Reverse Engineering 6 Reversing NET with dnSpy

Learn Reverse Engineering and debugging for .NET programs written in C# and VB.NET using dnSpy
Reverse Engineering 6 Reversing NET with dnSpy
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Paul Chin


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Reverse Engineering 6 Reversing NET with dnSpy

What you’ll learn

Reverse Engineering
Decompiling .NET programs
Debugging .NET programs using dnSpy
Obfuscation and De-obfuscation techniques
Serial Phishing
Creating keygens
and more…

Reverse Engineering 6 Reversing NET with dnSpy


C# would be an advantage but not compulsory
Windows PC


If you are interested in reverse engineering and want to learn how to decompile and debug .NET programs, then this course is for you. In this course, I will introduce you to the exciting world of reversing and in particular, reverse engineering .NET programs.In this course, you will learn how to use dnSpy, de4dot and UnconfuserEx tools to reverse engineer .NET programs written in C# and VB.NET. You will learn all about debugging and dumping memory and also how to reverse jumps and modify instructions. What you will learn: What are .NET programsInstall dnSpyPatching with dnSpySerial PhishingCreating Keygens.NET software protectionDe-obfuscationUnpacking and dumping .NET assembliesHow to protect .NET programs from being reversedand more…In this course, we will practice reversing on special programs called crackme’s  that I have written for you.Money back guarantee:This course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. Go ahead and enroll now and I will see you inside.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to .NET programs

Lecture 2 Introduction to .NET programs

Section 3: Installing dnSpy

Lecture 3 Installing dnSpy

Section 4: Introduction to crackme 18

Lecture 4 Introduction to crackme 18

Section 5: Patching with dnSpy

Lecture 5 Patching with dnSpy

Section 6: Serial Phising with dnSpy

Lecture 6 Serial Phising with dnSpy

Section 7: Creating a C# Keygen

Lecture 7 Creating a C# Keygen

Section 8: Installing Visual Studio to create a gui keygen

Lecture 8 Installing Visual Studio to create a gui keygen

Section 9: Creating a gui keygen in C#

Lecture 9 Creating a gui keygen in C#

Section 10: Introduction to .NET Software Protection

Lecture 10 Introduction to .NET Software Protection

Section 11: Installing .NET reversing tools

Lecture 11 Installing .NET reversing tools

Section 12: Protecting .NET software with Confuser 1.9

Lecture 12 Protecting .NET software with Confuser 1.9

Section 13: Deobfuscating Confuser 1.9

Lecture 13 Deobfuscating Confuser 1.9

Section 14: Protecting .NET software with ConfuserEx

Lecture 14 Protecting .NET software with ConfuserEx

Section 15: Unpacking ConfuserEX

Lecture 15 Unpacking ConfuserEX

Section 16: Resources for Further Study

Lecture 16 Bonus Lecture

Computing students who want to know how to debug .NET programs,Anyone who has an interest in how to decompile a .NET assembly,Software developers who want to level up their skills on Reverse Engineering

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 55m | 1.49 GB
Created by: Paul Chin

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