QlikView Server and Publisher

Master QlikView Server and Publisher Administration
QlikView Server and Publisher
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QlikView Server and Publisher

What you’ll learn

Install, configure and manage QlikView server
Troubleshoot QlikView server and publisher
Manage QlikView logs
Manage various QlikView services
Understand various QlikView development methodologies
Understand various components of QlikView server

QlikView Server and Publisher


Basics of Windows server


Are you a QlikView systems administrator and in search of the most comprehensive QlikView training? Are you a QlikView developer who has been asked to manage QlikView server? Do you want a single stop QlikView server training to spruce up your skill? Or, has your company just purchased QlikView as new business discovery tool and you are the one responsible to install and configure server and publisher? If you answered “Yes” then this course is for you.This course is all about mastering all aspects of QlikView server administration.This course requires no prior knowledge of QlikView administration.At Vertechs, we teach what we practice. Both of us — Deepak Vadithala (DV) and Shilpan Patel — have been working in the trenches and have crafted this course with practical ideas that you can put to work immediately.You Will Learn:What is QlikView? How it differs from other business intelligence tools and various QlikView components.Various types of QlikView deployments and how to choose the appropriate deployment for your organization.Various QlikView development methodologies with Pros and Cons.In depth overview of various QlikView services.Step by step how to install and configure QlikView server and publisher components.How to implement document administration for your enterprise.In depth dive into various QlikView logsHow to create tasks in QlikView Management ConsolePractical examples of QlikView administration issues and troubleshootingDetail overview of various QlikView licenses.This course  will guide you every step of the way to master various aspects of QlikView administration.And it comes with 30 day money back guarantee!We also contribute to charity that inspires underprivileged kids to learn.So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today and start journey to master QlikView administration now.


Section 1: About Us

Lecture 1 Why choose this course?

Section 2: Introduction to Qlikview

Lecture 2 2.1: What is Qlikview?

Lecture 3 2.2: Who is QlikTech?

Lecture 4 2.3: Difference between Qlikview and other BI tools?

Lecture 5 2.4: Qlikview Logical Architecture

Lecture 6 2.5: Qlikview User Base

Lecture 7 2.6: Seven things Administrators must know about the QlikView Environment

Section 3: Meet the Qlikview Product Family

Lecture 8 3.1: Qlikview Desktop

Lecture 9 3.2: Qlikview Server and Publisher

Lecture 10 3.3: Qlikview Clients (Mobile & Web Clients)

Lecture 11 3.4: Additional QlikView Components

Lecture 12 3.5: QlikView Product Family Summary

Section 4: Qlikview Deployments

Lecture 13 4.1: QlikView Deployment Fundamentals

Lecture 14 4.2: Choosing appropriate Deployment Type

Lecture 15 4.3: Qlikview without Publisher

Lecture 16 4.4: Qlikview with Publisher

Lecture 17 4.5: QlikView Deployments Summary

Section 5: Qlikview Development Methodologies

Lecture 18 5.1: I Tier Architecture

Lecture 19 5.2: II Tier Architecture

Lecture 20 5.3: III Tier Architecture

Lecture 21 5.4: QlikView Development Methodologies Summary

Section 6: Qlikview Services

Lecture 22 6.1: QlikView Fundamentals and Jargon Buster (Part 1)

Lecture 23 6.1: QlikView Fundamentals and Jargon Buster (Part 2)

Lecture 24 6.1: QlikView Fundamentals and Jargon Buster (Part 3)

Lecture 25 6.2: QVS – QlikView Service

Lecture 26 6.3: QDS – QlikView Distribution Service

Lecture 27 6.4: DSC – Directory Service Connector

Lecture 28 6.5: QMS – QlikView Management Service

Lecture 29 6.6: QVWS – QlikView Web Server and QlikView Setting Service

Section 7: Installing and Configuring QlikView Server

Lecture 30 7.1: System Requirements

Lecture 31 7.2: Service Account

Lecture 32 7.3: Step-by-Step Installation Process

Lecture 33 7.4: Configuring QlikView Environment (Part I)

Lecture 34 7.4: Configuring QlikView Environment (Part 2)

Lecture 35 7.5: QlikView Document Administrators

Lecture 36 7.6 QlikView Server Configuration and Timeout Settings

Section 8: Section 8: All About Log Files

Lecture 37 8.1: Understanding Logs (Part 1)

Lecture 38 8.1: Understanding Logs (Part 2)

Lecture 39 8.2: Event Logs (Part 1)

Lecture 40 8.2: Event Logs (Part 2)

Lecture 41 8.3: Session Logs

Lecture 42 8.4: Performance Logs

Lecture 43 8.5: End-User Audit Logs

Lecture 44 8.6: QMS and QMC Audit Logs

Lecture 45 8.7: DSC and Webserver Logs

Section 9: Creating and Publishing Tasks

Lecture 46 9.1: QMC Tour (Part I)

Lecture 47 9.1: QMC Tour(Part II)

Lecture 48 9.1: QMC Tour (Part III)

Lecture 49 9.2: What is a Task?

Lecture 50 9.3: Loop and Reduce

Lecture 51 9.4: EDX Triggers

Lecture 52 9.5: Session Collaboration

Lecture 53 9.6: Triggers and Task Dependancies

Section 10: Administering QlikView Environment

Lecture 54 10.1: Troubleshooting QlikView Services

Lecture 55 10.2: Orphaned Task, Document and Task Log

Lecture 56 10.3: Perform Reload Setting

Section 11: QlikView Licensing and Security

Lecture 57 11.1 QlikView Licensing

Lecture 58 11.2 QlikView License Management

Lecture 59 11.3: How do these licenses work together?

Lecture 60 11.4: Section Access Using QlikView Server

Lecture 61 Summary

Section 12: Webinars

Lecture 62 QVPR (QlikView Publisher Repository) and QlikView Power Tools

Section 13: Bonus Lectures

Lecture 63 QlikView Server and Publisher Installation & Configuration – November 2017

Lecture 64 Troubleshooting Missing App on QlikView Access Point Site

QlikVIew developers who are required to manage QMC to schedule QlikVIew jobs,QlikView administrators who are responsible to implement QlikVIew server and publisher,QlikView consultants who are expected to know about QlikView server administration

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Udemy | English | 8h 48m | 2.52 GB
Created by: Vertechs .IO

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