Ruby Crash Course for Programmers

Brief & Concise tutorial of Ruby Language for programmers to help them understand & get upto speed with the ruby syntax
Ruby Crash Course for Programmers
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Usman Raza


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Ruby Crash Course for Programmers

What you’ll learn

Learn the essentials of Ruby programming
Know how to work with the Ruby syntax
Get upto speed with ruby concepts without any time waste
Identify Ruby’s strengths and weaknesses
Know How Ruby’s Object Orientation works

Ruby Crash Course for Programmers


Experience in atleast one programming language
Must have a good understand of programming in any language
Must have a good understanding of OOP concepts in any language


This course is designed to provide a rapid introduction to the Ruby programming language for programmers who are already experienced in other languages like Python, C, or Java. It focuses on the essential aspects of Ruby that are necessary for proficiency, without delving into intricate details. The course highlights what makes Ruby unique while also pointing out its similarities to other languages.If you need to learn Ruby quickly or want to brush up on your syntax knowledge, this course is an ideal choice. Ruby is an object-oriented language that is suitable for writing both standalone programs and dynamic websites using web frameworks such as Rails.Ruby is in high demand right now with it’s Ruby continues to be in demand in the job market due to its versatility and popularity among developers, especially in web development. According to salary data from Payscale, the average salary for a Ruby developer in the United States is around $87,000 per year, with senior-level developers earning even more. This reflects the value that companies place on skilled Ruby programmers and their ability to create high-quality, scalable applications. With the growth of e-commerce and web-based businesses, the demand for Ruby developers is expected to remain strong in the coming years.So what are you waiting for ?


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Ruby Overview

Section 2: Ruby Crash Course

Lecture 3 The Basics

Lecture 4 Numbers

Lecture 5 Strings and Booleans

Lecture 6 Symbols

Lecture 7 Constants

Lecture 8 Conditional Logic

Lecture 9 Loops

Lecture 10 Arrays

Lecture 11 Hashes

Lecture 12 Enumerables

Lecture 13 Methods

Lecture 14 Classes and Objects

You are a professional programmer and want to get started with Ruby,You have ample experience working with a different programming language and now you want to switch to Ruby,You learned Ruby a long time ago and want to refresh the syntax

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 27m | 427.09 MB
Created by: Usman Raza

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