Rocking AWS CloudFormation CDK with DevOps Interview Guide

Learn AWS CloudFormation, SAM and CDK from AWS expert. Run template using DevOps Tools (Jenkins,Terraform,CodePipeLine).
Rocking AWS CloudFormation CDK with DevOps Interview Guide
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Rajdeep Saha | Cloud Architect @Fortune10 Company


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Rocking AWS CloudFormation CDK with DevOps Interview Guide

What you’ll learn

Master CloudFormation in both YAML and JSON
Learn to code AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) in Typescript and Python
Run your templates using DevOps Tools – Jenkins, Terraform and CodePipeline
Interview guide from Instructor’s actual field experience as cloud architect
Get the edge by learning from real world cloud architect. Learn what’s important for actual projects, pros-cons for different services and tools
Code any CloudFormation, SAM and CDK alongside instructor by learning how to navigate reference guides
Updated with all the recent features (2021)

Rocking AWS CloudFormation CDK with DevOps Interview Guide


Basic understanding of AWS
Basic knowledge of JSON or YAML
Willingness to learn lots of new and exciting things!


What will you achieve from this course?Welcome to Rocking AWS CloudFormation, CDK with DevOps, Interview Guide: Learn CloudFormation in it’s entirety in JSON and YAML, from basic to advanced topics Big focus of this course is teaching you how to write ANY CloudFormation, rather than me giving you few templates In real-world, learning CloudFormation is not enough, you need to know how to run it using DevOps. This course will teach you how to run templates using DevOps Tools – Jenkins, Terraform and AWS CodePipelineYou will learn newest Infrastructure is Code Service – AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit), in both Typescript and Python with hands on examples. I will share my cheat sheet using which you can code any CDK!Learn SAM (Serverless Application Model) in CloudFormation to provision your Serverless Apps Interview Guide – I am a seasoned Cloud interviewer. I am sharing my personal tips and tricks so that YOU can rock your Cloud interview!About the instructorRajdeep Saha is an AWS-Professional Certified Solutions Architect working at a leading cloud provider, he has worked in Fortune top 20 companies as Distinguished Cloud Architect. Unlike pen and paper architects, Rajdeep has migrated real enterprise projects into cloud using extensive Infrastructure As Code and DevOps. He has published blogs, presented well received talks in Conferences. He is also the author of highly-rated “Rocking AWS Serverless – A Real World Guide” course on Udemy.Rajdeep often uses real-world analogy to explain AWS concepts in this course, which makes it easier for the students to understand and retain the knowledge. Rajdeep also presents and attends in all major cloud conferences and keeps up to date in his domain. You are in capable hands! All opinions are Rajdeep’s own.Course StructureThis course has four main areas – CloudFormation , DevOps, CDK (Cloud Development Kit) and Interview Guide. Below are the details for each section:CloudFormation – Divided into Basic and Advanced chaptersBasic CloudFormation Chapter covers:Infrastructure as Code – What and WhyCloudFormation IntroCost Of CloudFormation StackJSON Vs YAMLInput ParametersIntrinsic FunctionsPseudo ParametersMappingsConditionsResourcesOutputsCloudFormation DesignerRunning CloudFormation from CLIMUST WATCH: How to Code Any CloudFormationAdvanced CloudFormation Chapters cover:CloudFormation And IAMDrift DetectionTermination ProtectionStack PolicyNested StackChange SetsLambda PrimerCustom ResourcesStackSets And Hub & Spoke ModelUserdataDynamic Reference – Secrets Manager And SSMHelper Scripts (cfn-init, cfn-hup, cfn-signal, cfn-get-metadata)CloudFormer ToolCloudFormation Best PracticesCreating Serverless Infrastructure Using SAM (Serverless Application Model)DevOps Chapter covers:DevOps Quick PrimerWhy Automate CloudFormationInstall Jenkins Easy Way!Run Cft From Git Using Jenkins JobRun Cft Using Jenkins PipelineTerraform – What and WhyRun Terraform TemplatesAWS CodePipeline – What and WhyRun Cft With AWS CodePipelineMultiple WaysCloudFormation Vs TerraformAWS CodePipeline Vs JenkinsMUST WATCH: AWS CodePipelineCDK (Cloud Development Kit) Chapter covers:CDK – What And Why?CDK Vs CloudFormationTypeScript – Initial SetupTypeScript – Generate Cft And DeployTypeScript – Code Any TypeScript CDK!Python – Initial SetupPython – Generate Cft And DeployPython – Code Any Python CDK!Example Infra – EC2, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, SNS, SQSMUST WATCH: CDK CheatSheet For Coding Any CDKInterview Guide covers:CloudFormation Interviews – Main Areas Of FocusQuestions On Coding TemplateQuestions On DevOpsQuestions On Learn And AdaptGeneral Cloud Interview TipsWhiteboarding Interview TipsMUST WATCH: How I Switched My Career To AWS – Tips And StepsThis is the course that could take your career to next level. Let’s have some fun and build some awesome stuff in cloud together!


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 How This Course Is Structured

Lecture 2 Course Resources

Lecture 3 Course Slides

Section 2: CloudFormation Basics

Lecture 4 How it all Started – Infrastructure as Code

Lecture 5 What is CloudFormation

Lecture 6 CloudFormation Under The Hood

Lecture 7 Demo: Running Our First CloudFormation

Lecture 8 Ways to Run CloudFormation

Lecture 9 Calculating Cost of CloudFormation Stack

Lecture 10 JSON or YAML

Lecture 11 Template Anatomy & Parameters

Lecture 12 Demo: Input Parameters

Lecture 13 Diving Deeper into Parameters

Lecture 14 Intro to Intrinsic Functions

Lecture 15 Pseudo Parameters

Lecture 16 Mappings

Lecture 17 Conditions

Lecture 18 Resources

Lecture 19 Must Watch: How to Code Any CloudFormation

Lecture 20 Intrinsic Function Fn::Join and Alternative

Lecture 21 Outputs

Lecture 22 Cross-Stack Outputs – What and Why

Lecture 23 Cross-Stack Outputs Demo

Lecture 24 CloudFormation Designer

Lecture 25 Running CloudFormation from AWS CLI

Section 3: CloudFormation DevOps Tools

Lecture 26 Quick Intro To DevOps

Lecture 27 DevOps Phases

Lecture 28 Automating CloudFormation – Big Picture

Lecture 29 Change on Jenkins AMI Price Model

Lecture 30 Install Jenkins on AWS with One Click

Lecture 31 Submit CloudFormation using Jenkins Job

Lecture 32 Automatic Submit of Jenkins from Git

Lecture 33 Pass Cft Parameters in Jenkins Job

Lecture 34 Run CloudFormation using Jenkins Pipeline

Lecture 35 Terraform – What and Why

Lecture 36 Spin Up EC2 using Terraform

Lecture 37 Code any Infrastructure in Terraform using Reference

Lecture 38 CloudFormation Vs Terraform

Lecture 39 AWS CodePipeline Intro

Lecture 40 AWS CodePipeline – Console Look and Feel

Lecture 41 Deploy CloudFormation using AWS CodePipeline

Lecture 42 Pass Parameters using Template Configuration File

Lecture 43 Deploy Cft using Change Set in AWS CodePipeline

Lecture 44 AWS CodePipeline Vs Jenkins

Section 4: CDK (Cloud Development Kit)

Lecture 45 CDK – What and Why?

Lecture 46 CDK – How it Works

Lecture 47 CDK Demo – A Word From Your Instructor

Lecture 48 TypeScript – Initial Setup

Lecture 49 TypeScript – Generate Cft and Deploy

Lecture 50 TypeScript – How to Code from Reference (S3)

Lecture 51 Must Watch – CDK CheatSheet!

Lecture 52 TypeScript – Coding for EC2 using Reference

Lecture 53 TypeScript – Switch CDK Target Region and Account

Lecture 54 TypeScript – Deploying CDK for EC2

Lecture 55 CDK Infrastructure CleanUp

Lecture 56 Python – Initial Setup & Deploy

Lecture 57 Python – How to Code from Reference (S3)

Lecture 58 Python – Create Lambda using CDK

Lecture 59 Python – Create API Gateway using CDK

Section 5: Protecting CloudFormation

Lecture 60 Understanding IAM Group, Policy, User and Role together

Lecture 61 CloudFormation and IAM

Lecture 62 Demo: Restricting Access Using CloudFormation IAM Role

Lecture 63 Drift Detection – What and Why

Lecture 64 Demo – Drift Detection

Lecture 65 Safeguarding CloudFormation – Termination Protection, Stack Policy and More

Lecture 66 Diving Deeper on Stack Policy

Section 6: Advanced CloudFormation

Lecture 67 Nested Stacks

Lecture 68 Demo – Nested Stacks

Lecture 69 Demo – Nested Stacks – Passing Parameters

Lecture 70 Change Sets – What and Why

Lecture 71 Demo – Change Sets

Lecture 72 Quick Serverless & Lambda Primer for Custom Resources

Lecture 73 Custom Resources – What and Why

Lecture 74 Demo – Custom Resources

Lecture 75 StackSets And Hub & Spoke Model – What and Why

Lecture 76 Demo – StackSets

Lecture 77 UserData

Lecture 78 Optional: Secrets Manager – What and Why

Lecture 79 Dynamic References – Accessing Secrets from CloudFormation

Lecture 80 Dynamic References – Accessing ssm from CloudFormation

Lecture 81 Intro to Helper Scripts

Lecture 82 cfn-init Deeper Dive

Lecture 83 cfn-hup, cfn-signal And cfn-get-metadata

Lecture 84 CloudFormation Best Practices

Section 7: AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)

Lecture 85 Quick Word From Instructor

Lecture 86 AWS SAM – What and Why

Lecture 87 Deploying Our First SAM Template

Lecture 88 Deploying Basic Lambda with SAM

Lecture 89 Local Testing Lambda with External Dependency

Lecture 90 Deploying Lambda with External Dependency

Lecture 91 SAM and Regular CloudFormation

Lecture 92 Lambda Events

Lecture 93 S3 triggering Lambda using SAM

Lecture 94 Creating API and Lambda Events using SAM

Lecture 95 Creating Scheduled Lambda using SAM

Section 8: Rock Your Cloud Interviews

Lecture 96 Few words before we start

Lecture 97 General Cloud Interview Tips

Lecture 98 Main Areas to Focus for CloudFormation Interview

Lecture 99 Questions on CloudFormation Coding

Lecture 100 Questions on CloudFormation DevOps

Lecture 101 Questions on Learn and Adopt

Lecture 102 Optional: Whiteboarding Interview Tips

Lecture 103 Optional: How I Switched my Career to Cloud!

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 104 It’s Your Turn Now!

This course is for students who wants to master CloudFormation and CDK (Cloud Development Kit) – from basic to expert level. No prior CloudFormation knowledge necessary!,Developers, system administrators, DevOps engineers, solutions architects or any AWS enthusiasts who would like to manage their AWS infrastructure as code and automate the provisioning AWS resources.,Anyone who wants to excel in their Cloud Interviews

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 48m | 5.52 GB
Created by: Rajdeep Saha | Cloud Architect @Fortune10 Company

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