Sakura Photoshop Compositing Course

Learn how to combine or composite multiple photos together to create a beautiful composition in Photoshop.
Sakura Photoshop Compositing Course
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Алексей Кузьмичев


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Sakura Photoshop Compositing Course

What you’ll learn

You will learn a fundamental essentials of compositing in Photoshop.
You will learn the professional techniques of creating stunning artworks in Photoshop.
You will learn how to combine multiple types of images to create stunning and realistic result.
You will learn how to сreate a special effects
You will learn how to work with textures

Sakura Photoshop Compositing Course


You need to have Photoshop installed on your PC


Do you want to learn how to create realistic compositions in Photoshop, but don’t know where to start? Then this course is exactly what you are looking for. Photoshop compositing is perfectly growing your creative, improve your skills and, most importantly, gives a lot of fun from process.In this crash course you will learn how to make professional realistic artwork. The course contains 6 video tutorials, where we step by step create a fantastic digital artwork with a beautiful Japanese girl. After completing them, you will get a tons of useful information about photoshop compositing, creating special effects and coloring.I will show you the whole process of creating a composition from beginning to end. You will learn about the photoshop tools, the layers and groups, the selections, adjustment layers, layer masks and much more.This course will not teach you everything about Photoshop but it will give you a fundamental understanding of how create a professional digital artworks. With this course you get all the necessary images and PSD-file. A PC or laptop with Photoshop is all you need.So, are you ready? Enroll now, and let`s get started!P.S If you have any questions, I’m here. I will be very grateful for your feedback.


Section 1: Sakura Artwork

Lecture 1 Preparing a background

Lecture 2 Cutting the model from the old background

Lecture 3 Brightening the skin and adding flowers to the foreground

Lecture 4 Adding petals and coloring

Lecture 5 Finishing touches

Anyone who wants to learn professional compositing techniques in Photoshop,Anyone who wants to learn how to create realistic compositing in Photoshop,Anyone who wants to improve their compositing skills in Photoshop,Anyone who wants to improve their color correction skills in Photoshop

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Udemy | English | 0h 36m | 346.86 MB
Created by: Алексей Кузьмичев

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