RPA Skill Course for CAs and Finance professionals

Detailed RPA course specially designed for Finance professionals covering 28+ Topics and technology concepts
RPA Skill Course for CAs and Finance professionals
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RPA Skill Course for CAs and Finance professionals

What you’ll learn

Complete understanding of RPA – Robotic process automation
How exactly the BOTs work thus helping us in carrying out our activities
How an RPA journey goes in an organization
What NEW roles are there for Finance professionals in the RPA domain
The Skills and capabilities to drive the RPA projects in your company

RPA Skill Course for CAs and Finance professionals


Knowledge on the Finance operations process flows
Tech Enthusiats


“RPA course for Finance Professionals”Heard of RPA right ??? like robots are going to take our jobs. Everywhere robots will work by replacing us and make us jobless!!With the current covid crisis – every company is thinking of automation to reduce costs right ??? And also we are hearing a lot more tech implementations and advancements happening In AI, ML, IoT, and all…Well, all this is happening, and as Finance Professionals, we all need to get updated with all these technical terms to stay ahead of the crowd.But where do we find such resources ??Don’t worry – I am here to help !!My self Premkasi, I am a CA CS, RPA & Fintech enthusiast. I have worked on the RPA domain in Bahrain where we implemented the digital workforce in F&A areas.With that experience and Hands-on exposure, I wish I could share my views, experiences, and knowledge on RPA with our CA community. I have created a complete course on RPA / robotics in F&A for Finance professionals. Any CA, CMA, CS / MBA’s and tech enthusiasts can check out this course to have an added advantage to upskill themselvesSome of the Highlights of the RPA course are-1. Wider coverage of RPA and Technology topics2. Simple yet effective terms and mode of explanation3. Demos to visualize how Bots work with us4. Reference Materials/videos provided at the end of each topicPlease check out the complete course contents here…Happy Learning


Section 1: Introduction to RPA and RPA Implementation Skills and Learnings

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course and Contents

Lecture 2 Contact Me – Suggestions and Feedback

Section 2: What is RPA, Demo and Benefits

Lecture 3 What is RPA in simple and understandable terms

Lecture 4 What is RPA (Live DEMO)

Lecture 5 Why RPA is required ?

Lecture 6 Benefits of implementing RPA

Section 3: Process selection and Myths

Lecture 7 How to select a process for RPA ?

Lecture 8 Myths/misconceptions about RPA

Lecture 9 Challenges in RPA Implementation

Lecture 10 3 Golden rules while dealing with RPA Bots

Lecture 11 Complete RPA Journey in any organisation

Section 4: Use case of RPA in our Work Domains

Lecture 12 Use cases of Automation in Finance & Accounts

Lecture 13 Use cases of Automation in HR

Lecture 14 Use cases of Automation in Audit

Lecture 15 Use cases of Automation in Taxation

Section 5: Types of Bots and Automation Models

Lecture 16 Types of Bots in RPA

Lecture 17 Types of Automation Models

Section 6: AI, ML, IRPA & RPAaaS

Lecture 18 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & the relation with RPA

Lecture 19 Hyper Automation – The Strategic technology for 2020 !

Lecture 20 Hyper Automation – Intelligent Insurance claims Processing

Lecture 21 Hyper Automation – Purchase Order Booking with Conersational AI

Lecture 22 RPA as a Service – The next big thing

Section 7: RPA Players, The BIG 3 Comparisions

Lecture 23 Various Players/RPA tools in the RPA market

Lecture 24 Comparision between top 3 playes w.r.t UI Path, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism

Section 8: Job Roles and Skills

Lecture 25 New Roles created for Finance Professionals by RPA

Lecture 26 Skills for Perfect RPA Functional and Technical Consultants

Section 9: Key Technologies we need to Know about

Lecture 27 Technologies that work with RPA – OCR, CV, Sceenscrapping, POC & Orchestration

Lecture 28 Other Technologies beyond RPA – NLP, Deep learning, IOT, API and Cognitive Autom

Section 10: RPA Updates and Use cases

Lecture 29 New Updates in RPA Domain

Lecture 30 UI Path Integration with Tableau

Section 11: RPA Testing

Lecture 31 RPA Testing Approaches

Chartered Accountants,Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries,MBA’s and Finance Professionals,Fintech Enthusiasts,Subject matter experts

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 49m | 2.87 GB
Created by: Premchand kasi

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