Rest APIWeb Services testing with SoapUIRealtime scenarios

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Rest APIWeb Services testing with SoapUIRealtime scenarios
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Rest APIWeb Services testing with SoapUIRealtime scenarios

What you’ll learn

Writing test cases for SOAP/RESTFul APIs/Web services.
Writing automation scripts using Groovy
Preparing test data using excel sheets
Importing REST project from Swagger
Sample projects with web services for practice purpose
Managing environments in SoapUI Free/Pro versions
Generating test reports
Interview Questions
Understand database(MySQL) basics
Continuous Integration (CI)
Creating automation scripts to execute test cases from build tools on different environments

Rest APIWeb Services testing with SoapUIRealtime scenarios


This course is for the testers who would like to become proficient in testing web services using Soap UI tool
Having basic knowledge on testing fundamentals


By end of this course you will be familiar in testing web services (both SOAP based and REST Services) manually and automate with Groovy scripting.The course has been prepared in such a way that you can learn this course starting from basics to advanced topics in a progressive way. Course has assignments/quizzes for you to practice and strengthen your knowledge.****Course has projects with SOAP/REST services for practice purpose.****By end of this course you will be familiar in:Web services basics like WSDL,SOAP ,XML and JSON.Creating Test Suites, Test Cases for SOAP/RESTFul APIs/Web ServicesWriting Assertions  (Validating web service responses)Data Driven TestingWorking with Data Sources (Database,Excel,Grid etc..)Working with DataSink and DataGenAutomation with Groovy ScriptReading data from Files,Excel Sheets using Groovy scriptsImporting SWAGGER Projects Creating Mock ServicesGenerating Test ReportsCreating batch scripts to execute your test cases from command line toolIntegrating with Jenkins for Continuous IntegrationManaging Environments in SoapUI Free versionCourse Highlights: “We respect your time”- all the videos are short and straight to point without wasting your valuable time.Assignments  – Given assignments  along with required resources, which will help you practice your learning.Short and precise videosCheckpoint questionsInterview QuestionsSample Project :Provided a sample project with “REST Services” for practice purpose********************     Final Certification Mock Exam (40 Questions)     **************************Support:I offer full support, answering any questions you have.This means you’ll never find yourself stuck on one lesson with out progress. With my hand-holding guidance, you’ll learn smoothly through this course without any major issues.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction to SoapUI

Lecture 2 Installation & Set up

Section 2: Web Service Basics (Skip if you know basics)

Lecture 3 Introduction to Web services

Lecture 4 Introduction to XML & JSON

Lecture 5 Introduction to WSDL

Lecture 6 Introduction to SOAP

Section 3: Sample SOAP Services for practice purpose

Lecture 7 MUST READ:Before you start!!!

Lecture 8 How to run the services on your local machine?

Lecture 9 Sample SOAP Services

Section 4: SoapUI Basics

Lecture 10 Create project in SoapUI and send a sample request to web service

Lecture 11 Create TestSuite and TestCase

Lecture 12 Cloning TestSuite and TestCases

Lecture 13 Exporting and Importing project into workspace

Lecture 14 Running mock service- might come handy when your actual service is down!!

Lecture 15 Assignment #1

Lecture 16 Assignment #2

Section 5: Assertions

Lecture 17 Introduction to XPath Expressions

Lecture 18 Writing our first assertion

Lecture 19 Working with advanced assertions

Lecture 20 Assertions – Compliance,Status & Standards

Lecture 21 XQuery Assertion

Lecture 22 Handling CDATA – using XPath and Groovy

Lecture 23 Assignment # 1

Lecture 24 Assignment #2

Lecture 25 Assignment#3 – Account Service

Section 6: Working with Properties

Lecture 26 Creating properties at Project , TestSuite & TestCase Level

Lecture 27 Property Expansion

Lecture 28 Transferring Properties

Lecture 29 Assignments

Section 7: Working with REST APIs

Lecture 30 Introduction to ReSTFul Services

Lecture 31 Creating REST Project using REST URI

Lecture 32 Understanding differences between GET,POST,PUT,DELETE methods

Lecture 33 REST API – Working with Path Param and asserting two requests

Lecture 34 Importing REST project from Swagger – End to End Real-time Scenario

Lecture 35 Rest API – Property transfer – end to end scenario

Lecture 36 REST – Authentication using Header tokens,OAuth2.0 and Basic Authorization

Lecture 37 Sample Rest Services – Part 1

Lecture 38 Sample Rest Services (Pet Store) – Part 2

Lecture 39 REST – Sending attachments

Lecture 40 Assignment #1

Section 8: OAuth 2 -Authentication

Lecture 41 Generate OAuth2 Token & Call Rest API with Token

Section 9: Automation with Groovy

Lecture 42 Introduction to Groovy Language Basics

Lecture 43 Working with conditions

Lecture 44 Call Rest API POST method using Groovy by reading data from Excel sheet

Lecture 45 Working with Lists and Maps

Lecture 46 Writing assertions

Lecture 47 Reading SoapUI project Artifacts from Groovy

Lecture 48 Assert web service response using XmlSlurper

Lecture 49 Reading data from File

Lecture 50 End to End automation with Groovy – Read data >Call Web service>assert response

Lecture 51 Working with REST API using JSonSlurper

Lecture 52 Reading data from Excel

Lecture 53 Creating methods in Groovy

Lecture 54 Groovy – Reading data from database table

Lecture 55 Assignment #1

Lecture 56 Assignment #2

Lecture 57 Source Code

Section 10: Web Service Mocking

Lecture 58 Why we need to mock services?

Lecture 59 Creating Mock Service

Lecture 60 Creating dynamic Mock Service Using Groovy

Lecture 61 Assignment #1

Lecture 62 Assignment #2

Section 11: Data Driven Testing

Lecture 63 Dowload SoapUI Pro

Lecture 64 Working with DataSource – Grid

Lecture 65 Working with DataSource – Excel

Lecture 66 Working with DataSource – Database

Lecture 67 Working with DataGen

Lecture 68 Working with DataSink

Section 12: Database Concepts

Lecture 69 Installing MySQL Server

Lecture 70 Installing Toad Tool – Client for MySQL

Lecture 71 Creating database and tables in mysql

Lecture 72 Learning SQL – SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE Statements

Section 13: Miscellaneous

Lecture 73 Managing Environments in SoapUI Free version

Lecture 74 Working with JDBC TestStep in SoapUI Free version

Lecture 75 Working with JDBC TestStep & JDBC Query Builder in SoapUI Pro

Lecture 76 Setting up Environments (Development,Quality) in Soap UI

Lecture 77 Generating Reports

Lecture 78 Creating batch file to run tests from command line

Lecture 79 Integration with Jenkins

Lecture 80 Load Testing

Lecture 81 Security Testing

Section 14: Interview Questions

Lecture 82 Interview Questions – Part 1- Web service Basics & Properties

Lecture 83 Interview Questions – Part 2 – Test suites,Test cases & Test Steps

Lecture 84 Interview Questions – Part 3 – Assertions

Lecture 85 Interview Questions – Part 4 – Mock Services

Lecture 86 Interview Questions – Part 5- REST APIs

Section 15: Final Exam

Section 16: Thank You

Lecture 87 All the best!!!

Who want to become proficient in Web service /API testing using Soap UI

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 58m | 4.74 GB
Created by: Sashi R

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