Reliability and Games 2Day Dog Training Workshop

Training games are great for motivating owners and dogs alike. Learn to harness games to achieve rock-solid reliability
Reliability and Games 2Day Dog Training Workshop
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Ian Dunbar


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Reliability and Games 2Day Dog Training Workshop

What you’ll learn

Approved for 12 Continued Education Units from the CCPDT, IAABC & NADOI
Receive a Certificate of Completion (Optional – available upon request)
Train their dogs to respond reliably, even when off leash, distracted and at a distance
Use games to motivate themselves, their dog and their clients
Quantify training progress to determine what dogs have learned and what training methods are most effective
Play Musical Chairs, Doggy Dash, Dancing with Dogs and more…
Proof stays for a wide variety of odd and unexpected situations that would otherwise cause a dog to break

Reliability and Games 2Day Dog Training Workshop


This workshop will be most useful for dogs that already understand the basic obedience commands such as sit, stand, down, stay and come


Dr. Dunbar’s Off-Leash Reliability & Games Workshops have brought back some sparkle, some excitement, and some razzle-dazzle to pet dog training, all while helping owners achieve huge improvements in reliability with their dogs. Training your dog while off-leash in an exciting and distracting environment makes it much more likely that they will follow your instructions in other distracting situations as well. Games are extremely enjoyable for dogs and they often bring out the best performances. Dogs are highly motivated because their owners are highly motivated, excited and animated. All of Dr. Dunbar’s games are designed to improve the quality of the relationship between dogs and their people and each individual exercise or game is specifically designed to fine-tune essential ingredients of your dog’s training repertoire. The prospect of playing games motivates owners to practice. For some owners, heeling and sit-stay homework is not very exciting, but many will stay up to the wee hours to practice for Doggy Dancing or Musical Chairs. In addition, playing games is an enjoyable and non-threatening way to objectively quantify performance and fine-tune all basic obedience skills, including attention, position changes, stays, following, heeling, and precision work. Turning training into games and quantifying responses with a stopwatch or tape measure, enables pet dog trainers to remind owners to celebrate with the dog each time they surpass a personal best. Nothing motivates owners more than when they see that they are improving, even with baby steps, and nothing advertises that you’re a great pet dog trainer than the dog’s progressive improvement. Games make it easy and fun to quantify behavior and training, and quantifying your dog’s responses allows you to prove whether or not your training methods are working, exactly how well they are working and when you surpass a personal best performance.


Section 1: Day 1

Lecture 1 Day 1 Notes

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Video 1

Lecture 4 Video 2

Lecture 5 Video 3

Lecture 6 Video 4

Lecture 7 Video 5

Lecture 8 Video 6

Lecture 9 Video 7

Lecture 10 Video 8

Lecture 11 Video 9

Lecture 12 Video 10

Lecture 13 Video 11

Lecture 14 Video 12

Section 2: Day 2

Lecture 15 Day 2 Notes

Lecture 16 Video 1

Lecture 17 Video 2

Lecture 18 Video 3

Lecture 19 Video 4

Lecture 20 Video 5

Lecture 21 Video 6

Lecture 22 Video 7

Lecture 23 Video 8

Lecture 24 Video 9

Lecture 25 Video 10

Lecture 26 Video 11

Lecture 27 Video 12

Lecture 28 Congratulations on Completing This Course

Section 3: Free eBooks

Lecture 29 BEFORE You Get Your Puppy

Lecture 30 AFTER You Get Your Puppy

Dog trainers interested in learning how to use games to have fun with their dog while increasing their reliability,Dog owners interested in learning how to use games to motivate clients and help them succeed in training their dog

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Udemy | English | 15h 54m | 23.04 GB
Created by: Ian Dunbar

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