RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API

Build RESTful web API (C#) with Authentication and learn how to consume them in a real world application (.NET 7 API)
RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API
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Bhrugen Patel


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RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API

What you’ll learn

Learn basic fundamentals of ASP NET Core Web API
Build RESTful API’s in .NET 7
Learn how to document an API
Versioning in an API
Implement Repository Pattern in API to database using EF
Implement Authentication and Authorization in API and Consume API
.NET Identity to Authenticate API
Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrations
Learn how to consume API using HTTPClient in the Repository Pattern
Dependency Injection in .NET API
Deploying API to Azure

RESTful Web API The Complete Guide NET7 API


6months knowlege of C#
3-6 months knowledge of NET Core
Visual Studio 2022
SQL Server 2018
.NET 7


This is a Beginner to Intermediate level course on ASP.NET Core Web API that will take you from the basics of building API to consuming them. This course is for anyone who is new to RESTful Web API’s in ASP.NET Core or who is familiar with ASP.NET and wants to learn how to consume them effectively in an ASP.NET Core Web application. By the end of this course, you will be able to build a RESTful web service with Web API by yourself, make GET, POST, PUT and DELETE HTTP Requests with a well-built repository pattern in ASP.NET Core Project. You will also get a exposure to Entity Framework Code First migrations and learn how to save your data persistently in a database.We will cover authentication and authorization in Web API as well as consume them in a real-world project.Finally the complete project will be deployed to azure!What are the requirements?6months experience in C#3-6 months knowledge of ASP.NET Core.Visual Studio 2022SQL Server Management Studio.NET 7What am I going to get from this course?Learn basic fundamentals of ASP NET Core web APIBuild RESTful API’s in .NET 7Learn how to document an API using swagger and swashbuckle.Versioning in an API.Implement Repository Pattern in API to the database using EF.Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core API’s.Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrationsLearn how to consume API using HTTPClient in the Repository Pattern.Deploying .NET 7 APIAll source codes and exercise solutions of this course are also available on Github and you can find details in the lecture “PROJECT RESOURCES”, of course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Demo

Lecture 3 Identity Server and .NET 7 API

Lecture 4 What we will cover

Lecture 5 What is api

Lecture 6 Request and response

Lecture 7 Request Object

Lecture 8 Response object

Lecture 9 Project Resources

Lecture 10 Create Project

Section 2: First End point

Lecture 11 Add project to source control

Lecture 12 Code CleanUp

Lecture 13 Create VillaAPIController Class

Lecture 14 First API Endpoint – HTTPGET

Lecture 15 Using Controller Name in Route

Lecture 16 Add VillaDTO

Lecture 17 Villa Data Store

Lecture 18 Get individual Villa

Section 3: CRUD Functionality

Lecture 19 Status Code in EndPoints

Lecture 20 Response Types

Lecture 21 HttpPOST in Action

Lecture 22 CreatedAtRoute

Lecture 23 ModelState Validations

Lecture 24 Custom ModelState Validation

Lecture 25 Http Delete in Action

Lecture 26 Http PUT in action

Lecture 27 Http Patch Nuget Packages

Lecture 28 Http Patch in Action

Lecture 29 PostMan

Lecture 30 Content Negotiations

Section 4: Dependency Injection and DBContext

Lecture 31 Logger Dependency Injection

Lecture 32 Changing Logger with Dependency Injection – Serilog

Lecture 33 Dependency Injection – Custom Logging

Lecture 34 Entity Framework Core Database Models

Lecture 35 NugetPackages for Entity Framework Core

Lecture 36 SQL Server Connection Server Name

Lecture 37 Connection String and DbSet Entity

Lecture 38 Use Connection String

Lecture 39 Create Villa Table

Lecture 40 Seed Villa Table with records

Lecture 41 Use ApplicationDbContext in APIController

Lecture 42 Demo – Entity Frameowkr Core CRUD in Action

Lecture 43 AsNoTracking in Action

Section 5: DTO and AutoMapper

Lecture 44 Seperate DTO for Create and Update

Lecture 45 Async Methods

Lecture 46 Setup AutoMapper and MApping Config

Lecture 47 AutoMapper in Action

Section 6: Repository

Lecture 48 Add Villa Repository Interface

Lecture 49 Villa Repository Implementation

Lecture 50 Async Repository in Action

Lecture 51 Repository CleanUp

Lecture 52 API Response

Lecture 53 Standard API Response

Lecture 54 Villa Number Models

Lecture 55 Assignment 1 – Villa Number API Endpoints

Lecture 56 Add Foreign Key Reference

Lecture 57 CRUD Villa Number DTO with Villa ID

Section 7: Consuming API

Lecture 58 Setup MVC Web Project

Lecture 59 Web Project DTO’s and API Models

Lecture 60 AutoMapper

Lecture 61 Add API URL in AppSettings

Lecture 62 Base Service for API

Lecture 63 Adding Villa Service

Lecture 64 Calling Villa API

Lecture 65 Display all Villa List

Lecture 66 Create Villa UI

Lecture 67 Disable NULLABLE – IMPORTANT

Lecture 68 Update Villa Action Methods

Lecture 69 Update VIlla UI

Lecture 70 Delete Villa

Lecture 71 Add VillaNumberService

Lecture 72 Getting Villa Numbers

Lecture 73 Include Villa when retireving Villa Number

Lecture 74 Bootswatch Theme

Lecture 75 Villa Home Page

Lecture 76 Move Images

Lecture 77 Villa Number Assignment

Lecture 78 Create Villa Number GET

Lecture 79 Create Villa POST

Lecture 80 Special Validation and Base Service Update

Lecture 81 Display API Error Messages

Lecture 82 Update and Delete Action Method for Villa Number

Lecture 83 Update and Delete Villa Number

Lecture 84 Sweet Alert

Section 8: API Security

Lecture 85 Add Models for Login and Registeration

Lecture 86 Add User Repository

Lecture 87 Implement User Repository – Register

Lecture 88 Implement User Repository – Login Part 1

Lecture 89 Generate Token on Successful Login

Lecture 90 User Controller

Lecture 91 Login and Register in Action

Lecture 92 Secure API Endpoints

Lecture 93 Authentication in Action

Lecture 94 Swagger and Bearer in Action

Section 9: Consuming Secured API

Lecture 95 Add DTOs for Login and Registeration

Lecture 96 Add Auth Service

Lecture 97 Auth Controller Action Methods

Lecture 98 Login and Register View

Lecture 99 Auth Controller Action Methods

Lecture 100 NavBar Display

Lecture 101 Authentication in Web Project

Lecture 102 Pass Token to API from Web Project

Section 10: Versioning in API

Lecture 103 Nuget Packages for API Versioning

Lecture 104 Add Versioning to API Services

Lecture 105 API Version Attribute

Lecture 106 Multiple Version in same Controller

Lecture 107 API Version Configuration

Lecture 108 Swagger Document for v1

Lecture 109 Multiple Version Swagger Doc

Lecture 110 Managing Multiple Versions – Cleaner Approach

Lecture 111 API Neutral and Depreciating API

Lecture 112 Consume Versioned API

Section 11: Caching, Filter and Pagination

Lecture 113 Caching Request

Lecture 114 Caching Profile

Lecture 115 Filters in API

Lecture 116 Seach Villa Name

Lecture 117 Pagination in API

Lecture 118 Add Pagination to Response Header

Lecture 119 Status Code and IsSuccess

Lecture 120 Bug Fixing

Section 12: Deployment

Lecture 121 Database Setup

Lecture 122 API Deployment

Section 13: .NET Identity for Authentication and Authorization

Lecture 123 Add Identity Library and Tables

Lecture 124 User Repository – Login

Lecture 125 User Repository – Register

Lecture 126 Login and Registration with Identity

Lecture 127 Login and Registration in Web Application

Anyone who wants to learn Web API in NET 7,Anyone who wants to learn how to consume Web API’s,Anyone who wants to Learn Creating and Consuming API with Authentication

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 1m | 5.51 GB
Created by: Bhrugen Patel

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