Recruitment Enthusiast

Boost your experience in recruitment – Faster – Everything is possible with the right mindset, skills and tools.
Recruitment Enthusiast
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Felix Heinicke


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Recruitment Enthusiast

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to: PLAN SOURCE SELECT and HIRE the best matching candidates
You will get a full picture of mindset, skills and tools needed to succeed in recruitment
You will boost your interviewing skills to a professional level and you can start immediately
You will train a set of magical questions which will skyrocket your assessment skills
You will hear how to differentiate your approach with the main phases and steps in recruitment
You will get access to a practical interview report that structures all your meetings with candidates

Recruitment Enthusiast


There is no previous knowledge in recruitment needed. You just have to be interested in your success 😉


Recruitment Enthusiast Hello everybody!Are you enthusiastic about RECRUITMENT?You want to boost your experience in recruitment?Do you want to work in the recruitment industry? For a company or on your own? Faster? Mastery?Excellent! Everything is possible with the right mindset, skills and tools.Benefit from my own experience 15 years ago, I started as a Junior recruiterI experienced: Poor knowledge transfer, researchers where not able to interview, hiding and delaying information, no single all in intensive course….etc3 years I had to learn recruitment in a proper way…I thought: It must be faster I thought…Family, friends, clients supported me…I wanted my own company! I did! I founded!My mission was: My researchers will have interviews from day one! They did!I developed the core from this…Later I started learning groupsAgain, how to be: better, faster, stronger…;)And then I wanted to give it to a broader audience.Today: Still I see a lot of need for better recruiter skillsI think: No rocket science! Recruitment in a nutshellHere is my course for you!After the course YOU master to boost your tools&skills for your successful recruitment foundation:You will know how to: PLAN-SOURCE-SELECT-HIRE4 main phases in 8 Steps!24 magical questions to candidatesMy name is Felix Heinicke. I’m German. Sorry for my English, currently I study again some French.15+ international experience in Executive Search and RecruitmentWorked with different clients and candidates from more than 85 countriesPlaced from Personal Assistant to CEO all you can imagine in terms of functions and positions.I have experienced hundreds of different scenarios in the whole recruitment process I saw the best and I saw the worst and I want to guideline you to strengthen your capacity for being a successful talent sourcer and recruitment master from day one!Beside recruitment: I love table tennis and philosophical discussions ;-)Happy to see YOU in the course!Yours,Felix


Section 1: Recruitment Enthusiast: Get started

Lecture 1 Recruitment Enthusiast: Get started

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction

Section 3: Plan

Lecture 3 Plan

Section 4: Source

Lecture 4 Source

Section 5: Select

Lecture 5 Select

Section 6: Hire

Lecture 6 Hire

Lecture 7 Extra Questions

Lecture 8 Bonus part

Everybody who wants to have a high-class-toolkit to succeed in recruitment from scratch.

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Udemy | English | 2h 14m | 838.23 MB
Created by: Felix Heinicke

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