Reiki Master Course

Spiritual Healing
Reiki Master Course
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Kasra Taheri


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Reiki Master Course

What you’ll learn

Practice on yourself
Do Reiki on your pets
Practice on anyone anytime
Feel universal energy flow through you
Expand your energy
Heal and feel presence
New perspective

Reiki Master Course


Being open to all the energy around you in all its forms (and non-form)


Reiki is a healing modality with love as its ultimate capacity. Come see how to open your eyes to the multidimensional light of spirit and enjoy every step and every breath you take. We will discuss and demonstrate all the techniques transitionally learned in Usui Reiki plus some extra bonus methods that will increase your frequency, enable you to teach with confidence and get you started in your practice same day!The course includes all three levels of Reiki necessary to mastering the universal energy channeling. After practicing the steps laid out, you will have completed the necessary practice and effort required to practice reiki at the mastery level. Join the hundreds of individuals around who are learning the Reiki method to heal themselves and those around. By learning Reiki you can even change world events! Join the community of Reiki students and masters in the now and make a difference in the world for the better. For sustainability of life. Thank you for your interest in Reiki. We truly appreciate it and encourage your involvement in the Reiki community and beyond, both in your spiritual and physical life on earth. See you inside. May the force be with you. Namaste All the Best,Your instructorKas


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome – Intent, Scope & Background

Lecture 2 Introduction to Reiki

Section 2: Reiki Level 1

Lecture 3 Attunement

Lecture 4 Foundational Practices

Lecture 5 Reiki Techniques

Section 3: Reiki Level 2

Lecture 6 Attunement

Lecture 7 Sight

Lecture 8 Sight 2

Lecture 9 Advanced Techniques – Mudras

Section 4: Reiki Level 3 – Mastery

Lecture 10 Attunement

Lecture 11 Spirit Healing

Lecture 12 Spirit Healing – Part 2

Section 5: Spiritual Mastery

Lecture 13 God’s Divine Healing Power

Lecture 14 Presence

Lecture 15 Perception

Anyone willing to practice Reiki is welcome 🙂

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 0h 38m | 3.30 GB
Created by: Kasra Taheri

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