Rocking AWS for Beginners Hands On

Master AWS and cloud computing concepts, do hands-on projects, create a stellar resume to showcase your skills.
Rocking AWS for Beginners Hands On
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Rajdeep Saha | Cloud Architect @Fortune10 Company


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Rocking AWS for Beginners Hands On

What you’ll learn

Learn AWS services and concepts required for beginners to get a job
Learn how to migrate an entire organization to AWS
Learn from real-world cloud architect – pros/cons of different AWS services, bad vs. good answer, pitfalls to avoid, and more
Showcase your skills by doing 5 real-world hands-on projects
Standout from the crowd by creating a stellar resume, LinkedIn profile, posts and articles

Rocking AWS for Beginners Hands On


No requirements. We teach you and show you everything from scratch!
This course is designed for cloud computing beginners and AWS beginners
Willingness to learn lots of new and exciting things!


What will you achieve from this course?Welcome to Rocking AWS for Beginners course:Cloud computing origin story – Learn how and why cloud computing started. You’d also learn answers to popular questions like “is AWS secure”, “is AWS expensive”, “who fixes if AWS breaks” and more    Master AWS services and fundamental concepts for compute, storage, networking, observability, security, scaling, high availability etc., all in one course.    Learn by doing demos and 5 real-world hands-on projects using AWS free tier account Learn how to migrate an entire organization to AWS both strategically and technicallyStand out from the crowd by creating a resume and LinkedIn profile tailored for beginners. Learn how to create articles and blogs on popular topics to get recruiter’s attention   Tips, tricks, learning from real world Cloud Architect to use both in interviews and your real world projectsAbout the instructorRajdeep Saha is an AWS-Professional Certified Solutions Architect working at a leading cloud provider, he has worked in Fortune top 20 companies as Distinguished Cloud Architect. Unlike pen and paper architects, Rajdeep has designed and migrated real enterprise projects into cloud. He has published official blogs, and presented well received talks in major conferences like AWS Re:Invent, Kubecon, AWS Summits etc. He is also the author of highly-rated “Rocking Kubernetes with Amazon EKS, Fargate, And DevOps”, “Rocking AWS Serverless – A Real World Guide”, and “Rocking System Design” courses on Udemy.Rajdeep often uses real-world analogy to explain concepts in this course, which makes it easier for the students to understand and retain the knowledge. Rajdeep also presents and attends in all major cloud conferences and keeps up to date in his domain. You are in capable hands! All opinions are Rajdeep’s own.Course StructureThis course has five main areas – Cloud Computing Origin, AWS Services and Concepts, Migrating an entire organization to AWS, Hands-on Projects, and How to Stand out from the Crowd.Please check out the list of lectures for detailed breakdown of each area.This is the course that could take your career to next level. Let’s have some fun and design some awesome stuff in cloud together!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Cloud Learning Path

Lecture 2 Course Slides

Section 2: How It Started – Data Center

Lecture 3 Frontend vs Backend and Role of AWS

Lecture 4 How it Started – On Premises Data Center

Lecture 5 Disadvantages of On Premises Applications

Section 3: Cloud Computing Introduction

Lecture 6 Cloud Computing – What and Why?

Lecture 7 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Lecture 8 Quick demo of benefits

Lecture 9 Deployment Models for Cloud Computing

Lecture 10 Is AWS Secure?

Lecture 11 Is AWS Expensive?

Lecture 12 Who Fixes if Cloud Breaks – AWS Support Plans

Lecture 13 Sign up for an AWS Account

Lecture 14 AWS Free Tier and Setting Budgets

Section 4: AWS Compute and Scaling

Lecture 15 Amazon EC2 – What and Why?

Lecture 16 Server, VM, Hypervisor

Lecture 17 Types of Amazon EC2

Lecture 18 Important Demo – Our Very First EC2

Lecture 19 Important – Scaling Amazon EC2s – Horizontal Vs Vertical

Lecture 20 IP Address vs URL

Lecture 21 Important – Intro to Elastic Load Balancer

Lecture 22 Horizontal Vs Vertical Scaling Deep Dive

Lecture 23 Amazon EC2 Challenges

Lecture 24 AWS Lambda – What and Why

Lecture 25 Demo – AWS Lambda

Lecture 26 AWS Lambda – Pros and Cons

Lecture 27 Containers – Gorilla in the Room

Lecture 28 Container Orchestrator – What and Why

Lecture 29 Intro to Kubernetes

Lecture 30 Amazon EKS and ECS and Fargate – What and Why

Lecture 31 Optional – Kubernetes Roadmap for Freshers

Lecture 32 Infra as Code – What and Why

Lecture 33 AWS Infra as Code – CloudFormation

Lecture 34 Important – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Lecture 35 Elastic Beanstalk – What and Why

Lecture 36 Demo – Elastic Beanstalk

Lecture 37 AWS Marketplace

Lecture 38 Monolith vs Microservice

Section 5: AWS Networking

Lecture 39 Region and Availability Zones

Lecture 40 Edge Location and CloudFront – Serving your Favorite Movie

Lecture 41 Amazon VPC – Subnet, Route Table, NACL, Security Group, Public & Private Subnet

Lecture 42 VPC Continued – NAT Gateway and Private Traffic Flow

Lecture 43 VPC Continued – Advantages of VPC

Lecture 44 VPC Demo

Lecture 45 High Availability App – What does it mean?

Lecture 46 Important – OSI Layer

Lecture 47 Important – What happens when you enter a URL!

Lecture 48 Disaster Recovery (DR)

Section 6: AWS Storage and Databases

Lecture 49 Storage – What, Why, Different Types

Lecture 50 Object Storage vs Block Storage vs HDFS vs File System (S3, EBS, EFS)

Lecture 51 Demo – S3 using Infra as Code

Lecture 52 Database Basics – Table, Query

Lecture 53 On Premises Database Challenges

Lecture 54 SQL vs NoSQL Databases (Aurora/RDS vs DynamoDB)

Lecture 55 AWS SQL Databases

Lecture 56 AWS NoSQL Database – DynamoDB

Section 7: AWS Observability and Security

Lecture 57 Observability – Logs, Metrics, Traces

Lecture 58 AWS Observability Service – Amazon CloudWatch

Lecture 59 Demo – Amazon CloudWatch

Lecture 60 Important – AWS Shared Responsibility Model

Lecture 61 AWS IAM User, Roles, and Groups

Section 8: Migrating Your Organization to AWS

Lecture 62 Three Phase Migration Process

Lecture 63 Cloud Migration Strategies – 7Rs

Lecture 64 How to Choose a Migration Strategy

Lecture 65 Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Lecture 66 Notable AWS Migration Tools

Section 9: Watch Before Doing Hands-On Projects

Lecture 67 Stand Out from the Crowd!

Lecture 68 Create your GitHub

Section 10: Project 1 – Use CloudFront and Route53 for Your Static Website

Lecture 69 Project Intro

Lecture 70 Architecture of the Static Website Resume Project

Lecture 71 Project Assets

Lecture 72 Demo – Resume from S3

Lecture 73 Demo – Resume from CloudFront

Lecture 74 Optional Demo – Buy a Route 53 Domain

Lecture 75 Demo – Resume from Custom URL

Section 11: Project 2 – Resume from Kubernetes!!

Lecture 76 Project Intro

Lecture 77 Container End to End Flow

Lecture 78 Project Assets

Lecture 79 Create EKS Cluster

Lecture 80 Easy Method – Run Resume from Container

Lecture 81 Real World Method – Create Resume Container, Test locally, Save in Repository

Lecture 82 Real World Method – Deploy Resume Container from DockerHub to Amazon EKS

Section 12: Project 3 – Accessing EC2 with Load Balancer with Custom URL

Lecture 83 EC2 ALB SSL Design Flow

Lecture 84 Demo – ALB with EC2 with HTTPS Custom URL

Section 13: Project 4 – WordPress Web App with HA and Scalability

Lecture 85 Project Intro

Lecture 86 WordPress System Design – Two Different Ways

Lecture 87 WordPress Using CloudFormation Walkthrough

Lecture 88 Provision and Use our Own WordPress

Section 14: Project 5 – Serverless Microservice

Lecture 89 Serverless Microservice Design

Lecture 90 Create Lambda and Code Walkthrough

Lecture 91 Create DynamoDB Table, API Gateway, and Test

Lecture 92 Saving This Project on GitHub

Section 15: Stand Out from the Crowd – Effective Tips

Lecture 93 Linkedin and Medium Posts & Articles – Topics, Structure, and Tips

Lecture 94 Freshers Resume Template Walkthrough

Lecture 95 Resume Template for Experienced Switching to Cloud

Lecture 96 Create an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

Section 16: Conclusion

Lecture 97 A New Beginning

Students, beginners, and newbies who wants to learn cloud computing and AWS,Professionals who wants to switch career to Amazon Web Services (AWS),Developers, engineers, and architects preparing for cloud interviews

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 43m | 4.33 GB
Created by: Rajdeep Saha | Cloud Architect @Fortune10 Company

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