QlikSense Data Architect Masterclass

The Qlik Sense Developer Bootcamp
QlikSense Data Architect Masterclass
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QlikSense Data Architect Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Create a data model in QlikSense
Create and maintain data connections
Develop and debug QlikSense script
Cleanse and transform source data
Resolve data model issues
Optimization for performance
Create and use Qlik Data Files (QVD) files
Manage security with Section Access

QlikSense Data Architect Masterclass


Qlik Sense Desktop tool
Basics of SQL


Welcome to QlikSese Data Architect Masterclass. In this course, you will master skill to develop associative data models in Qlik Sense from scratch.In this brand new QlikSense masterclass, you will learn step-by-step to cleanse, transform, and unify data from multiple disparate sources using June 2018 release version and its features.You will build optimized associative data model using powerful ETL scripting and learn how to deal with complex data integration challenges.Throughout the course, with hands-on examples and challenges, you will master QlikSense developer skill to build a data model which business analysts can use to build insight driven, self service applications for your enterprise.QlikSense data architect masterclass topics include: data connections, cleansing and transforming source data, resolving data model issues, optimization for performance, using QlikView Data Files (QVD) files and data model security.This course is designed so that anyone can learn how to develop data models in Qlik Sense!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Curriculum Overview

Lecture 3 The Course Approach

Section 2: Qlik Sense Introduction

Lecture 4 Qlik Sense Tour

Lecture 5 Qlik Sense Architecture

Section 3: Environment Setup

Lecture 6 The Qlik Sense Desktop Installation

Lecture 7 Unlock Qlik Sense Desktop – Part I

Lecture 8 Unlock Qlik Sense Desktop – Part II

Lecture 9 Course Folder Structure

Section 4: Introduction to Qlik Sense Scripting

Lecture 10 Data Load Editor

Lecture 11 Connect, Extract, Load

Lecture 12 Load Fact Tables

Lecture 13 Challenge – Load Fact Table

Lecture 14 Solution – Load Fact Table

Lecture 15 Basic Transformations

Lecture 16 Challenge – Basic Transformations

Lecture 17 Solution – Basic Transformations

Lecture 18 Script Debugging

Section 5: Synthetic Keys

Lecture 19 Synthetic Keys Basics

Lecture 20 Loading Dimension Tables

Lecture 21 Challenge – Synthetic Key

Lecture 22 Solution – Synthetic Key

Lecture 23 Data Model Viewer

Section 6: Adding Flat Files

Lecture 24 Load Excel Files

Lecture 25 Challenge – Load Suppliers Table

Lecture 26 Solution – Load Suppliers Table

Lecture 27 Challenge – Qualify Statement

Lecture 28 Solution – Qualify Statement

Lecture 29 Variables

Lecture 30 Challenge – Variables

Lecture 31 Solution – Variables

Lecture 32 Include Files

Lecture 33 Challenge – Include Files

Lecture 34 Solution – Include Files

Section 7: Dealing with Data Model Challenges – Part I

Lecture 35 Using Record Counters

Lecture 36 Challenge – Record Counters

Lecture 37 Solution – Record Counters

Lecture 38 WHERE Clause

Lecture 39 Resident Load

Lecture 40 WHERE EXISTS Clause

Lecture 41 Challenge – WHERE EXISTS

Lecture 42 Solution – WHERE EXISTS

Section 8: Master Calendar

Lecture 43 Master Calendar Fundamentals

Lecture 44 FieldValue Function and Flags

Lecture 45 Create a Master Calendar

Section 9: Mapping Tables

Lecture 46 Mapping Load Fundamentals

Lecture 47 Add Mapping Tables

Lecture 48 Challenge – Mapping Table

Lecture 49 Solution – Mapping Table

Lecture 50 Challenge – Preceding Load

Lecture 51 Solution – Preceding Load

Section 10: Data Model Optimization

Lecture 52 Joins Deep Dive

Lecture 53 Challenge – Join tables

Lecture 54 Solution – Join tables

Lecture 55 Concatenation

Lecture 56 Implicit and Forced Concatenation

Lecture 57 Challenge – Concatenate

Lecture 58 Solution – Concatenate

Lecture 59 Consolidate Fact Tables

Section 11: Dealing with Data Model Challenges – Part II

Lecture 60 Circular Reference

Lecture 61 Cross table

Lecture 62 Add Cross table

Lecture 63 Link table

Lecture 64 Create a Link Table

Lecture 65 Class function

Lecture 66 Solution – Class Function

Lecture 67 Interval Match

Section 12: All about QVD Files

Lecture 68 QVD Fundamentals

Lecture 69 Creating QVD Files

Lecture 70 Optimized QVD Load

Section 13: Set Analysis

Lecture 71 Set Analysis Fundamentals

Lecture 72 Create a Chart with Set Expression

Lecture 73 Challenge – Set Modifier

Lecture 74 Solution – Set Modifier

Lecture 75 Aggr()

Lecture 76 Challenge – Set Analysis with Aggr()

Lecture 77 Solution – Set Analysis with Aggr()

Lecture 78 FirstSortedValue Function

Lecture 79 Challenge – FirstSortedValue

Lecture 80 Solution – FirstSortedValue

Section 14: Section Access

Lecture 81 Introduction

Lecture 82 Chapter Goals

Lecture 83 Layers of Security

Lecture 84 ABAC vs RBAC

Lecture 85 Authentication vs Authorization

Lecture 86 Why Section Access?

Lecture 87 Section Access Basics

Lecture 88 Section Access – App Authorization

Lecture 89 Troubleshooting App Lockdown

Lecture 90 Section Access – Data Authorization

Section 15: On Demand App Generation (ODAG)

Lecture 91 Introduction to On Demand App Generation

Lecture 92 On Demand App Generation Example

Section 16: Tips & Tricks

Lecture 93 Tips & Tricks Videos

Lecture 94 Optimized QVD Load

Lecture 95 How to Load Data from a SharePoint List

Lecture 96 Peek() vs Previous()

Lecture 97 Table Concatenation & Date Fields

Beginner QlikSense developers interested in mastering scripting to build a data model,QlikView developers who are interested in mastering scripting in QlikSense

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 26m | 2.34 GB
Created by: Vertechs .IO

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