Remote Work How To Work From Home Productively

Find a work life balance and be productive working remotely from a home office even with kids or family
Remote Work How To Work From Home Productively
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Remote Work How To Work From Home Productively

What you’ll learn

Boost focus and productivity while working from home
Find comfort and fulfillment while working from home – enjoy the process
Time management, motivation, and stress management
Organize your work area to maximize productivity
Eliminate distractions
The benefits of this course will be lasting for the rest of your life!

Remote Work How To Work From Home Productively


This course has no prerequisites, just a desire to work from home more effectively.


Learn to love working from home while being your most productive.I’ve done that for myself and have worked from home every day for over 10 years. I love it, and I want to share it with you.Learn how and when to use self-discipline, when to practice self-love and self-understanding so you aren’t too hard on yourself, and how to deal with situations like working when family members are around. NEVER FEEL LONELYSome people say that working from home can be lonely. But that’s just another way of saying that you have fewer distractions which means that you can focus better and do better work.After you do better work and accomplish more in less time, you will be able to have plenty of time to socialize and have a work-life balance. But only if you take full advantage of the fewer distractions and calm work environment.ACHIEVE WORK-LIFE BALANCEBecause you are home, you can do light exercise, light cleaning, and have more family time – all during breaks. If you combine that with no commute and flexibility in being able to do everything on your own time, you open up hours in your day to do whatever you want when you want to do it.HELPFUL DURING COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC AND BEYONDAll of us now have to be more responsible and go out less. That means working from home indefinitely. This is the perfect course to take during the Coronavirus epidemic to get ahead while everyone else is falling behind.BOOST PRODUCTIVITYYou will learn to minimize distractions and achieve your best focus, which will result in your best work yet! You’ll also learn time management skills to help you organize your work, and may your home the most productive place you have.RESPONSIVE AND CARING INSTRUCTOR: WORLD-CLASS STUDENT SUPPORTIf you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because 1) I care about my students.2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.Invest in yourself and your future! Enroll in the course and get better results than you ever have, and never look back!


Section 1: Work from home productivity course introduction

Lecture 1 Work from home productivity course introduction

Section 2: Time management for working from home

Lecture 2 Create a calendar to work from

Lecture 3 Ultradian cycles for optimal work

Lecture 4 Discipline for working from home

Lecture 5 Ideal morning routine for productivity

Lecture 6 Confidence in your own productivity if you think you are bad at it

Section 3: Finding the ideal area at home to work

Lecture 7 Working in bed vs. desk? Secondary work areas & matching tasks to environment

Section 4: How to work if you are employed by a company

Lecture 8 If you are an employee, make sure people know the great job you are doing

Lecture 9 If you manage people or show leadership

Section 5: Additional distractions and boosting focus for better work results

Lecture 10 How to begin a work session that is cognitively demanding

Lecture 11 Forty HZ binaural beats to boost focus for intense mental work

Lecture 12 Setting boundaries with family members

Lecture 13 Employ family members to work

Lecture 14 Chunking and Pomodoro techniques

Lecture 15 Automation, delegation, and budgeting introduction

Lecture 16 How to take breaks productively

Lecture 17 If you have kids at home

Lecture 18 If you are by yourself

Section 6: Motivation

Lecture 19 My failure working from home – case study

Lecture 20 Introduction to motivation

Lecture 21 Minor story from Dostoevsky’s The Idiot as example of motivation

Lecture 22 Ziegarnik effect – helps motivation while in the middle of a task

Lecture 23 15 Short-term motivators to get you working on your tasks right now

Lecture 24 Motivation pitfall

Section 7: Goal-setting for better self awareness, choices, and motivation

Lecture 25 Introduction to goal setting to boost your self motivation

Lecture 26 SMART goals and ABC goals, and the difference of goals and wishes

Lecture 27 Example of goals and non-goals

Lecture 28 Intelligently choosing your goal difficulty for maximum motivation

Lecture 29 Managing how you set your goals to help you manage Dopamine levels

Lecture 30 Visualizations for discipline and finding willpower, and self-control

Lecture 31 Introduction to the research of Dr. Emily Balcetis

Lecture 32 Specific study by Dr. Emily Balcetis on goals, focus, and achievement

Lecture 33 Goal setting exercise

Lecture 34 Goal setting exercise – answer

Lecture 35 Many-goals exercise

Lecture 36 Many-goals exercise – answer one

Lecture 37 Many-goals exercise – answer two

Lecture 38 Many-goals exercise – answer three that’s less theory and more real-world

Section 8: Mindfulness for better self awareness, choices, and motivation

Lecture 39 All productivity starts with mindfulness

Lecture 40 Settings to practice mindfulness

Lecture 41 Starting to practice mindfulness

Lecture 42 Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity – how to use mindfulness to change your life

Lecture 43 How our changing technology and social environments effect our self awareness

Section 9: Human biology, science, the brain, hormones and how they impact your motivation

Lecture 44 Biology, hormones and motivation

Lecture 45 Your sleep

Lecture 46 Sleep research

Lecture 47 Impact of exercise

Section 10: Building habits which naturally motivate you

Lecture 48 Exercise: Creating healthy habits that naturally motivate you to do them

Lecture 49 Checklist for motivation through work-life balance and avoiding burnout

Lecture 50 Case study: How I get long-term motivation that you can use too

Lecture 51 Examples of two tasks with equal motivation but different procrastination

Section 11: Dealing with stress or anxiety

Lecture 52 Stress management section introduction

Lecture 53 Cortisol & good stress vs. bad stress

Lecture 54 Impact of stress on decision-making

Lecture 55 Four A’s of stress management and stress journal

Lecture 56 Leading causes of stress

Lecture 57 Breathing exercises for immediate stress relief

Lecture 58 Immediate stress relievers in the moment

Lecture 59 Stress is a choice – you have control

Lecture 60 Additional quick stress relief and management tips

Lecture 61 Stress management in the moment exercise

Lecture 62 Stress management in the moment exercise – answer

Lecture 63 Exercise – The 4 A’s of stress management

Lecture 64 Exercise answer one – The 4 A’s of stress management

Lecture 65 Exercise answer two – The 4 A’s of stress management

Section 12: Gmail productivity to spend less time on email + communicate more effectively

Lecture 66 Section introduction – how to be more productive with email (Gmail examples)

Lecture 67 Email productivity fundamentals that relate to personal development

Lecture 68 Professional photo icon

Lecture 69 Using templates in Gmail

Lecture 70 Use labels to properly organize your inbox

Lecture 71 Categories in Gmail and how they are different than labels

Lecture 72 Answering email on the go using voice to text

Lecture 73 Answering email in a split screen to go faster

Lecture 74 Stopping unwanted email

Lecture 75 Inbox 0 mindset and strategy

Lecture 76 Create rules to automatically filter emails

Lecture 77 Schedule emails instead of sending right away

Lecture 78 Schedule Meetings directly in Gmail

Lecture 79 Searching Gmail by attachment size to find which to delete to save space

Lecture 80 All Gmail search operators

Lecture 81 Teaching people who email you to send shorter messages

Section 13: Using meeting-scheduling software for increased time management & organization

Lecture 82 Introduction to a scheduling software for booking meetings and appointments

Lecture 83 How to set up Hubspot appointment scheduling software

Lecture 84 Sending out the appointment-scheduling invitation with your schedule link

Section 14: Todo lists and calendar – getting the most out of their combination

Lecture 85 Proper ways to make to-do lists

Lecture 86 Advanced: working from a calendar vs. todo lists vs. hybrid approach

Section 15: Productivity apps

Lecture 87 Productivity apps section introduction

Lecture 88 TODO and note taking apps and methods

Lecture 89 Apps to block Facebook or time wasting sites

Lecture 90 Two time tracking apps to track where you spend most of your time

Lecture 91 4 apps to learn on the go: online courses, reading books, audio books, podcasts

Lecture 92 Social media automation

Section 16: Virtual communication

Lecture 93 Doing calls vs. written communication

Lecture 94 Phone communication basics

Lecture 95 Skype or video call communication

Lecture 96 Video call preparation

Lecture 97 Mistakes not to make on a video call

Lecture 98 Video call technology and gear

Section 17: Zoom setup exercises

Lecture 99 Phone communication skills exercise

Lecture 100 Phone communication skills exercise – answer

Lecture 101 Phone communication skills exercise 2

Lecture 102 Phone communication skills exercise – answer 2

Section 18: Work area ergonomics and furniture

Lecture 103 Organization section introduction

Lecture 104 Standing desks and bike desks

Lecture 105 Everything must have its own place philosophy

Lecture 106 Different types of organizers and shelves to store things

Lecture 107 Desk organizers

Lecture 108 Whiteboard to draw up big ideas and visualize projects

Lecture 109 Everything a reach away and few additional work area organization tips

Lecture 110 Should you eat at your desk?

Lecture 111 Case study of reversing the eating at desk behavior with more focus & motivation

Lecture 112 Work environment organization exercise

Lecture 113 Work environment organization exercise – answer

Section 19: Working on an online business from home

Lecture 114 Section introduction – making money working from home

Lecture 115 How to make money by selling online services with the arbitrage business model

Lecture 116 Make money with affiliate marketing & earn passive income

Lecture 117 Good things about affiliate marketing

Lecture 118 How to start affiliate marketing today and in a few minutes

Lecture 119 How to make money selling books and ebooks

Lecture 120 Repackage your content from blog or book and book to blog

Lecture 121 Writing low-content books – 100% legitimate

Lecture 122 Examples of low content books

Lecture 123 PLR books and ebooks

Lecture 124 Selling “Public Domain Content”

Lecture 125 How to make money with video

Lecture 126 How to make money by selling courses out of your YouTube videos

Lecture 127 Licensing courses

Lecture 128 Flippa

Lecture 129 Finding a good domain name

Lecture 130 Overview of the blogging business

Lecture 131 Make money by selling a physical product

Lecture 132 How to manufacture and sell physical products without actually manufacturing!

Lecture 133 Overview of Shopify dropshipping and print on demand

Lecture 134 Overview of a personal brand business

Section 20: Conclusion – thank you for being an amazing student

Lecture 135 Course certificate for this remote work productivity course: how to get it

Lecture 136 The end of this remote work and telecommuting productivity course, parting words

Professionals and entrepreneurs who need to work from home

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Created by: Alex Genadinik

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