Risk Management Knowledge Area

The Complete Risk Management Course. Develop actionable Risk management skills.
Risk Management Knowledge Area
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Jason Keep, PMP


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Risk Management Knowledge Area

What you’ll learn

Understanding Risk Management
Identifying Risks
Perform various Risk Tools and Techniques for Efficient Risk Management
Risk Management Plan
Creation of Risk Register
Execution of the Risk Management Plan
Monitoring and Controlling Risk Management
Provide you with the necessary PDU for certification maintenance

Risk Management Knowledge Area


No Requirements or prerequisites for the course


This course on Risk Management is designed to meet the requirements of project professionals and of those of you who are interested in taking the PMI Certification exams such as Project Management Professional.This course is designed to develop skills in Risk Management and therefore the material will cover over an hour of the Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs related to Planning, Execution and Monitoring of Risk ManagementThis course on Risk Management Knowledge Area includes over an hour of video materials on:The Three processes in Risk Management – Planning, Execution and MonitoringThe Various Tools and Techniques used in Risk ManagementKey Concepts of Risk ManagementRisk Process GroupsIdentify RisksQualitative and Quantitative Risk AnalysisAt the end of the course you will have a quiz that will reinforce your knowledge on risk management and its tools and techniques.This course will earn you PDU towards PMI certification and credential maintenance if you already are a certified PMI Project Management Professional.If you are a project professional and you want to improve your Risk Management skills, this course is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, a student, a manager or, you just want to learn and develop Risk Management skills, this course is for you.So, you will learn how to manage Risk successfully in your projects. Now, go ahead and press that “Take this course” button and see you on the inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Overview of Risk Management

Lecture 2 What is Risk Management

Lecture 3 Overview of Risk Management

Lecture 4 What is Uncertainty

Lecture 5 The Uncertainty Spectrum

Lecture 6 Key Concepts Pt1

Lecture 7 Key Concepts Pt2

Lecture 8 Key Concepts Pt3

Lecture 9 Key Concepts Pt4

Lecture 10 Why Perform Risk Management

Lecture 11 Process Group

Lecture 12 Risk Management Process Group

Section 3: Plan Risk Management

Lecture 13 Plan Risk Management

Lecture 14 ITTO Plan Risk Management

Lecture 15 Plan Risk Management Key Elements Pt1

Lecture 16 Plan Risk Management Key Elements Pt2

Lecture 17 Risk Breakdown Structure

Lecture 18 Scales for Impact Probability

Lecture 19 Impact Matrix

Section 4: Identify Risks

Lecture 20 Identify Risks

Lecture 21 ITTO Identify Risks

Lecture 22 Brainstorming Pt1

Lecture 23 Brainstorming Pt2

Lecture 24 Delphi Technique

Lecture 25 Slide25 – SWOT

Lecture 26 Prompt Lists

Lecture 27 Risk Register

Section 5: Qualitive Risk Analysis

Lecture 28 Qualitive Risk Analysis

Lecture 29 ITTO Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Lecture 30 Risk Parameters Pt1

Lecture 31 Risk Parameters Pt2

Lecture 32 Probability and Impact Matrix

Section 6: Quantitative Risk Analysis

Lecture 33 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Lecture 34 ITTO Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Lecture 35 Influence Diagrams

Lecture 36 Expected Monetary Value (EMV)

Lecture 37 Decision Tree Analysis Pt1

Lecture 38 Decision Tree Analysis Pt2

Lecture 39 Data Modeling – Simulation

Lecture 40 Monte Carlo Output

Section 7: Plan Risk Responses

Lecture 41 Plan Risk Responses

Lecture 42 ITTO Plan Risk Responses

Lecture 43 Response Strategies

Lecture 44 Risk Register Updates

Section 8: Implement Risk Responses

Lecture 45 Implement Risk Responses

Lecture 46 ITTO Implement Risk Responses

Section 9: Monitor Risks

Lecture 47 Monitor Risks

Lecture 48 ITTO Monitor Risks

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 49 Project Risk Management Summary

Section 11: Resources

Lecture 50 Resources

Section 12: Quiz for Risk Management

This course is for you if you are a project worker with or without formal project management training. You will improve or gain Risk management skills.,This course is for you if you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a volunteer or an innovator. Effective Riskn management will secure your project, will help you manage with confidence, make you a valuable resource and help you give life to your next new brilliant idea.

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Udemy | English | 1h 30m | 1.58 GB
Created by: Jason Keep, PMP

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