Road Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Beginners & Intermediate users Tutorial with bonus corridor tutorials
Road Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D
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Road Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to design a road with AutoCAD Civil 3D software.
Both beginners and intermediate users can use this course get a clear understanding about road design with Civil 3D software.
Use simple learning method with good engineering insight

Road Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D


To continue with this course basic AutoCAD knowledge will be a good prerequisite.
Knowing some Civil 3D will let you learn concepts more easily and enhance your knowledge.


NEW UPDATESBasics of Swept path analysis with Autodesk Vehicle trackingSample Offsets and Offset Profiles in Civil 3DIn this course, you will learn how to design a road with AutoCAD Civil 3D software from the basics. We will be doing this as a tutorial project from start to end. The software version we use is Autodesk Civil 3D 2020. Any Civil 3D version newer than Civil 3D 2018 can be used to follow this course.Before doing this course it would be an advantage if you have some insight into AutoCAD basics. This course is created more related to a Highway Engineering background. So the Engineers or Engineering students would find this very useful to start their carrier as a Highway Design Engineer.The project objective is to connect a City to an Industrial zone with a two-lane two-way road with a design speed of 50km/h. We will be using AASHTO 2011 design guidelines as the design reference when doing the designs. The following list shows the aspects we are covering throughout this course.1. Introduction – Road Design With AutoCAD Civil 3D2. Understanding AutoCAD Civil 3D Interface3. Understand Civil 3D Object Styles, Label styles, and Label Sets4. Open New Drawing with Civil 3D5. Import Points into Civil 3D6. Set External Reference for AutoCAD drawings7. Create Surface from Points8. Add Surface Boundary to Civil 3D Surface9. Add Breaklines to Surface to Civil 3D Surface10. Export Civil 3D Surface to LandXML11. Open New Civil 3D Template drawing and Import LandXML Surface into Civil 3D12. Create Alignment in Civil 3D13. Create Road Layout in drawing14. Create Surface Profile and Profile View 15. Add Superelevation to Alignment16. Create Final Road Profile17. Set the data bands for Profile View18. Create Assemblies19. Create Corridor20. Target Mapping21. Split Corridor22. Create Corridor Surfaces23. Create Sample Lines and Section Views24. Calculate Material Quantities


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 Introduction – Road Design With AutoCAD Civil 3D

Section 2: Understanding Civil 3D interface, object styles, Label styles & label sets

Lecture 2 Understanding AutoCAD Civil 3D Interface

Lecture 3 Understanding Civil 3D Object Styles, Label Styles & Label Sets

Section 3: Road Design With Civil 3D Tutorials Series

Lecture 4 Open New Drawing

Lecture 5 Import Point

Lecture 6 Set External Reference

Lecture 7 Create Surface

Lecture 8 Add Surface Boundary

Lecture 9 Add Breaklines to Surface

Lecture 10 Export Surface to LandXML

Lecture 11 Open New Template & Import LandXML Surface

Lecture 12 Create Alignment

Lecture 13 Create Road Layout

Lecture 14 Create Surface Profile & Profile View

Lecture 15 Add Superelevation to Alignment

Lecture 16 Create Final Road Profile

Lecture 17 Set the data bands for Profile View

Lecture 18 Create Assemblies

Lecture 19 Create Corridor

Lecture 20 Target Mapping

Lecture 21 Split Corridor

Lecture 22 Create Corridor Surfaces

Lecture 23 Create Sample Lines and Section Views

Lecture 24 Calculate Material Quantities

Section 4: Project Data & Exercise Files

Lecture 25 Exercise Files

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 26 Conclusion

Section 6: BONUS Content

Lecture 27 Sample Offsets and Offset Profiles in Civil 3D

Lecture 28 Basics of Swept path analysis with Autodesk Vehicle tracking

Lecture 29 New Target Mapping window for Civil 3D 2022.1 and newer versions

Engineers, Engineering Students, Draftsman,CAD Engineers

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Created by: Jeew -M

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