RAISING OUR VIBRATION Subtle Energy Meditation Course

A Path to Inner Peace, Health, and Oneness
RAISING OUR VIBRATION Subtle Energy Meditation Course
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Kevin Schoeninger


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RAISING OUR VIBRATION Subtle Energy Meditation Course

What you’ll learn

Learn the 2 inner skills and 7 steps of easier, deeper, more effective meditation.
Relate to all your thoughts and feelings with mindfulness and equanimity
Enjoy the peace and well-being of vital energy flow and experience Oneness with all of Life
Learn to concentrate deeply and relax and let go completely
Realize the liberation of your essential Being and integrate this Awareness in your life

RAISING OUR VIBRATION Subtle Energy Meditation Course


No prior meditation experience necessary


Meditate easier, deeper, and more effectively! Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned meditator, you’ll learn to release states of stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, and reactivity and discover a deep sense of presence and Awareness by learning to sense the Subtle Energy flow within you and all around.The Raising Our Vibration Subtle Energy Meditation Course is a step-by-step guide to the magic of sensing Subtle Energy as a foundation for relaxation, health, transcendence, connection, and integration.  Through Subtle Energy Awareness you discover a deeply felt sense of connection with your essential being, with others, with the One Life We All Share, and with who you are as Boundless Awareness. It’s a truly liberating experience!Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair have each practiced Subtle Energy Meditation for about 40 years and are excited to share this exhilarating practice with you!In this course, you learn the two powerful inner skills and seven steps of Subtle Energy Meditation to make your meditation practice a deeply peaceful, effective, enjoyable, and transformational experience. You’ll learn to relax deeply, connect with your emotions in a healthy, healing, loving way, effortlessly find your clear quiet mind, and realize liberation beyond your individualized sense of self—AS Boundless Awareness. You’ll then learn to integrate this Awareness into your life, so you live with greater peace, ease, flow, compassion, wisdom, and purpose.If you have any questions as you go through the course, you can email Kevin & Stephen through the Raising Our Vibration website. They’d love to hear from you!Alright, so there you have the basics. Are you ready to get started? We’re excited for you to begin! We’ll see you in Module 1!


Section 1: ROV SEM Course Introduction & Module One

Lecture 1 RAISING OUR VIBRATION: Subtle Energy Meditation Course Intro Video

Lecture 2 ROV SEM Module 1

Section 2: ROV SEM Module 2

Lecture 3 ROV SEM Module 2

Section 3: ROV SEM Module 3

Lecture 4 ROV SEM Module 3 Video

Section 4: ROV SEM Module 4

Lecture 5 ROV SEM Module 4 Video

Section 5: ROV SEM Module 5

Lecture 6 ROV SEM Module 5 Video

Section 6: ROV SEM Module 6

Lecture 7 ROV SEM Module 6 Video

Section 7: ROV SEM Module 7

Lecture 8 ROV SEM Module 7 Video

Section 8: ROV SEM Module 8

Lecture 9 ROV SEM Module 8 Video

Section 9: ROV SEM Module 9

Lecture 10 ROV SEM Module 9 Video

Section 10: ROV SEM Module 10

Lecture 11 ROV SEM Module 10 Video

This course is for anyone who wants an easy and effective way to meditate deeply and grow their inner skills and spiritual connection

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Created by: Kevin Schoeninger

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