Real World SAP SD Pricing for Freight

SAP SD Pricing Training for Real World Projects (Sales and Distribution)
Real World SAP SD Pricing for Freight
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John von Aspen


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Real World SAP SD Pricing for Freight

What you’ll learn

How to rationalize and understand pricing business requirements – a key skill for freelancers
How to create Pricing Procedures, Condition Types, Access Sequences, Pricing Tables
How to use and configure Group conditions, Scales, Promotions, Surcharges, Delivery Pricing
How to set up Freight and Shipping Charges, Customer and Value Exceptions, Oversize Charges
The core skills needed to be a successful SAP SD pricing consultant

Real World SAP SD Pricing for Freight


Basic SAP SD Pricing
Basic SAP SD


You’ve learned basic SAP SD Pricing.  Now it’s time to step out of canned classroom courses and learn how to apply it.  In this course we will take a set of real world pricing requirements for freight/shipping and configure them.  After completing this course you will:•Increase your understanding of how to work with and configure SAP SD pricing including Pricing Procedures, Condition Types, Access Sequences, Pricing Tables•Understand the context and use of pricing within an SAP projectConfigure freight surcharges, promotions, exceptions, and delivery pricing in SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)NOTE – This course does not provide the student with access to an SAP system.  It is highly recommended that students get access to an SAP system in order to practice and build upon their knowledge.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 Instructor Introduction

Lecture 3 Agenda and Overview

Section 2: SAP Projects and Business Requirements

Lecture 4 Projects and Pricing

Lecture 5 Business Requirements and Scenario

Lecture 6 Why Pricing?

Section 3: Scenario Requirements

Lecture 7 Scenario Requirements

Lecture 8 Design

Lecture 9 Getting organized

Section 4: Initial Configuration and Requirements Review

Lecture 10 Pricing Procedure Creation

Lecture 11 Pricing Procedure Assignment

Lecture 12 Review Requirements and Design Ideas

Section 5: Configuring freight per Order

Lecture 13 Freight per Order 1

Lecture 14 Create Freight Condition Type

Lecture 15 Freight per Order 2

Lecture 16 Testing Freight per Order

Lecture 17 Freight per Order 5

Section 6: Configuring Oversize and Overrides

Lecture 18 Oversize

Lecture 19 Oversize 2

Lecture 20 Oversize 3

Lecture 21 Oversize 4

Lecture 22 Oversize 5

Lecture 23 Oversize 6

Lecture 24 Oversize 7

Lecture 25 Overrides

Section 7: Configuring Customer and Value Exceptions

Lecture 26 Customer exception

Lecture 27 Value exception

Section 8: Configuring a Web Promotion

Lecture 28 Web Promo

Lecture 29 Web promo 2

Section 9: Freight at time of delivery

Lecture 30 Why and When of Freight by Weight

Lecture 31 Configuring Pricing in the Delivery

Section 10: Summary and Wrap Up

Lecture 32 Summary

People wishing to build their knowledge and skills in SAP pricing,Consultants/Business Analysts/Support wishing to increase their marketability,People wishing to learn the detailed functionality in the SD module,Project team members wanting to understand pricing configuration

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 42m | 2.61 GB
Created by: John von Aspen

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