QuickBooks Online 2023 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting

QuickBooks Online + Shopify Store Integration
QuickBooks Online 2023 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting
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Pretesh Mistry, CPA


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QuickBooks Online 2023 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting

What you’ll learn

Setup QuickBooks Online file from the very beginning
Setup products, customers, vendors
Create users and assign permissions
Setup and analyze impact to chart of accounts
Create invoices, bills, purchase orders, expenses, credits, discounted invoices, recurring invoices, sales receipts and more
Connect to your bank or import your data through a CSV file import
Categorize and automate your transactions
Track and approve employee time at a basic level
Create projects and analyze profitability
Create custom reports
Create management reports
Export reports to excel and setup scheduled emailing of reports
Create custom fields and modify invoice design templates
Import data through excel and CSV file formats
Connect to your Shopify store

QuickBooks Online 2023 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting


No prior knowledge required


This course is taught by a designated CPA who also has over 15 years of software experience. We will be starting from the very beginning,  first first setting up a file from scratch and then working our way through every topic in QuickBooks Online. We will be tackling every challenging topic but presenting it in a very digestible and understandable way. Accounting doesn’t need to be hard :)This course is based on practical real-life scenarios. We will fully walkthrough examples together end to end. We even go as far as taking a look at the email notifications we will be receiving from the system and logging in as different users to see various user permissions. We will also be learning how to use the data import and integration functionality as you likely wouldn’t be entering transactions manually one by one in your business. Less theory and more practicality!As a bonus, we will also be connecting to our Shopify store so that we can bring over product information and auto-generate invoices based on orders received in our store.The end goal is to have you feeling confident and comfortable with using QuickBooks Online so that you can fully utilize this in your business or implement it for other businesses. Overall, you will finish this course and be fully equipped to tackle any business problem with QuickBooks Online!


Section 1: Basic Setup

Lecture 1 Section 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Account sign up

Lecture 3 Initial file setup

Lecture 4 Business View vs Accountant View

Lecture 5 Basic navigation of platform

Lecture 6 Adding Users + Permissions + Audit Log

Section 2: Customers + Products + Shopify Integration

Lecture 7 Section 2 Introduction

Lecture 8 Customers: menu update

Lecture 9 Customers: manual setup + settings

Lecture 10 Customers: data import

Lecture 11 Products: manual setup

Lecture 12 Products: Shopify integration

Section 3: Chart of Accounts

Lecture 13 Section 3 Introduction

Lecture 14 Understanding Chart of Accounts and Financial Statement impact

Lecture 15 COA: Business vs Accountant View

Lecture 16 Chart of Accounts setup

Section 4: Classes + Locations + Automation settings

Lecture 17 Classes + Locations

Lecture 18 Automation settings: auto credits, auto billing

Section 5: Sales + Shopify Integration

Lecture 19 Section 5 Introduction

Lecture 20 Sales overview + Settings + Invoice design

Lecture 21 Invoicing: create, send, receive payment

Lecture 22 Discounted invoices

Lecture 23 Estimates

Lecture 24 Credit memo, delayed credit, delayed charge

Lecture 25 Sales receipts, refund receipts

Lecture 26 Recurring invoices

Lecture 27 Customer statements + Email reminders

Lecture 28 Shopify integration: invoice generation

Section 6: Expenses

Lecture 29 Section 6 Introduction

Lecture 30 Expenses overview + Settings

Lecture 31 Vendor setup

Lecture 32 Expenses + Chart of Accounts impact

Lecture 33 Purchase orders + Emailing + Purchase orders reports review

Lecture 34 Bill creation + Bill payment + Chart of Accounts impact

Lecture 35 Vendor credits

Section 7: Banking + Automation

Lecture 36 Section 7 Introduction

Lecture 37 Banking overview + import

Lecture 38 Transaction categorization + automation rules

Lecture 39 Banking reconciliation

Lecture 40 Receipts, tags, app transactions

Section 8: Projects + Time Tracking

Lecture 41 Projects overview + Setup

Lecture 42 Employee setup + Project time tracking + Project profitability

Section 9: Reporting

Lecture 43 Section 9 Introduction

Lecture 44 Standard reports

Lecture 45 Custom reports + Exporting + Emailing

Lecture 46 Management reports + Editing management reports

Section 10: Invoice Taxes + Cash Flow + Budgeting

Lecture 47 Applying tax to invoices + mileage

Lecture 48 Cash Flow

Lecture 49 Budgeting + Forecasting

Section 11: Other + Conclusion

Lecture 50 Section 11 Introduction

Lecture 51 Lists + Recurring transactions

Lecture 52 Customer types + Custom fields

Lecture 53 Inventory Quantity Adjustments

Lecture 54 Search functionality + Notifications icon

Lecture 55 Apps

Section 12: Next Steps

Lecture 56 Next Steps

Business owners looking for a comprehensive understanding of how to use QuickBooks Online from scratch,Accountants and Bookkeepers looking for a thorough understanding of how to use all functionality of QuickBooks Online software,Job seekers looking to add QuickBooks Online to their CV / Resume,Anyone interested in becoming an expert in QuickBooks Online

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 31m | 1.57 GB
Created by: Pretesh Mistry, CPA

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