Reading Angel and Oracle Cards intermediate

Learn to read Angel and Oracle cards so you can deliver messages to others that are accurate and on-point every time
Reading Angel and Oracle Cards intermediate
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Vivienne McAlister-Geertz (VivMcG)


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Reading Angel and Oracle Cards intermediate

What you’ll learn

interpret cards at a more advanced level, using the concept of positioning, to receive the messages the angels wish you to pass on to family, friends & clients
practical guidelines on asking for payment, determining the length of a reading, and protecting your energy field, all in relation to reading for others
the importance and benefits of reading for family and friends before you offer professional readings to clients
advice on how to overcome a sense of panic, a feeling of being stuck, or your mind going blank during a client reading
a variety of 2-, 3-, and 5-card spreads, with examples, that you can offer those you read for, including clients, in professional readings
enhance and develop your intuition, so you feel confident and assured that your intuition is always on-point, through a range of practical methods and exercises
advice and guidance on creating a space where your client will feel comfortable and at ease, thus ensuring their energy is open to receive
learn about 6 ‘clairs’, which is your dominant clair, and how you can enhance it and your other clairs so you can give full and competent readings to others
an in-depth look at the pros and cons related to various types of readings you may choose to offer your clients & which may be most suited to your circumstances
guidance on dealing with difficult clients, setting and maintaining your boundaries, who not to give a reading to and why, and how much to involve your client
how to re-formulate client questions so they become great questions, rather than just ‘good’ questions, to attract full and clear guidance and advice

Reading Angel and Oracle Cards intermediate


This course is an intermediate level and follow-on course to my Udemy beginners’ course: Reading Angel and Oracle Cards (for personal use). It’s important to have completed the beginners’ course, designed to build the foundations to angel and oracle card reading, before proceeding to this intermediate course.


There is nothing more beautiful, more satisfying, more fulfilling than taking your gift, your skill, and sharing it with the world.Now that you have built a solid foundation on which you can confidently and assuredly interpret the messages and advice that the angelic and spiritual realm are sending you through your angel and/or oracle cards, for your own personal guidance, you can, through this course, learn how to take those same beautiful and reassuring messages and guidance out to others, including paying clients.Remove any fear or panic around getting stuck during a client reading because your mind goes blank. Eradicate any doubt you may have in your intuition by strengthening it through a variety of methods. Eliminate the pressure of choosing the right card spread for your client through building up a library of spreads that you can easily and confidently turn to as and when needed. Enhance your confidence so you choose which clients you wish to read for, rather than being open to anyone who crosses your path, whether they’re a fit or not. Increase your self-worth and self-esteem so you feel at ease in asking for payment in exchange for your skill.This course is an intermediate course for anyone who has already developed the skill and confidence to fluidly read angel and/or oracle cards for themselves, personally, using their intuition and without having to turn to the accompanying guidebook for support.We’ll start by developing your reading skills even further, taking them to a higher level, through the concept of positioning, before moving on to enhance, deepen and strengthen your natural intuitive abilities through a variety of practical methods. Through the application of multiple card spreads, you’ll create a library of spreads you can offer your clients, through whichever style of reading you may choose. And with the addition of practical advice and guidance on how, where, when and who to offer readings for, by the end of the this course you’ll be all set to take angel and oracle card reading out to the wider world.With the aid of in-depth guidance, practical exercises, and even a subliminal recording designed to enhance your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, your knowledge and faith in your abilities will grow until you feel comfortable and confident offering angel and/or oracle card readings professionally.I shall teach you how I interpret the messages the angelic and spiritual realm invite me to pass on to clients using a variety of card-spreads and a variety of reading types, and how I have enhanced my connection with the angelic and spiritual realm through developing and strengthening my intuition, so, by the end of this course, you’ll feel confident and assured in taking your gift out to improve the lives of the clients you choose to serve through the guidance and messages you receive through your cards.“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself is in the service of others” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.I, the angels and your spirit team, are looking forward to walking this beautiful and uplifting journey with you.Viv xx


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Course Preparation

Lecture 2 Join the Group

Lecture 3 Setting your Course Intention

Lecture 4 Opening Yourself Up

Lecture 5 What’s Coming Up?

Section 3: Reading for Yourself Versus Reading for Someone Else

Lecture 6 What Most People Don’t Tell You

Lecture 7 What’s Coming Up?

Section 4: Interpreting Messages

Lecture 8 Recap of First Steps

Lecture 9 Advanced Steps

Lecture 10 Advanced Example Reading

Lecture 11 What’s Coming Up?

Section 5: Card Spreads Pt1

Lecture 12 1-Card Spread Recap

Lecture 13 2-Card Spread

Lecture 14 2-Card Spread Example

Lecture 15 What’s Coming Up?

Section 6: Strengthening Your Intuition

Lecture 16 What is Intuition? (Recap)

Lecture 17 Reading Intuitively

Lecture 18 Strengthening your Intuition: Through Meditation

Lecture 19 Strengthening your Intuition: Through your Cards

Lecture 20 Strengthening your Intuition: Connecting with your Cards

Lecture 21 Strengthening your Intuition: Through your Sense

Lecture 22 What are the Clairs?

Lecture 23 Strengthening your Intuition: Through Observation

Lecture 24 Strengthening your Intuition: Other Methods

Lecture 25 What’s Coming Up?

Section 7: Reading for Others

Lecture 26 Working Deck

Lecture 27 Asking for Payment

Lecture 28 Length of Reading

Lecture 29 Bubbling Up & Cutting Cords

Lecture 30 What’s Coming Up?

Section 8: Reading for Others (Family & Friends)

Lecture 31 Practice, Practice, Practice

Lecture 32 Who to Read For

Lecture 33 Feedback & Testimonials

Lecture 34 Donations & Payments

Lecture 35 About your Subliminal

Lecture 36 What’s Coming Up?

Section 9: Creating your Space

Lecture 37 Preparing your Space

Lecture 38 Permanent v Temporary

Lecture 39 The 3 P’s

Lecture 40 Your Space and Reading Types: the Relationship

Lecture 41 What’s Coming Up?

Section 10: Reading Ethics

Lecture 42 Reading Ethics

Lecture 43 When Not to Host a Reading

Lecture 44 What’s Coming Up?

Section 11: Card Spreads Pt2

Lecture 45 3-Card Spread

Lecture 46 3-Card Spread Example

Lecture 47 What’s Coming Up?

Section 12: Types of Readings

Lecture 48 Written Readings

Lecture 49 Remote Recorded Readings

Lecture 50 Live Video Readings

Lecture 51 In-Person Readings

Lecture 52 Parties

Lecture 53 Record, or Not Record?

Lecture 54 What’s Coming Up?

Section 13: Reading for Others (Clients)

Lecture 55 Who and Who Not to Read for

Lecture 56 Finding your Niche

Lecture 57 Client Etiquette

Lecture 58 Do’s and Dont’s

Lecture 59 Setting Boundaries

Lecture 60 Formulating Questions

Lecture 61 Choosing Cards

Lecture 62 Interpreting Cards

Lecture 63 Getting Stuck

Lecture 64 What’s Coming Up?

Section 14: After the Reading

Lecture 65 Before the Client Leaves

Lecture 66 After the Client Leaves

Lecture 67 What’s Coming Up?

Section 15: Card Spreads Pt3

Lecture 68 5-Card Spread

Lecture 69 5-Card Spread Example

Lecture 70 What’s Coming Up?

Section 16: Closing Down

Lecture 71 Looking Back – What have you Learned?

Lecture 72 Reviewing your Course Intention

Lecture 73 Closing Down

This course is designed to take your ability to read angel and oracle cards to the next level, reading for others, using your intuition whilst applying a variety of card spreads.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 1m | 14.40 GB
Created by: Vivienne McAlister-Geertz (VivMcG)

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