RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API Part 2

Learn advance concepts in RESTful web API (C#) with Authentication (.NET 7 API) and explore how to consume them.
RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API Part 2
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RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API Part 2

What you’ll learn

Add V2(version) of API
Handle file/image uploads in API and Web Project
Refresh token fundamentals
Consuming refresh token endpoint in web application
Clean Coding
Dynamic Base Service
Exception Handling via Filters and Middleware
Azure Deployment

RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API Part 2


RESTful Web API – The Complete Guide (.NET7 API) Part 1 Course on Udemy


This is an Intermediate to Advance level course on ASP.NET Core Web API that will take you from an existing .NET API application that we build in Part 1 of the course and add more features in v2 of the API, along with enhancing security by using refresh token.By the end of this course, you will be able to have a good foundation about advance concepts with .NET API.Topics Covered IncludeAdd V2(version) of APIHandle file/image uploads in API and Web ProjectRefresh token fundamentalsConsuming refresh token endpoint in web applicationClean CodingDynamic Base ServiceDeploying API and Web App to AzureException Handling via Filters and MiddlewareATTENTION: You must take Part 1 of this course before you proceed on taking Part 2. Once you complete Part 1, we will use the same project and build on to that project in this course when we explore the advance concepts.The course is up to date with .NET 7, once .NET 8 is released if there are breaking changes, I will update the course. That way you can always be assured that the content would be up to date!Good luck and I hope to see you guys in the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Do not Skip (Prerequisites)

Lecture 3 Initial code and getting started

Lecture 4 Create database

Lecture 5 Course Feedback

Section 2: Initial Setup

Lecture 6 Configure V2 for all Endpoints

Lecture 7 Make API Version Dynamic in Web Project

Lecture 8 Better NavBar

Lecture 9 Load Placehold Image

Lecture 10 Show Roles in Dropdown on Register

Lecture 11 Assign Role while Registering

Lecture 12 Modify Navbar based on Role

Section 3: File Upload

Lecture 13 Where to place Uploaded Image

Lecture 14 Modify DTO’s for Villa

Lecture 15 Content Type for FormFile

Lecture 16 Display Image on Villa Update

Lecture 17 How to handle FormFile in BaseService

Lecture 18 Create Villa with Image

Lecture 19 Demo – Create Villa with Image

Lecture 20 Update and Delete Villa

Lecture 21 Create Villa in Web Project and Assignment

Lecture 22 Assignment – Update and Delete Villa from Web Project

Section 4: Clean Code

Lecture 23 Rename JWTToken

Lecture 24 Rename LoginResponseDTO

Lecture 25 Create ITokenProvider

Lecture 26 Implement Token Provider

Lecture 27 Rename Token in TokenDTO

Lecture 28 Consume Token Provider in AuthController

Lecture 29 Remove Token from API Calls Using Session

Lecture 30 Pass Bearer Token on HttpClient

Lecture 31 Add Base Service to DI

Lecture 32 Assignment Solution – Bug Update

Lecture 33 Add Bearer Flag

Lecture 34 Separating out Access Token Generator call

Section 5: Refresh Token

Lecture 35 How Refresh Tokens work

Lecture 36 Create Table to Refresh Token

Lecture 37 User Controller Endpoint

Lecture 38 Read Access Token

Lecture 39 Create Refresh Token

Lecture 40 Add Refresh Token to Token Provider

Lecture 41 Steps to Generate Refresh Token

Lecture 42 Create New Access Token from Refresh Token

Lecture 43 Testing Tokens

Lecture 44 JWT Chain Validation

Lecture 45 Testing Bad Tokens

Lecture 46 Execute Update NET 7 Feature

Section 6: Web Project Changes

Lecture 47 Better Design for Base Service

Lecture 48 Modify Base Service for Refresh Tokens

Lecture 49 Invoke Refresh Endpoint from Web Project

Lecture 50 Get New Refresh Token and Sign in User

Lecture 51 Debugging Session with Tokens Part 1

Lecture 52 Debugging Session with Tokens Part 2

Lecture 53 Modify Base Service to Handle Error Codes

Lecture 54 Custom Auth Exception

Lecture 55 Separating out Message Builder

Lecture 56 Clean Design

Lecture 57 Revoke Token on Logout

Section 7: Advance Concepts

Lecture 58 Audience and Issuer with Tokens

Lecture 59 Move Swagger Gen Configuration to Separate File

Lecture 60 Make Swagger Configuration More Dynamic

Lecture 61 Apply Pending Migrations

Section 8: Azure Deployment

Lecture 62 Create Azure SQL Server and Database

Lecture 63 Publish API

Lecture 64 Deploy Web Application

Section 9: Error Handling

Lecture 65 Exception Endpoint

Lecture 66 Custom Error Handler Endpoint

Lecture 67 Custom Problem Implementation

Lecture 68 Filters in Pipeline

Lecture 69 Status Code Links

Lecture 70 Custom Error Handler in Program Class File

Lecture 71 Clean Code & Extensions

Lecture 72 Customize Handler by Exception

Lecture 73 Custom Middleware for Error Handling

Anyone looking to explore how to work with files in .NET API,Anyone looking to learn refresh tokens from ground zero,Anyone looking to explore intermediate/advance concepts in .NET API

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 21m | 3.28 GB
Created by: Bhrugen Patel

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