QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022 Made Easy for Beginners

Manage your accounts confidently and efficiently with QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022
QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022 Made Easy for Beginners
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QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022 Made Easy for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Navigating QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and customizing it according to your needs
Creating a chart of accounts and setting up your company file in QuickBooks
Reconciling bank statements and bank feeds and dealing with checks and credit card accounts
Managing expenses including mileage, invoicing, entering bills, and setting up loans and loan payments
Using the QuickBooks payroll functionality and managing customers and jobs
Working with inventory, creating purchase orders, and paying for items
Creating a budget, generating budget reports, and producing other reports
Creating estimates in QuickBooks, working with sales tax, and setting up automated payment reminders
Scanning and uploading receipts using the receipt management app
Differentiating between the Canadian and US versions of QuickBooks
Converting QuickBooks account from PC to Mac and backing up your QuickBooks company data

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022 Made Easy for Beginners


QuickBooks 2022 software installed on a PC or Mac.
This course is for the desktop version, not the online version.
The course was created on a Windows/PC. While the Mac version has similar features, there are some features that are different compared to the Windows version.


This no-nonsense training will get you up and running with QuickBooks Desktop 2022. It is a comprehensive course that starts at the very beginning and assumes no prior knowledge. Your expert instructor will guide you every step of the way on how to put QuickBooks to work.This isn’t our first QuickBooks course. In fact, we produce a new QuickBooks Desktop course each year, so we know the application well, and we know how to teach it!This self-paced course covers all the essential QuickBooks functionalities, from setting up a company file and chart of accounts correctly to tracking mileage, processing payroll, generating reports, invoicing, and so much more.This course also highlights the new QuickBooks 2022 features, such as uploading and reviewing bills, payment links, adding multiple customer contacts to emails, eCommerce for QuickBooks, and customizing bill payment stubs.This is a video-led training course and is suitable for Windows or Mac users.This course covers:Navigating QuickBooks Desktop 2022Creating a chart of accountsSetting up your company file in QuickBooksReconciling bank statements and bank feedsManaging expenses including mileageSetting up automated payment remindersCustomizing QuickBooks to your needsUsing the QuickBooks payroll functionalityCreating a budget and generating budget reportsInvoicing and entering billsCreating estimates in QuickBooksManaging customers and jobsWorking with sales taxSetting up loans and loan paymentsWorking with inventory, creating purchase orders, and paying for itemsDealing with checks and credit card accountsUsing QuickBooks to produce reportsConverting QuickBooks account from PC to MacScanning and uploading receipts using the receipt management appDifferentiating between the Canadian and US versions of QuickBooksBacking up your QuickBooks company dataThis course includes:9 hours of video tutorials96 individual video lecturesCertificate of completion


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 Downloadable Course Transcript

Lecture 4 QB Desktop vs. Online

Lecture 5 QB Desktop Versions Explained

Lecture 6 QB 2022 New Features Overview – PC Version

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 7 Setting Up Your Company File

Lecture 8 Using the Easy Step Interview Part 1

Lecture 9 Using the Easy Step Interview Part 2

Lecture 10 My Company Overview

Lecture 11 Identifying the Components of the QuickBooks Environment

Lecture 12 Converting QB Desktop Data to the Online Version

Section 3: Customizing the QB Environment

Lecture 13 Preferences Part 1

Lecture 14 Preferences Part 2

Lecture 15 Working with Users

Lecture 16 Working with the Chart of Accounts – Part 1

Lecture 17 Working with the Chart of Accounts – Part 2

Lecture 18 Working with the Chart of Accounts – Part 3

Lecture 19 QB Sample Files

Lecture 20 Using the Company File Search Option

Section 4: Customers & Jobs

Lecture 21 Customers and Jobs Part 1

Lecture 22 Customers and Jobs Part 2

Lecture 23 Customer Groups

Lecture 24 Adding Multiple Customer Contacts to Emails

Lecture 25 Estimates Part 1

Lecture 26 Estimates Part 2

Lecture 27 Invoicing from Estimates Part 1

Lecture 28 Invoicing from Estimates Part 2

Lecture 29 Invoicing Customers for Products and Services

Lecture 30 Receiving Customer Payments

Lecture 31 Payment Links

Lecture 32 Making Deposits

Lecture 33 Creating Credit Memos

Lecture 34 Creating Customer Statements

Lecture 35 Using the Income Tracker

Section 5: Vendors

Lecture 36 Working with Vendors

Lecture 37 Entering Bills

Lecture 38 Upload and Review Bills

Lecture 39 Paying Bills

Lecture 40 Vendor Credits

Section 6: Items & Inventory

Lecture 41 Items and Inventory Part 1

Lecture 42 Items and Inventory Part 2

Lecture 43 Purchase Orders

Lecture 44 Receiving Items Into Inventory

Lecture 45 Handling Bills for Items

Lecture 46 Paying for Items

Lecture 47 Manually Adjusting Inventory

Section 7: Banking

Lecture 48 QuickBooks Registers

Lecture 49 Bank Feeds

Lecture 50 Downloading Transactions

Lecture 51 Entering Checks

Lecture 52 Entering Expenses

Lecture 53 Bank Transfers

Lecture 54 Reconciling Accounts

Section 8: Loans

Lecture 55 Setting Up Loans

Lecture 56 Creating Loan Payments

Section 9: Credit Cards

Lecture 57 Setting Up Credit Card Accounts

Lecture 58 Entering Credit Card Transactions

Lecture 59 Reconciling Credit Cards & Making Payments

Section 10: Forms

Lecture 60 Overview of Forms Templates

Lecture 61 Customizing Forms Part 1

Lecture 62 Customizing Forms Part 2

Lecture 63 Layout Designer Part 1

Lecture 64 Layout Designer Part 2

Section 11: Reports

Lecture 65 Quick Reports

Lecture 66 Report Center

Lecture 67 Creating Reports Part 1

Lecture 68 Creating Reports Part 2

Lecture 69 Collapsing Columns/Rows in Job or Class Reports

Lecture 70 Customizing Reports

Lecture 71 Memorizing Reports

Section 12: Sales Tax

Lecture 72 Working with Sales Tax Part 1

Lecture 73 Working with Sales Tax Part 2

Section 13: Payroll

Lecture 74 Overview of Using the QB Payroll Service

Lecture 75 Payroll Setup

Lecture 76 Payroll Items

Lecture 77 Employees

Lecture 78 Paying Employees

Lecture 79 Paying Payroll Liabilities

Section 14: The Lead Center

Lecture 80 Working with Leads

Section 15: Mail Merges

Lecture 81 Creating a Mail Merge

Lecture 82 Mail Merge Main Documents

Section 16: Budgets

Lecture 83 Creating a Budget

Lecture 84 Budget Reports

Section 17: Other QuickBooks Features

Lecture 85 Automated Payment Reminders

Lecture 86 Searching in QuickBooks

Lecture 87 Reminders and Alerts

Lecture 88 Using the QuickBooks Calendar

Lecture 89 Memorizing Transactions

Lecture 90 Importing Lists into New Company Files

Lecture 91 Vehicle Mileage

Lecture 92 Combining Multiple Forms Into One Email

Lecture 93 Backing Up Company Files

Lecture 94 PC to MAC Conversion

Lecture 95 ECommerce for QuickBooks

Lecture 96 Canadian vs. US Version of QuickBooks

Lecture 97 Bill Payment Stubs

Section 18: Wrap up

Lecture 98 Conclusion

Small business owners or those managing QuickBooks for a small business.,If you own a small business, freelance as a bookkeeper, or simply manage your company’s accounts in QuickBooks, you’ll love this straightforward and up-to-date course!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 52m | 3.78 GB
Created by: Simon Sez IT

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