Redux Saga with React Fasttrack Redux Saga intro course

Redux Saga intro course – QUICKEST way to understand Sagas. Get started with Redux Saga in React + Redux saga projects.
Redux Saga with React Fasttrack Redux Saga intro course
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Redux Saga with React Fasttrack Redux Saga intro course

What you’ll learn

Increase your value as a React developer.
Understand key concepts behind Redux Saga and begin working with it within your own projects.
Learn how Redux Saga fits into a front-end single page application.
Learn the basics of Redux Saga to call an API and update your Redux State.

Redux Saga with React Fasttrack Redux Saga intro course


A basic understanding of React, Redux, and npm


** Course Updates **Redux Saga Cheat Sheet – a new Redux Saga Cheat Sheet with example use cases has been included as part of the course so you know what keywords or saga effects to use, and when to use them.Error handling within redux sagas.Do you want to greatly improve your ability and increase your value as a React or front end web developer? Redux Saga is the perfect framework for this, and this fast-track redux saga course will help you achieve that!Please note: that while this course contains lectures on writing redux actions / reducers and React components, these lectures are there for the sole purpose of seeing the thought process behind implementing Redux Saga in a real-world app. The lectures that cover coding Redux actions / reducers and React components offer minimal guidance as it’s assumed you already have basic knowledge of these frameworks. This is a course on Redux Saga and not on Redux or React.Redux saga is a library that aims to make application side effects, like data fetching / calling an API, easier to manage, more efficient to execute, and better at handling failures.Redux saga is an impressively clean way to separate logic to call API endpoints and update your redux state based on redux actions. The redux saga library’s sagas are implemented as Generator functions that yield objects to the redux-saga middleware. The yielded objects are a kind of instruction to be interpreted by the middleware. When a Promise is yielded to the middleware, the middleware will suspend the Saga until the Promise completes. Once the Promise is resolved, the middleware will resume the Saga, executing code until the next yield. The control that redux saga brings is way beyond any other libraries, such as redux thunk. You have full control of how redux sagas are called, when they’re called, and the type of work they do, as well as how they influence the redux store.In this fast-track introductory course, you will learn:How redux saga fits in to a front end single page application, using React and Redux.What redux sagas are.How to query an API with redux saga – and deal with the response.How to set up a redux saga to listen for dispatched redux actions and the various ways to set up redux saga to listen for dispatched actions.Actually dispatch redux actions from a redux saga and update your redux application state.Learn key redux saga concepts and patterns such as take, takeEvery, takeLatest, fork, put, call as well as blocking and non-blocking calls.Learn some ES6 syntax and learn about Generator functions in Javascript.You might’ve used redux-thunk before to handle your data fetching – after taking this course I’m confident you’ll switch to using Redux Saga for your future projects!What other students are saying about this course:5/5 stars – “i found the course to be great.. I’m building an application at work which was using Redux-thunk and using what Tom has taught in the course I have remove Redux-Thunk in favour of Redux-Saga and clean up a lot of code. Another reason i like this course as it was only about Redux-Saga. I didn’t have watch 5hrs of React & Redux just to get to the part about Redux-Sagas. It was only an afternoon watching and following along and now I feel that I understand Redux-Saga enough to actually use it in a application and know what I’m doing Thanks Tom” – Stefen Hasselberg5/5 stars – “This course is exactly what I needed. I hadn’t used redux saga before and recently inherited a project that uses it and found it difficult to understand what was going on. This course has helped me a lot in understanding the basics of redux saga – the lecture on javascript generators and the cheat sheet is super helpful – especially the examples in the cheat sheet of when to use certain effects. Overall a great introduction to redux saga. Thanks Tom!” – Carol Emma5/5 stars – “So far, very clear and concise explanations with a nice initial overview of the redux-saga process. Look forward to the rest of this course.” – Douglas Hanson5/5 stars – “Great starting point for learning redux-saga from scratch. Haven’t finished yet, but so far I’m convinced I’ll be using saga for future projects. I’m now almost at the end of this abbreviated course, and I’d recommend for everyone who uses Redux by far. It’s very well done.” – Steve Bailey


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Important: Before you begin this course! (Github repo etc)

Lecture 2 About this course

Lecture 3 Udemy ratings & reviews

Lecture 4 Practical look at the example app and the flow of redux saga

Section 2: Setup

Lecture 5 Project setup

Lecture 6 Setting up redux actions

Section 3: First sagas

Lecture 7 First saga – watchers, workers, and “takeEvery”

Lecture 8 Javascript generator functions

Lecture 9 Finishing the get users saga with “call”, “fork”, and “all”

Lecture 10 Connecting the saga middleware

Lecture 11 Connecting it all together

Lecture 12 Dispatch redux actions from sagas using “put”

Section 4: Building the UI

Lecture 13 Attention! – Building the UI

Lecture 14 UsersList UI – Part 1

Lecture 15 UsersList UI – Part 2

Lecture 16 Create user form UI & functionality

Section 5: Creating and deleting users sagas

Lecture 17 Create user saga using “takeLatest”

Lecture 18 Delete user saga using “take”

Section 6: Error handling in sagas

Lecture 19 Error handling in try..catch

Lecture 20 Displaying errors in the UI

Section 7: Resources

Lecture 21 Redux Saga Cheat Sheet

Lecture 22 Github repo + Reactstrap

Lecture 23 BONUS

React developers who want to increase their value and fast-track their way to learning more advanced front-end patterns using Redux Sagas.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 36m | 592.27 MB
Created by: Tom Phillips

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