Report Writing Made Simple

Writing a report step by step. Planning to proofing – for a polished, professional, persuasive business report.
Report Writing Made Simple
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Report Writing Made Simple

What you’ll learn

Save time when planning a report by knowing the essential questions to ask
Increase the impact of a report by understanding its purpose
Structure complex information and ideas confidently and quickly (under five minutes)
Decide what sections to include in the report – and what should go where
Delight readers by making the report easy to navigate and digest
Create a visually attractive report that’s kind to the eye
Avoid the common pitfalls that damage your credibility as a report writer
Know exactly what to include in your executive summary (and what not to include)

Report Writing Made Simple


Access to word processing software
Pen and paper
It’s helpful to have a specific report writing project in mind – but isn’t essential


Lacking confidence about your business report writing skills because you’ve never had any formal training in writing reports?Panicking because you’re supposed to be writing a business report and you’ve no idea where to start?Sick of wasting hours worrying about how to knock all that research into a logical shape?Or maybe you write business reports regularly but you’re just not getting the results or feedback you’d like from your reports?If any of these sound like you, stop worrying now! Because this course will take you through the process of business report writing – step by step and with downloadable cheat sheets.What’s more, your guide is a Cambridge graduate and teacher with years of experience helping people write business reports that have impact.Report writing: take the pain out of planning and the sweat out of structuring!For most people, the hardest part of report writing is getting started. In this course, you’re going to learn how to shave hours, days or even weeks off the report writing process through intelligent planning. You’ll learn what questions to ask so you’re not reinventing the wheel when you sit down to write your report. But best of all, you’ll discover a miraculous technique that will completely revolutionise how you go about structuring your reports. I developed this technique while working with a client who had been tearing his hair out at that early shaping stage. With my help, in under five minutes he went from having no clue about how to order his report to imposing a clear, coherent, logical structure on his ideas.I’ve since gone on to share this technique with other report writers and trust me they’re always blown away by its power and simplicity. I can’t wait to share this technique with you – and you’ll be glad I did!Report writing with impact to win readers overBut this course won’t just save you time as a writer. It will also help you save your readers time – and they will love you for it!The American novelist Elmore Leonard famously advised writers to leave out the parts that readers skip. And I’m going to be showing you how to leave out the parts of a report all, yes ALL, readers skip. The pointless parts every report writer thinks are helping readers, but are really hindering them.And I’ll be busting some myths about that all important executive summary. It’s the only part of your report you can guarantee everyone will read, so you’ll want to make sure it’s as powerfully persuasive as it can be. I’ll show you how.Stand out from the crowd with a report that looks as good as it readsFinally, I’ll be showing you how to take your almost-finished report up a notch with simple design and layout tips from a seasoned design professional. You’ll even discover one little design trick that’s been scientifically – yes, scientifically – proven to boost your credibility and persuasiveness with readers.So what are you waiting for? Let’s get that report written today!


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 How to get the most out of this course

Lecture 2 Activity: Download your course workbook

Section 2: First, PREPARE for success

Lecture 3 Introduction to preparing for success

Lecture 4 Researching your report efficiently

Lecture 5 Defining your purpose

Lecture 6 Three questions you MUST ask before writing

Lecture 7 NEW Practice activity: Answer the three key questions

Lecture 8 Preparing for success: key points to remember

Section 3: Next, PICK a winning format for your report

Lecture 9 Picking a format for your report: introduction

Lecture 10 Meeting expectations for your report: defining your brief

Lecture 11 The sections of a report

Lecture 12 NEW Practice activity: establish your brief

Lecture 13 Executive summary – tips

Lecture 14 NEW Practice activity: write your executive summary

Lecture 15 Report formats: key points to remember

Section 4: Now, PLAN and PRESENT your ideas POWERFULLY

Lecture 16 Planning and presenting your report: introduction

Lecture 17 Structure your report in 5-minutes

Lecture 18 NEW Practice activity: outline your report

Lecture 19 How to make your writing flow 1: powerful paragraphs

Lecture 20 How to make your writing flow 2: ordering paragraphs logically

Lecture 21 Practice activity: Put these topic sentences in the correct order

Lecture 22 How to make your writing flow 3: ordering your sentences

Lecture 23 NEW Practice activity: draft your report

Lecture 24 Signposting your report

Lecture 25 NEW Practice activity: add, edit or remove signposting

Lecture 26 Report writing style: tips for readability

Lecture 27 NEW Practice activity: improve your report’s readability

Lecture 28 Planning and presenting your ideas powerfully: key points to remember

Section 5: Finally, POLISH and PROOF like a PRO

Lecture 29 Polishing your report: introduction

Lecture 30 Design tips for report writers

Lecture 31 Polishing and proofing your report: tips

Lecture 32 NEW Practice activity: proofread your report

Lecture 33 Proofing and polishing: key points to remember

Section 6: Final thoughts

Lecture 34 Download your course certificate

Lecture 35 Bonus lecture

Anyone who’s never written a business report before and doesn’t know where to start,Anyone who lacks confidence in their report writing skills – either because they’ve never been formally trained in report writing or because they’re not getting the results they want from their reports,This course is not for students writing college reports. The emphasis is on writing reports in a business or bureaucratic context.

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Created by: Clare Lynch

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