React Mastering Test Driven Development

Upgrade your React skills with Test Driven Development! Jest, Enzyme, Redux, middleware, ES6, & more!
React Mastering Test Driven Development
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David Joseph Katz


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Last updated 10/2017



React Mastering Test Driven Development

What you’ll learn

How to use Test and Behavior Driven Development to build React applications.
The ability to discuss the approach of Test Driven Development with fellow software engineers.
How to build full React applications with thorough tests.
How to use libraries like Jest, Enzyme, and more to test React components.
How to use Redux in React applications, including asynchronous actions and middleware.
How to apply advanced es6 concepts to write more concise code.
How to extend React applications with third-party libraries.

React Mastering Test Driven Development


Some JavaScript experience would be ideal.
While not necessary, some React experience would help.


Become an in demand software engineer by taking this course on React as well as Test and Behavior Driven Development. As arguably the most popular web development framework today, learning React along with testing is a must. Knowing how to create React applications with thorough tests will open doors and jobs for you.
In this project-based course, you’ll learn how to build React and Redux applications in a test and behavior driven development approach. You’ll discover testing practices widely used in the industry today. And you’ll find out how to use notable testing libraries like Jest and Enzyme.
You will skyrocket to the top of the talent pool because you can write tests. Coding the apps is only half of the process. Knowing how to write tests is the other crucial skill looked for by top software companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more.
In this course, first, you’ll get familiar with React by building an application from the start. Writing tests will guide the process as you use popular libraries like Jest by Facebook and Enzyme by Airbnb.
Second, you’ll build a more in-depth application with Redux in the behavior driven development approach. You’ll learn all the advanced techniques for testing asynchronous code, effective mocking, and beyond.
If you’ve gone through the the quick JavaScript and React tutorials online, then this course will take you to the next level.
Ready to step up your coding game? Excited to boost your skills? Then what you are waiting for? Let’s get started coding!


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 What to Expect from the Course

Lecture 2 Tools You’ll Need

Lecture 3 Optional: Installing Node and Create-React-App

Lecture 4 Optional: Installing a Code Editor

Lecture 5 Test Driven Development, Jest, Enzyme, & More

Section 2: GiftGiver and Test Driven Development

Lecture 6 GiftGiver Preview

Lecture 7 Set Up GiftGiver with a Unit Test

Lecture 8 Important: Enzyme Adapter

Lecture 9 Snapshot Test the App Component

Lecture 10 Render the Gift List in the App

Lecture 11 Render GiftGiver and the Gift List

Lecture 12 Behavior Driven Development

Lecture 13 BDD in GiftGiver

Lecture 14 Test and Build the Gift Component | Part One

Lecture 15 Test and Build the Gift Component | Part Two

Lecture 16 Remove a Gift

Lecture 17 Test Coverage and Helper Methods

Lecture 18 Optional Styling

Lecture 19 Section Summary | GiftGiver and Test Driven Development

Section 3: LootCheck and Behavior Driven Development | Part One

Lecture 20 LootCheck Preview

Lecture 21 Start Up LootCheck with an App Component

Lecture 22 Optional: Understanding Redux

Lecture 23 Optional: Understanding Redux

Lecture 24 Optional: Understanding Redux Visually

Lecture 25 Set a Balance with a Redux Action

Lecture 26 Create the Balance Redux Reducer

Lecture 27 Test and Build a Wallet Component

Lecture 28 Render the Wallet

Lecture 29 Support Redux Deposit and Withdraw Methods

Lecture 30 Local Wallet Balance with State

Lecture 31 Dispatch Deposit and Withdraw

Lecture 32 Store Data with Cookies

Lecture 33 Section Summary | LootCheck and Behavior Driven Development | Part One

Section 4: LootCheck and Behavior Driven Development | Part Two

Lecture 34 APIs and Middleware in LootCheck

Lecture 35 Async Actions, Middleware, & Redux Thunk

Lecture 36 Accessing the Bitcoin API

Lecture 37 Fetch the Bitcoin Value through Redux

Lecture 38 Bitcoin Redux Reducer

Lecture 39 Combine Reducers

Lecture 40 Test and Build the Loot Component | Part One

Lecture 41 Test and Build the Loot Component | Part Two

Lecture 42 Stateless Functional Components – Convert the App

Lecture 43 Run the Coverage Report

Lecture 44 Styling and API Cleanup

Lecture 45 Section Summary | Lootheck and Behavior Driven Development | Part Two

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 46 Final Remarks and Bonus Content

Anyone who wants to learn how to thoroughly test React applications.,Someone with exposure to React applications.,Someone who is comfortable with JavaScript.,A developer who wants to refine their testing skills.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 39m | 2.00 GB
Created by: David Joseph Katz

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