Real world YAML with FastAPI OpenAPI Spec Pytest CICD

Build a Secure Industry-Standard App with FastAPI, Learn YAML, OpenAPI, Swagger, CI/CD & Pytest for Real-World usecases
Real world YAML with FastAPI OpenAPI Spec Pytest CICD
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Real world YAML with FastAPI OpenAPI Spec Pytest CICD

What you’ll learn

Become proficient in YAML for real-world development scenarios
Understand, exploit and prevent YAML deserialization attacks.
Build a FastAPI-based CRUD REST API web server
Create pytest-based testing suites and configure a GitHub Workflows CI system to automatically execute those tests

Real world YAML with FastAPI OpenAPI Spec Pytest CICD


Basic knowledge of Python programming and Git usage.


In this hands-on course, you’ll learn YAML, by doing. You will also get to build a FastAPI Python application that can validate and store YAML in a database exposing it through a RESTful CRUD API. You’ll learn how to implement a continuous integration (CI) system that uses pytest to automate testing and ensure the reliability of your application.Throughout the course, you’ll work on building a real-world application that uses YAML for various relevant industrial purposes, such as creating GitHub workflows and describing OpenAPI specs. You’ll start with the basics of YAML and move on to building a RESTful CRUD API that can handle YAML data. You’ll also learn how to set up a CI system using GitHub Actions that runs pytest tests every time you push code changes to GitHub. (And guess how will you write it? with a YAML file)The course will also cover YAML deserialization vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them.You’ll learn how attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in YAML deserialization to execute arbitrary code on your server, and you’ll learn how to prevent these attacks by properly sanitizing user input and using safe YAML libraries.By the end of the course, you’ll have a deep understanding of YAML with a fun hands-on experience with FastAPI, RESTful APIs, CI/CD systems and a production-ready API that you can use for your own projects.Skills You’ll Gain:Advanced YAML syntax and real world usageBuilding RESTful APIs with FastAPIOpen API Specification and swaggerValidating and storing YAML data in a databaseTesting with pytestSetting up a CI system using GitHub ActionsCourse Outline:Introduction to YAML and its syntaxBuilding a RESTful CRUD API with FastAPIYAML-based GitHub workflowsYAML-based OpenAPI specsUsing Pytest for testingSetting up a CI system using GitHub Actions


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Topics

Section 2: Start Project

Lecture 3 Start Project

Lecture 4 The Gist Of YAML

Section 3: Validate YAML

Lecture 5 Intro

Lecture 6 Basic pytest API tests

Lecture 7 Validate YAML endpoint

Lecture 8 Advanced YAML tests

Lecture 9 Open API YAML specification

Section 4: CRUD

Lecture 10 POST /yaml endpoint

Lecture 11 CRUD yaml endpoints

Section 5: Yaml deserialization attack

Lecture 12 Exploit PyYAML deserialization vulnerability & Prevention

Section 6: YAML VS JSON

Lecture 13 YAML VS JSON

Software Engineers looking to learn YAML

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Udemy | English | 1h 47m | 1021.06 MB
Created by: Eden Marco

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