Red Team Ethical Hacking Intermediate

Intermediate level concepts and tactics of Red Team Post Exploitation on a Windows Domain
Red Team Ethical Hacking Intermediate
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Red Team Ethical Hacking Intermediate

What you’ll learn

Learn intermediate to advanced level Red Team Windows tactics
Advanced Windows commands
Learn intermediate to advanced level Red Team Ethical Hacking topics
Hands-on Red Team tactic, technique, and procedure (TTP) demos

Red Team Ethical Hacking Intermediate


Computer or Laptop capable of running virtual machines with access to internet
Comfortable with Metasploit
Comfortable with Windows Domains
Basic knowledge of C2 Frameworks
Basic penetration testing knowledge
Basic coding knowledge
Windows Domain Lab already built (Refer to Beginner’s course)


Acquire the knowledge to become a skilled Red Team operator on Windows DomainsLearn intermediate level Post-Exploitation tactics on Windows Domains such as lateral movement, effect development, persistence, process injection, evasion, and much more!This course will teach you an intermediate to advanced range of Red Team knowledge, with a wide range of lectures and hands on demos! With over 50 lectures and over 4 hours of video this course will get you the baseline knowledge for becoming a Red Team professional. There’s a wide array of TTP (tactic, technique, and procedure) practical demos that you can follow on your own Windows lab environment. End the course with all your gained knowledge with a section showing how a Red Team may emulate an real-world Nation-State Level Adversary.** Enhance your professional Red Team skills, or become a more knowledgeable security defender!The course will cover a wide range of topics, including:Red Team ConceptsC2 SystemsRed Team ToolsAdvanced Windows/Linux CommandsProcess InjectionLateral MovementPrivilege EscalationPort ForwardingLocal/Remote Effect DevelopmentPersistenceEvasionAdversary EmulationRegardless if you want to be a professional Red Teamer yourself, interested in how Red Teaming works once a user gets the right credentials or access token, and/or just curious and want to expand your knowledge of hacking and computers in general, this is the course for you. So what are you waiting for? Learn Red Teaming now to advance your professional career and/or knowledge!* Taught skills must only be used ethically for a professional red team or penetration testing job, or for general cyber awareness for better security practices** Recommended Prerequisites: Red Team Ethical Hacking – Beginner Course and a basic level of understanding with hacking, code, and Win32 APIs


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Section 2: Red Team Concepts

Lecture 3 Red Team Methodologies

Lecture 4 Cyber Kill Chain

Lecture 5 Initial Vectors of Compromise

Section 3: C2 Framework: Covenant & Empire

Lecture 6 Covenant

Lecture 7 Empire

Section 4: Cobalt Strike

Lecture 8 Cobalt Strike Section Intro

Lecture 9 Cobalt Strike Infrastructure

Lecture 10 Cobalt Strike GUI Features

Lecture 11 Cobalt Strike Commands

Lecture 12 Cobalt Strike Modifications

Section 5: Red Team Tools

Lecture 13 BloodHound

Lecture 14 Mimikatz

Lecture 15 Impacket

Lecture 16 PowerSploit

Lecture 17 Living off the Land

Section 6: Intermediate Level Commands

Lecture 18 Intermediate Linux Commands

Lecture 19 Intermediate Windows Commands

Section 7: Process Injection

Lecture 20 Process Injection

Lecture 21 Process Injection Demo

Lecture 22 Mavinject

Section 8: Lateral Movement

Lecture 23 Invoke-Command

Lecture 24 DCOM

Lecture 25 ShadowMove

Section 9: Privilege Escalation

Lecture 26 Bypass UAC

Lecture 27 Admin to System

Lecture 28 Kerberoasting

Section 10: Port Forwarding

Lecture 29 Port Forwarding

Section 11: Effect Development

Lecture 30 Effect Development Intro

Lecture 31 Batch

Lecture 32 Visual Basic

Lecture 33 Powershell

Lecture 34 Python

Lecture 35 C#

Lecture 36 C

Section 12: Persistence

Lecture 37 BitsAdmin

Lecture 38 Skeleton Key

Lecture 39 AdminSDHolder

Lecture 40 WMI Event Subscription Powershell

Lecture 41 WMI New Namespace

Section 13: Evasion

Lecture 42 Timestomp

Lecture 43 Defender AV & Firewall Exclusion

Lecture 44 DCShadow

Lecture 45 WhenCreated w/ PtH RDP

Lecture 46 Socket Reuse

Section 14: Adversary Emulation – APT3

Lecture 47 Adversary Emulation

Lecture 48 Adversary Emulation – APT3

Lecture 49 Phase 1 – Initial Compromise

Lecture 50 Phase 2 – Network Propagation

Lecture 51 Phase 3 – Exfiltration

Red Team Operators,Ethical Hackers,Cybersecurity Professionals,Penetration Testers,Security Engineers,System Administrators,Network Engineers,Security Engineers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 18m | 2.28 GB
Created by: Chris Sikes

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