React JS Mastering Redux

Build the React JS and Redux apps of your dreams! Learn JavaScript, ES6, APIs, and Full Web App Development in ReactJS!
React JS Mastering Redux
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David Joseph Katz


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Last updated 7/2017



React JS Mastering Redux

What you’ll learn

Build entire ReactJS and Redux applications from scratch.
Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests.
Understand how to develop Redux apps with actions, reducers, and the Redux store.
Create Web Apps that use advanced redux mechanics like asynchronous actions and redux middleware.
Use ES6 and advanced JavaScript techniques to more efficiently code.
Use animations to create compelling User Interfaces and Experiences.
Add external libraries to React projects like react-bootstrap, react-router-dom, and more.
Build multi-page applications with dynamic routes and links.

React JS Mastering Redux


Students who have some JavaScript experience will be most comfortable.


You will become an in-demand software engineer by taking this course on React JS and Redux. As one of the most popular pairs of frameworks, learning React and Redux is a must. Simply put, learning React will open doors and jobs for you.
This project-based course will have you coding right away. By building four carefully thought-out example applications, you will sharpen your skills in modern web development.
First, learn the essentials of ReactJS by going through the main concepts. Then build your first React application to get familiar with the essentials. Second, create your first Redux application to learn how to pair this elegant and complex framework with React. Next, build an application that uses an API along with routing for multiple pages. Finally, build an additional app that works with another API and has more advanced redux mechanics.
You’ll not only learn React and Redux, but get comfortable with popular libraries like react-bootstrap, react-router-dom, and more. Plus, you’ll find a secret recipe to Redux that boils it down to three simple steps!
This updates my previous React course. One student had this to say about that one:
“I have purchased several React courses on Udemy and I think, thus far, this one gets to the point the quickest and has also helped me understand the concepts clearer. I am so glad I purchased this course. Some gaps were filled and I finally feel I have a good grasp on React. Thank you!”

This course explains every new concept thoroughly. So if you’re new to web development, but have some coding experience you should be fine.It’s really most suited for those who have tried creating React applications in the past, and now want to master redux.
So what are you waiting for? Take the dive into React and Redux. Let’s get started coding!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introducing the Instructor

Lecture 2 Installing React Tools

Lecture 3 Installing a Code Editor

Lecture 4 Source Code for the Course

Lecture 5 Final Introductory Notes

Section 2: Understanding React

Lecture 6 React, Components, & JSX

Lecture 7 State, Props, & Lifecycle Methods

Section 3: Application One | AgeTeller

Lecture 8 Previewing AgeTeller

Lecture 9 Setting Up AgeTeller

Lecture 10 Creating an App Component

Lecture 11 Crafting a Form Component

Lecture 12 Implementing State

Lecture 13 Building a Stats Component

Lecture 14 Adding Styling and Animations

Lecture 15 Section Overview | AgeTeller

Section 4: Understanding Redux

Lecture 16 Redux – the 3 Step Recipe

Lecture 17 Section Overview | Understanding Redux

Section 5: Redux Application One | SuperSquad

Lecture 18 Previewing SuperSquad

Lecture 19 Setting Up SuperSquad

Lecture 20 The First Reducer

Lecture 21 The Store

Lecture 22 The First Action

Lecture 23 Adding a Second Reducer

Lecture 24 Mapping State to Props in a CharacterList

Lecture 25 Mapping Dispatch to Props

Lecture 26 Styling the App

Lecture 27 Creating a Hero List

Lecture 28 The Second Action

Lecture 29 Building a Squad Stats Component

Lecture 30 Section Overview | SuperSquad

Section 6: Redux Application Two | RecipeFinder

Lecture 31 Previewing RecipeFinder

Lecture 32 Setting Up RecipeFinder

Lecture 33 Creating a Form to Search Recipes

Lecture 34 Coding Break | Web Requests

Lecture 35 Accessing the API

Lecture 36 Fetching from the API

Lecture 37 Storing Recipes

Lecture 38 Building a Recipe List

Lecture 39 Making Recipe Items

Lecture 40 Storing Favorite Recipes

Lecture 41 Starring Recipe Items

Lecture 42 Building a Favorite Recipe List

Lecture 43 Routing Recipe Lists

Lecture 44 Section Overview | RecipeFinder

Section 7: Redux Application Three | MemeGenerator

Lecture 45 Previewing MemeGenerator

Lecture 46 Setting Up MemeGenerator

Lecture 47 Getting Access to the API

Lecture 48 Fetching Memes Asynchronously

Lecture 49 Applying Thunk Middleware

Lecture 50 Listing Memes

Lecture 51 Creating Meme Items

Lecture 52 Animating Meme Items

Lecture 53 Crafting a Custom Meme Form

Lecture 54 Reducing and Posting Personal Memes

Lecture 55 Setting Up a Post Meme Action

Lecture 56 Building a Personal Memes List

Lecture 57 Section Overview | MemeGenerator

Section 8: Final Remarks & Bonus Content

Lecture 58 Final Remarks & Bonus Content

The perfect student knows some JS, HTML, and CSS, but hopes to learn a new web development framework to significantly boost their skills.,All levels of coding. However this won’t introduce coding from the ground up, so complete beginners might find it fast-paced.,Experienced developers and engineers will find this course perfect for brushing up on ReactJS and Redux and web development.,Anyone who wants to add ReactJS and Redux to their resume and set of skills should take this course!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 3m | 1.59 GB
Created by: David Joseph Katz

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