heal their back pain by following along with video instruction
Students will gain an understanding of how Qi Gong works
Students will be able to practice Qi Gong by themselves
Students will learn the fundamentals of Qi Gong and Natural Healing

Qi Gong Healing for Back Pain


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Qi Gong is a gentle exercise involving slow body movements, mind focus, and deep breathing to cultivate intrinsic energy. This kind self-cultivation practice produces powerful healing results for all kinds of ailments. In addition, Qi Gong’s emphasis is on prevention, also a valuable anti-aging practice. Practicing Qi Gong is the best exercise for stress reduction, as well as boost the immune system, balance emotion, balance metabolism, improve joints and muscle movement, and helps to prevent Brain Aging.  Qi Gong is easy to do, easy to practice and suitable for all ages, especially in the senior population. Qi Gong is the best Anti Aging exercise.This Qi Gong form is designed specifically to help problems with your back, but also helps your hips and legs.  By practicing daily and being persistent, you will see results within several weeks. Your diet should include plenty of vegetables, and protein, and reduce sugar and dairy products. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day during your healing process. If your condition is not relieved or getting worse after several week of practice, you will need to go to your doctor to have further investigation. This course includes:Therapeutic Qi Gong Handbook Warm Up Exercise VideoQi Gong for Back Pain FormMembers of TQHI (Tai Chi Qi Gong Healing Institute) Receive a substantial discount on Dr. Kuhn’s programs and courses. To become a member of this non-profit organization that seeks to improve well-being through Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Please google search Tai Chi Healing or TQHI.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Section 2: Therapeutic Qi Gong Manual for Healing and Prevention

Lecture 3 Preface: My Path to Natural Medicine

Lecture 4 Part 1: About Qi Gong and its Benefits

Lecture 5 What Affects Energy (Qi) in Our Body?

Lecture 6 Qi Gong Categories

Lecture 7 The Difference Between Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Lecture 8 The Difference between Qi Gong and Western Exercise

Lecture 9 Qi Gong Healing and Chinese Medicine

Lecture 10 How Qi Gong Works in the Human Healing Process

Lecture 11 Health Benefits from Qi Gong Practice

Lecture 12 Start Your Qi Gong Practice

Lecture 13 Part 2: Therapeutic Qi Gong Step By Step Instructions

Lecture 14 Step-by-Step Instruction of Therapeutic Qi Gong

Lecture 15 Conclusion

Lecture 16 Common Terms Used in Qi Gong

Lecture 17 Testimonials from Students:

Section 3: Instructional Qi Gong Videos

Lecture 18 Instructional Video Part 1: Warm Up Exercises

Lecture 19 Instructional Video Part 2: Qi Gong Healing for Back Pain

Anyone that has back pain from injury or natural causes,Anyone that would like to learn about Qi Gong,Anyone in the health and fitness industry,For those that are interested in Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine,Doctors, Nurses, Therapists

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Created by: Aihan Kuhn

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